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Of course, you have. Let us introduce you to the first part of our Horde leveling guide. Here you will find out all the small and hidden details of the long and winding road, named leveling. We will show you the best grinding spots; give you irreplaceable and helpful advice; we will carefully lead you through all the danger and horrors of the Azeroth. Remember that the journey is going to be painful, tough, perilous, full of unexpected meetings, and merciless foes. You might even get a few gray hairs. Considering this, let us save your youth for more important things.

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Leveling Tips and Tricks

Everyone who has the MMO experience knows that the most difficult and sometimes even boring thing is leveling. Well, double it, because we are talking here about Classic WoW. Not only you will have to travel by foot – Mounts are available after you reach level 40 and cost a fortune. Regular visits to your class and profession trainers, constant looking for vendors, and hours spent on searching for that one NPC will take you weeks to reach the cap. Let us save your time. These are general rules which will help you in the leveling process.

Kill every single yellow mob you come across to get more XP. Green mobs are good too, but choose the ones that have 3-4 levels less than you, not more – it will be just a waste of time and resources. From the other side, ignoring creatures as you travel while at full resources is not only a waste of XP but also a waste of your spirit-based HP and Mana regeneration.

Do not save your cooldowns for another «right moment», utilize them to your advantage here and there.

Train and use the most damaging abilities and talents while leveling. For example, if you have chosen a hybrid class and plan on tanking or healing at level 60, it is wise to level as a DPS spec instead. No worries, the specialization may be changed, though it will cost you. Try to focus on the following groups of talents:

  • Talents that increase movement speed;
  • Talents that increase regeneration and decrease downtime;
  • Talents that provide Hit or Critical rating;
  • Talents that increase resource pool capacity.

However do not go back to your trainer every time you receive a Talent Point, because new skills are often unnecessary right away but become useful later. For example, rather than training at level 22, 24, 26, 28, it might be more optimal to train at 22 and 28 only, depending on your class.

Avoid leveling crafting professions while leveling yourself, because it will cost you additional time and gold. An exception is made for First Aid, for it is an absolute must-have for everyone. There is also an argument to be made for Skinning, and possibly Herbalism and Mining, but not the others.

Set a new “home” each time you come to a new zone and use your Hearthstone by default. Remember, that an unused Hearthstone is a wasted Hearthstone.

It is wise to complete as many Quests in your quest log as possible before going back to town to turn them in because travels in Azeroth are such a large time-sink.

Not all Quests, by the way, are vitally needed for the continuation of the story. Do not be afraid to skip them.

Do not waste lots of time while looking for a group – lots of Quests may be done solo.

Try not to run Dungeons unless you have several quests stockpiled. Usually, Dungeons themselves take too much time and effort, and the corresponding Quest chains are exceedingly long and involve a lot of travel. Fortunately, four of them are definitely worth doing and are full of easily acquirable and high-reward quests:

Appropriate gear is a very important thing, but do not make it your main goal while you are leveling. For melee DPS, a good weapon is crucial, yes, but anything apart of that – isn’t. A little unexpected may be the value of Spirit for every class and every spec. Spirit increases both out of combat Mana and Health regeneration. Minimizing downtime and using travel time to regenerate rather than taking time to drink/eat will increase your efficiency, so do not shy away from items with Spirit on them.

Create a bank alt – an additional Character, which is placed in the capital city and circulates between a bank and the auction house. It will keep and sell your stuff.

Plan your level 40 Mount. Running is so slow, and most zones are so big, so try to save money beforehand.

Leave your Character in taverns or in the capital cities before logging out of the game, for this will give you a Rested Bonus.

And again. Save Money! In every possible way! Gold in Classic World of Warcraft costs more than a real gold bar in a Swiss Bank. You will collect every single Copper coin, especially when you’ll understand that you do not have enough currency for a “slow” Mount. And do you know how much does the “fast” Mount cost? A THOUSAND! We can help. Order Gold from Overgear, using our wide range of offers and sellers. Pay up to 60% less as you buy directly from sellers. Feel safe! The sellers get paid only after you confirm the service delivery. Now you can finally relax and ride your fast Mount wherever you want knowing that no one’s gonna steal your rare ore or herb. Isn’t it just great?


