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Greetings, travelers! In a previous article, we have covered your first steps in Classic WoW – choosing a faction, creating a character and picking a class. Today we continue our journey through Classic with the Alliance Leveling Guide, the first in a series of articles on the leveling process and its nuances. Let’s start at once!


«Remember to take all things in moderation (even World of Warcraft!)»


Leveling Tips and Tricks

Before we proceed to the leveling itself, first let’s start with some theory. It is no secret that leveling in Classic WoW will take a while. The following list may help you level your character faster.

General Tips

Quest Optimally

Questing in Classic WoW is non-linear, quest log is capped to 20 quests. You need to be aware of what quests you have in your log, plan out a path to complete them all before going back to quest hub to turn them in, so you can save a lot of travel time. Which leads us to the next tip.

Minimize Travel Time

Running from place to place will be a large part of your leveling experience. Making the most of the travel time is very important. Grind all mobs on your way from quest to quest.


Leveling professions while leveling can be fun but will slow you down quite a lot. It is better to avoid crafting professions and stick with gathering ones. Skinning, mining, or herbalism will help you make some money while leveling or stockpile some reagents to level a crafting profession, once you hit level 60. Must have for all classes is the First Aid, regardless if they have the ability to heal or not.


Keep your food and drink updated, because regenerating mana or hp faster from eating and drinking will reduce your downtime between pulls, which is important for faster leveling. As soon as you hit a checkpoint (level 15/25/35/45 etc.) you should upgrade your food/water.

Use Your Hearthstone

Your Hearthstone has a 1-hour cooldown, so you should plan your questing around that item. When you arrive in a new zone, set your Hearthstone at the local inn. A well-timed Hearthstone will save you a lot of time. Keep in mind, that Hearthstone’s cooldown will tick down even when you are logged out, so you can take a little break if your hearth is on cooldown and then log back a little bit later to use it. Plan your IRL breaks!


Use Auto-Run when you can, you are able to type and do other stuff while auto-running.

Use Auto-Loot

Can be enabled in the Interface options, will save you a few extra clicks.


Make sure to empty your bags, make sure you have plenty of bullets, arrows, and repair every time you are near a vendor. This way you can last hours before having to return to town.

Inventory management

Talking about bags – you don’t have to go back to town every time your inventory is filled. It is a common thing to destroy items to make some room for quest items or items that are more important or sell for a higher price.

Use a Bank Alt

It is very important to have a bank alt. Send all your BoE gear, profession items and other stuff that sells well on the Auction House to your bank alt, and keep leveling. Then just take a moment to log on your alt and put everything on the AH all at once.


Do not save your cooldowns for another «right moment», utilize them to your advantage here and now.


This is one of the most important aspects of the leveling. You should be making prudent financial decisions as you level. Don’t train abilities that are not useful for the moment, don’t waste money on overpriced items on the Auction House, and make you are saving money for the 60% speed mount at level 40. Gathering enough gold to buy mount once you hit level 40 is very important. Minimize your travel time, remember?


It is a common question – are dungeons worth it? We say, only if you have a good group to do them and only when you got ALL the quests for the dungeon. Once you have several quests stockpiled, run the dungeon, as these quests are worth a LOT of XP.


Some quests are simply either too hard to solo or not worth the XP/time, especially if you value the speed of your leveling. Usually, avoid collection quests with low drop rates, kill quests in which the target respawns at long intervals and escort quests. For the kill quests, gauge the risk/reward of attempting to tag a mob, based on how many people are around you and how realistic is that you can tag mob or loot the quest object.


You can just hang outside in the sun all day, tossing a ball around. Or you can sit at your computer doing something that matters.

Eric Cartman, «Make Love, Not Warcraft»

Grinding is an excellent alternative to questing and it shines in efficiency when quests mentioned above need to be skipped. Grinding mobs is important to get some extra gold for the mount, and because of lack of quests – even all quests available to you will not give you enough experience to hit the max level. Also grinding is more efficient than questing if you can reliably AoE grind.

This XP chart may become handy when you decide to spend some time grinding mobs of your level (up to level 30, 30-60 bracket will be present in Chapter Two of the Alliance guide).


Player LevelOverall XP to Level UpXP per mob (mob level equals player level)Amount of mobs needed to level up


Rested Bonus

Any time a character is logged out, it’s at rest. There is a normal rest that comes from being logged out in the open world, and then there is an accelerated rest that comes from being logged out in an inn or in a capital city and accumulates 4 times faster than in the wild. Let’s take into consideration only that accelerated rest into consideration. There are two ways of indicating that your character is resting. First – your character’s portrait will glow yellow and your level circle will say «ZZZ», and secondly, if you try to log out in an area other than an inn or capital, you’ll have to wait 20 seconds to log as opposed to the immediate logging of a resting character.

One bubble of rested XP (5% of a level) is earned for every 8 hours spent resting in an inn. A maximum of 30 bubbles (150% of a level) may be earned. In other words, you can leave your character resting in an inn or capital city for up to 10 days (without gaining experience) before you earn the maximum amount of rest state, and a resting character stores up to one full level of rest in 160 hours (6 days, 16 hours).

When you are rested, the XP bar turns blue and a notch shows exactly how much rested XP you have accumulated. Killing mobs will grant 200% XP now. Now you see why it is important to leave your main in the inn when you log off, and the same rule applies to all of your alts, even the bank alt. Keep them logged in the inn, and leveling them, later on, will be a much easier task.

Leveling Specs


Warriors have a difficult time leveling, they are heavily weapon-dependent. Demoralizing Shout is used to reduce damage taken, and Piercing Howl is the only option a leveling warrior has to escape mobs. Once you get to level 40, you may respec into Arms for Mortal Strike and then fill in the Fury tree from 40-60. Use only a 2H weapon, dual-wielding is not an option while leveling due to reduced hit chance.
Talent Tree order: 5/5 Cruelty, 5/5 Improved Demoralizing Shout, Piercing Howl, 4/5 Improved Battle Shout, 5/5 Enrage, Death Wish, 5/5 Improved Battle Shout, 2/2 Execute, 1/2 Improved Intercept, 5/5 Flurry, Bloodthirst.


Affliction is the recommended spec due to having a little downtime. Improved Drain Soul is ignored because warlocks do not stack enough Spirit to make it worthwhile. Use the voidwalker as a tank, but after level 34, if you find yourself pulling threat from it, switch to another minion and start “drain tanking” instead. Turn off your imp’s Firebolt and all of your succubus’ abilities at level 40 so they keep regenerating mana for you to leech off with the Dark Pact. Demonology and Destruction are ignored because they do not get their key components until late levels.

Talent Tree order: 5/5 Improved Corruption, 5/5 Improved Life Tap, 3/5 Suppression, Amplify Curse, 5/5 Suppression, 2/5 Fel Concentration, 2/2 Nightfall, 2/2 Grim Reach, 3/5 Fel Concentration, Siphon Life, Curse of Exhaustion, 1/5 Improved Curse of Exhaustion, 5/5 Fel Concentration, 5/5 Shadow Mastery, Dark Pact.


Combat Swords is the fast leveling spec a rogue can use because it’s not dependent on stealth. Combat is highly recommended because the other specializations do not provide the same consistent damage.

Talent Tree order: 2/2 Improved Sinister Strike, 3/3 Improved Gouge, 5/5 Deflection, Riposte, 5/5 Precision, 4/5 Dual Wield Specialization, Blade Flurry, 5/5 Sword Specialization, 5/5 Dual Wield Specialization, 3/3 Aggression, Adrenaline Rush.


From the start, put your point into the Spirit Tap, and then you throw everything in the Wand Specialization. You should keep your wand updated and use it a LOT. At level 40 rRespec for the Shadowform and then go up the discipline tree and pick up the mana efficiency.

Talent Tree order: 5/5 Spirit Tap, 5/5 Wand Specialization, 2/2 Improved Shadow Word: Pain, 5/5 Shadow Focus, 3/3 Shadow Affinity, 3/3 Shadow Reach, 2/5 Shadow Weaving, Vampiric Embrace, Mind Flay, 5/5 Shadow Weaving, 1/5 Darkness.


Paladins are mainly an auto-attack class, leveling spec – Retribution. Simply use Seal of the Crusader, Judgement, Seal of Righteousness / Command, and swing, using Judgement of Command on a fleeing mob. Remember to keep Blessing of Wisdom up to maintain mana.

Talent Tree order: 5/5 Benediction, 2/2 Improved Judgement, 3/3 Improved Seal of the Crusader, Seal of Command, 2/2 Pursuit of Justice, 5/5 Conviction, 2/2 Eye for an Eye, Sanctity Aura, 3/3 Two-Handed Weapon Specialization, Sanctity Aura, 1/2 Improved Retribution Aura, 5/5 Vengeance, Repentance.


Mages have several options while leveling: Fire, Frost, or Frost AoE. Fire does the most damage, Frost has the best mana conservation and survivability, and Frost AoE is the best for farming multiple mobs.

Talent Tree orders:

Fire 5/5 Improved Fireball, 2/2 Flame Throwing, 3/5 Impact, 2/2 Burning Soul, 5/5 Impact, 1/5 Ignite, 3/3 Master of Elements, 3/5 Ignite, 3/3 Critical Mass, 5/5 Ignite, 5/5 Fire Power, Combustion.

Frost – 5/5 Improved Frostbolt, 2/2 Frost Nova, 3/3 Frostbite, Cold Snap, 4/5 Ice Shards, 2/2 Arctic Reach, 3/3 Frost Channeling, Ice Block, 5/5 Shatter, 5/5 Ice Shards, 3/3 Piercing Ice, Ice Barrier.

Frost AoE – 5/5 Improved Frostbolt, 2/2 Frost Nova, 3/3 Frostbite, Cold Snap, 3/3 Elemental Precision, 1/3 Improved Blizzard, 2/2 Arctic Reach, 3/3 Frost Channeling, Ice Block, 5/5 Shatter, 3/3 Improved Blizzard, 3/3 Improved Cone of Cold, 3/3 Permafrost, 1/3 Piercing Ice, Ice Barrier.


Hunters are all about buffing their pets while leveling; it effectively makes them quest with a second player. Beast Mastery is the best spec.

Talent Tree order: 5/5 Endurance Training, 2/2 Improved Revive Pet, 3/3 Thick Hide, Bestial Swiftness, 2/2 Pathfinding, 2/5 Unleashed Fury, 5/5 Ferocity, Intimidation, 1/2 Beastial Vigor, 5/5 Unleashed Fury, 5/5 Frenzy, Beastial Wrath.


Hands down, best spec for leveling is Feral because Cat Form does not have a mana bar, and a lack of a mana bar means lower downtime. Feral also gets Feline Swiftness, which boosts movement speed in Cat Form by 30%, which is massive. Get Feline Swiftness then Feral Charge, then get 5/5 Furor by level 27, which makes it easier to self-heal and shift back into Cat Form. At higher levels, you should go for Omen of Clarity in the Balance tree.

Talent Tree order: 5/5 Ferocity, 2/2 Brutal Impact, 3/5 Feral Instinct, 2/2 Feline Swiftness, Feral Charge, 5/5 Furor, 3/3 Sharpened Claws, 2/2 Blood Frenzy, 2/3 Predatory Strikes, Faerie Fire (Feral), 3/3 Predatory Strikes, 2/2 Savage Fury, 4/5 Feral Instinct, 1/5 Heart of the Wild.

Alliance Leveling

Keys:   Ding – Level Up

Hearth – Use/Set Hearthstone

Fly/Boat – Take transport
Empty/Ressuply – Sell/Buy stuff
Directions – N,S,E,W, NW, etc.
FP – Flight Path

Die – Intentional Death

NPC Name

Quest Name

Optional Quest

Human Leveling

Northshire Abbey

(Levels 1-6)

Northshire Abbey

    • At Willem Accept and turn-in Threat Within in Abbey
    • Accept Kobold Camp Cleanup
    • Go back to Willem getting Eagan Peltskinner
    • Run around North to Eagan getting Wolves Across
    • Go North doing Wolves and Kobolds
      • Turn-in at Eagan, sell, turn-in Abbey
      • Accept Brotherhood of Thieves
    • Go into Abbey, to McBride, accept Investigate Echo Ridge
  • Accept and turn-in class quest, train
    • Go North of Abbey to kill 10 kobold workers
      • Kill wolves and lower kobolds on route
      • Turn-in at Abbey, Ding 4.
      • Accept Skirmish at Echo Ridge, train
    • Go East to the field to do Brotherhood of Thieves (Thugs)
      • Turn-in at Willem
      • Accept Bounty on Garrick and Milly Osworth, empty
      • Run NE to Milly, accept Milly’s Harvest
    • Go N to kobold cave killing Laborers
    • Go SE to fields, kill thugs and loot Crates
    • End on NE part of the field
    • Go further NE to the little hut, kill Garrick Padfoot (loot head)
      • Fight W back toward Milly get lvl 5.7 (1900 exp in)
      • Return to Milly, follow-up Grape Manifest
      • Turn-in at Abbey, upstairs, Ding 6, train skills
      • Accept Report to Goldshire
  • (Accept, do Class quests)
  • Go SW to leave Northshire, getting Rest and Relaxation

Elwynn Forest

(Levels 6-11)


  • Go S along the road to Goldshire
    • Outside: Turn-in Report
    • Accept Fargodeep Mine
    • Inn: Turn-in Rest and Relaxation, (get milk)
    • Accept Kobold Candles, (Class quest)
    • Set Hearth to Goldshire (get First Aid upstairs)
  • Go out S to a wagon and accept Gold Dust Exchange

Elwynn Forest

  • Go S to Maclure Vineyards, accept Young Lovers (house)
  • Go W to Stonefield Farm, killing boars, kobolds on the way:
    • Turn-in Young Lovers (W side by the river)
    • Accept Speak with Gramma
    • Start Boars grind for 4 Chunk of Boar Meat (save)
  • Go to House in E Stonefield,
    • Accept Lost Necklace and Princess Must Die!
    • Turn-in Speak with Gramma, Accept Note to William
  • Go E back to Maclure Vineyards
    • Turn-in Lost Necklace, Accept Pie for Billy
  • Go W back to Stonefield
    • Turn-in Pie for Billy, Accept Back to Billy
  • Go E back to Maclure Vineyards
    • Turn-in Back to Bill, Accept Goldtooth
  • Go NW to Fargodeep Mine
    • Go in the top door, keep to the left
    • Kill Kobolds all the way in to get Goldtooth
    • Getting 10 Dust, 8 Candles
    • Grind kobolds to lvl 7.6 (3500 exp in)
    • Die / Hearth to Goldshire


  • Inn: Turn-in Candles and Note to William, resupply
    • Accept Shipment to Stormwind, Collecting Kelp
  • Ding 8 Train skills
  • Wagon: Turn-in, Accept A Fishy Peril, Further Concerns, Jasperlode Mine
  • Can drop Cloth and Leather Armor (Option: go E to turn-in)

Elwynn Forest

    • Go E to Crystal Lake, kill murlocs for Kelp
    • Go NE to Jasperlode working your way in to Explore
    • Go SE to road and bridge
      • (If you Die, rez at Eastvale, get the quest, then bridge)
      • Turn-in Further Concerns
      • Accept: Find Lost Guards, Bounty, Protect Frontier
    • Go NE to Eastvale Logging Camp (a small house)
      • Accept: Red Linen Goods
      • NE to wagon: Accept Bundle of Trouble
      • E to Bowyer to sell/resupply
    • Go N of Eastvale killing 8 Prowler and 5 Bears
      • Loot bundles of wood near trees
    • Grind NW to the shore of the lake, click Half-Eaten body
      • Turn-in, Accept Discover Rolf’s Fate
    • Go NE to Murloc Camp (pull carefully) clicking Rolf’s Corpse
      • Turn-in, Accept Report to Thomas
    • Grind back to Eastvale, completing bundles
    • Go S toward Defias Camp kill wolves/bears
      • Grind Defias for 6 Bandanas
      • Possible Furlbrow’s Deed quest drop
    • After you clear around, run out E for Redridge FP (Flightpath)
    • Return to kill another round of bandits, finish Bandanas
    • Go W along the shore to Murlocs, finishing Bounty on Murlocs
      • Run S across the river to Die/Resurrect in Darkshire
      • Run N from the graveyard into Darkshire, take right in town and run up to FP
      • Fly to Redridge
    • Run S then W to Eastvale Camp
      • Turn-in, empty, repair at Eastvale
    • Go N to a river bridge
      • o Turn-in, Accept Deliver Thomas’ Report and Report to Gyran, Ding 10
  • Option: Go W to Brackwell Pumpkin Patch (Warlock’s will do later)
      • o Try Princess (Boar with 2 adds) separation pulling
    • Grind out Hearth (Wolves or bandits)
  • Hearth to Goldshire



    • Inn: Turn-in Collecting Kelp, wait, Accept The Escape
    • Train skills
    • Go outside: Turn-in
      • Accept: Cloth and Leather Armor, Westbrook Garrison, Elmore’s Task (Blacksmith)
    • Go S to Maclure Vineyards, turn-in The Escape
    • Go W to Stonefield Farm, turn-in Princess, and Goldtooth
    • Go NW, to Westbrook Garrison, turn-in
  • (Option accept: Wanted: “Hogger” – requires group for most and a run-back to Goldshire)


Elwynn to Westfall

  • Run W over the bridge to wagon:
  • Accept Forgotten Heirloom, Westfall Stew and Poor Ol’ Blanchy
    • In the field, kill Golems, loot Oats
    • Grind your way NW to Furlbrow’s house
    • Kill Boars, Vultures, Golems
    • Return to the wagon, turn-in, Ding 11
  • Run SW to Saldean’s Farm (killing boars, wolves, vultures)
    • Grind extra to ensure you’re near lvl 12 at Sentinel
  • At Farmer Saldean:
    • Accept Killing Fields, turn-in Westfall Stew, follow-up
    • (In house) Accept Goretusk Liver Pie (save livers)
    • Go S of field (kill a few lvl 12 Golems)
  • Run SW to Sentinel Hill (killing boars, wolves, vultures)
  • At Sentinel Hill:
    • At for very near Ding 12
    • Accept People’s Militia and Patrolling Westfall
    • Set Hearth to Sentinel Hill Get FP
    • Fly to Stormwind


    • At FP in Stormwind, run out and left to the Trade District
    • Turn-in Shipment to Stormwind


  • (Priests to Cathedral, Warlocks to Slaughtered Lamb and then Pumpkin patch for Princess, and Eastvale turn-in, return to Slaughtered Lamb)
  • Run to Cathedral district, NE side, ramp up to Baros
    • Accept Humble Beginnings
  • Run to Dwarven District (NW side) to Grimand Elmore
    • Accept Stormpike’s delivery
    • Run into Tram
    • Take the tram to Ironforge

To Ironforge and Loch Modan

(Levels 12-15)


  • Accept Find Bingles in Tinkertown
  • Run to center to get FP
  • Run out of the city, exiting left, down the mountainside, East

Dun Morogh

    • Run E along the road to Gol’Bolar Quarry
      • Accept Public Servant and Those Blasted Troggs!
      • Kill into the cave (Skullthumpers)
      • Deeper in the cave, there are Bonesnappers
    • Fight your way out, back to camp, turn-in
    • Run E along the road
  • (Option: Fear classes can solo Vagash at Amberstill Ranch (or group) up ledge behind house)
  • Run NE to North Gate Outpost
    • Accept The Lost Pilot
    • Go a bit NW to click corpse, Accept Pilot’s Revenge
    • Go left up to kill Mangeclaw (bear), loot
    • Run back to turn-in Pilot’s Revenge
  • Return back South to South Gate Outpost
    • Turn-in and Accept Stout to Kadrell
    • Exit SE to Loch Modan

Loch Modan

  • Run down path to Valley of Kings, Go in Watchtower
    • Accept Trogg Threat and In Defense of Kings Lands
  • Take path NE, taking the first right into Stonesplinter Valley
    • Kill 10 Troggs and 10 Scouts, loot for teeth
  • Return to the tower, turn-in both quests
    • Go up the tower, Accept Trogg Threat 2
  • Go NE on road, all the way to Thelsamar
  • Discover FP


  • Turn-in Mountaineer Kadrell (patrolling dwarf)
    • Accept Stormpike’s Task and Rat Catching
  • Inn: Do not Set Hearth to Thelsamar
    • Sell, Resupply
    • Accept Blood Sausages

(North) Loch Modan

  • Run N of FP, killing Bears, Boars, Spiders
    • Save 3 Boar Intestines, 3 Bear Meat, 3 Spider Ichor
  • Run to Algaz Station
    • Turn-in, Accept Stormpike’s Order and Filthy Paws
  • Run E to Silver Stream Mine
    • Kill Kobolds for 12 Ears and 4 Crates
    • Finish Blood Sausages
    • Grind to 2 Bubbles (about 800 exp) from Level 12
  • Return to Algaz Station, turn-in
    • Run, grind your way to Thelsamar


    • Inn: Turn-in, resupply
    • Go outside, turn-in Rat Catching and Miner’s Picks, Ding 14
  • Hearth to Sentinel Hill


(Levels 15-18)

  • Arrive at Sentinel Hill: (Option: Fly to Stormwind, train)
  • Run N toward Saldean’s
    • Killing everything to collect: 3 Snouts, 3 Stringy Vulture Meat,
  • 8 Goretusk Livers, 3 Okra
    • At Saldean’s kill Harvest Golems, Collect Oats
    • Kill a round of Watcher respawns
  • Run N toward Furlbrow’s Pumpkin Patch
    • Killing and collecting the above
    • Kill Watchers outside
    • Kill Defias around the house
    • Go in a small house, loot Cabinet
  • Work your way East to Gnoll camp
    • Clear Gnolls
  • Run N to Longshore
    • Kill murlocs for 3 Eyes
  • Back to clear Gnolls again
  • Back to clear Bandit house again
  • Run to SE to the wagon (turn-in)
    • At Saldean’s clear more Watchers
    • Try to finish Westfall Stew and Goretusk Livers here
  • Run and Kill in this Circuit:
    • Run and kill West to Alexton Farmstead,
    • Loot Simple Compass from Alexston’s Chest (Humble Beginnings in Cathedral District)
    • Run NE to Jangolode Mine, kill Defias
    • Run NE back to Pumpkin Patch killing Defias and Waters
    • Kill Boars all along
    • Finish Defias Bandanas and People’s Militia
    • Return to Saldean to turn-in Stew and Killing Fields

Sentinel Hill

    • Run SW to Sentinel Hill, turn-in, Ding 17
  • Option: Fly to Stormwind, train
  • Casters can buy Gloomwand (Mage Q)
    • Accept People’s Militia follow-up, Defias Brotherhood
    • Run down to Lumber Mill turn-in, sell and resupply

(West) Westfall

  • Run SW toward Moonbrook
    • Keep an eye out for Defias Messenger
    • Kill additional Gnolls, Vultures, Boars as needed
    • In Moonbrook: Kill 15 Looters 15 Defilers
    • Run back toward Sentinel Hill
    • Option: Grind to ensure Ding 18 in Sentinel Hill
  • In Sentinel Hill, turn-in People’s Militia, follow-up, resupply
  • Run S to Dead Acre killing Boars and Vultures
  • Run S to Dagger Hills
    • Kill 15 Highwaymen, 5 Pathstalkers, 5 Knuckledusters
  • Run W to Coast (Lighthouse)
    • Accept Coastal Menace
    • Go to shore and kill Old Murk-Eye (S shore)
    • Return and turn-in
  • Run back to Dagger Hills to finish Militia (grind W to Sentinel)
  • Run N to Sentinel Hill, turn-in all remaining quests
  • Fly to Stormwind, train
  • Fly to Thelsamar

Loch Modan

(Levels 18-19)

(East) Westfall

    • Run to E house (downstairs), accept Ironband’s Excavation
    • Run SE around the lake killing bears/boars
    • Round the lake, running E to Excavation Site
    • At Excavation Site: Turn-in, empty
      • Accept Gathering Idols and Exc. Progress Report
    • Run N along Lake coast killing boars, Crocs
    • Reach Bingles
      • Accept Bingles’ Missing Supplies
    • Run N along lake killing Crocs
    • Swim out to N island (Troggs)
    • Do Defense of the King’s Lands
      • Kill 10 Shamans and 10 Bonesnappers
      • Collect Bingles’ Tools 4 spots (see map: house, rubble, W camp, NW camp)
    • Return to Bingles and turn-in
    • Run SE into the hills to the Hunter’s Lodge
    • At the Lodge:
      • Accept Hunter’s Boast 1 and Crocolisk Hunting
      • Run SW killing vultures, return and turn-in
      • Accept Hunter’s Boast 2
      • Run NW killing Elder Boars, return and turn-in
  • Option: If in a group, it is likely to take Vyrin’s Revenge (Ol’Sooty)
    • Run NW to middle Island
      • Kill Crocs for 5 Meat and 5 Skins
      • Hearth to Thelsamar, turn-in any quests Ding 19
    • Fly to Ironforge:
      • Run to Hall of Explorers, turn-in Report to Ironforge
      • Accept Powder to Ironband
      • Train if needed
    • Fly to Thelsamar
    • Run S to Valley of Kings Watchtower, turn-in
    • Option: (If you can slip packs) go up to the top
    • Accept Defense of Kings Lands 3
    • Run E to Trogg area, fight up to back Southern caves, stay right to kill Grawmug, Gnasher, Brawler
    • Return to Watchtower and turn-in
  • Run back to Thelsamar, turn-in at East house (Jern)
  • If you have group, do Ol’Sooty on Mountain Path S of town
  • Run SE along the lake to Southern tip, to Huldar
    • Turn-in, beware ambush
    • Accept Escort Quest: Protecting the Shipment
  • Arrive at Excavation Site
    • Run into Excavation area, killing Troggs for 8 Idols
  • Option: Stay and grind to time Hearth
    • Run E around site back to Lodge
      • Turn-in Crocolisk Hunter (and Vyrin’s Revenge)
    • Run N Stonewrought Dam (up East ramp then West)
      • Accept Dark Threat Looms (Hinderweir)
      • Run to East ramp, inspect Barrel (kill Dwarves)
      • Run back to Hinderweir turn-in
    • Run W to Dun Algaz Gate
      • Option: Accept and try Algaz Gauntlet (Rockgar)
      • Go through Gate and kill Orc at camp (lvl 19-21)
  • Spiral down exiting into Wetlands


  • Run N up the path to fork in the road
  • Continue N to the Dwarven camp
    • Turn-in Dark Threat Looms, follow-up
  • Run S to fork, then W to the Menethil Harbor


Menethil Harbor

  • Run straight into the Keep (if you did Algaz Gauntlet)
  • Run S toward Inn:
    • Accepting (or get later) Digging Through Ooze, Claws from the Deep,
  • Young Croc Skins, and Greenwarden
    • Inn: Set Hearth to Menethil Harbor
    • Fly to Redridge


If you find leveling to tedious, you can always find a help at Overgear.

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