Leveling Specs

Different classes use different strategies while leveling. This is stipulated by their class specifics. Every class has three specializations, each of which is created to accomplish certain game needs, but some of them may not be useful until Level 60. Here we will talk about the most viable ones.


The main Druid stats are STR, AGI, STAM, INT. The best leveling specialization is Feral Combat. The Talent tree, in this case, should look the following way:

WoW Classic: Horde Leveling Guide

5/5 Ferocity, 2/2 Brutal Impact, 3/5 Feral Instinct, 2/2 Feline SwiftnessFeral Charge, 5/5 Furor, 3/3 Sharpened Claws, 2/2 Blood Frenzy, 2/3 Predatory StrikesFaerie Fire (Feral), 3/3 Predatory Strikes, 2/2 Savage Fury, 1/5 Heart of the Wild.


The main Hunter stats are AGI, AP, STAM. Beast Mastery is considered to be the best leveling specialization, as it boosts your Pet and is quite useful in PvP. The Talent tree is better looking the following way:

WoW Classic: Horde Leveling Guide

5/5 Endurance Training, 2/2 Improved Revive Pet, 3/3 Thick HideBestial Swiftness, 2/2 Pathfinding, 2/5 Unleashed Fury, 5/5 FerocityIntimidation, 1/2 Bestial Discipline, 5/5 Unleashed Fury, 5/5 FrenzyBestial Wrath.


The main Mages stats are SP, INT, STAM. Mages have several options while leveling: Fire, Frost, or Frost AoE. Each has pros and cons, so only you can decide what to choose. There are three Talent trees represented. The first one:

WoW Classic: Horde Leveling Guide

5/5 Improved Fireball, 2/2 Flame Throwing, 3/5 Impact, 2/2 Burning Soul, 5/5 Impact, 1/5 Ignite, 3/3 Master of Elements, 3/5 Ignite, 3/3 Critical Mass, 5/5 Ignite, 5/5 Fire PowerCombustion.

Note that you can move 2 points from Ignite into Pyroblast and Blast Wave if playing on a PvP server.

The second variant of a Talent tree:

WoW Classic: Horde Leveling Guide

5/5 Improved Frostbolt, 2/2 Frost Nova, 3/3 FrostbiteCold Snap, 4/5 Ice Shards, 2/2 Arctic Reach, 3/3 Frost ChannelingIce Block, 5/5 Shatter, 5/5 Ice Shards, 3/3 Piercing IceIce Barrier.

The third variant of a Talent tree:

WoW Classic: Horde Leveling Guide

5/5 Improved Frostbolt, 2/2 Frost Nova, 3/3 FrostbiteCold Snap, 3/3 Elemental Precision, 1/3 Improved Blizzard, 2/2 Arctic Reach, 3/3 Frost ChannelingIce Block, 5/5 Shatter, 3/3 Improved Blizzard, 3/3 Improved Cone of Cold, 3/3 Permafrost, 1/3 Piercing IceIce Barrier.


The main Priest stats are SP, SPI, INT, STAM. Priests have a lot of choices while leveling. But the Shadow specialization is still the best. The Talent tree is better to look the following way:

WoW Classic: Horde Leveling Guide

5/5 Spirit Tap, 5/5 Wand Specialization, 2/2 Improved Shadow Word: Pain, 5/5 Shadow Focus, 3/3 Shadow Affinity, 3/3 Shadow Reach, 2/5 Shadow WeavingVampiric EmbraceMind Flay, 5/5 Shadow Weaving, 1/5 Darkness.


The main Rogue stats are Rogues: AGI, AP, STR, STAM. Combat is the fastest leveling spec a rogue can use, because it’s not dependent on stealth, while other specializations do not provide the same consistent damage. The Rogue Talent tree should look the following way:

WoW Classic: Horde Leveling Guide

2/2 Improved Sinister Strike, 3/3 Improved Gouge, 5/5 DeflectionRiposte, 5/5 Precision, 4/5 Dual Wield SpecializationBlade Flurry, 5/5 Sword Specialization, 5/5 Dual Wield Specialization, 3/3 AggressionAdrenaline Rush.


The main Shaman stats are STR, STAM, AGI, INT. Shamans are an auto-attack class like Paladins, but they have to choose to be this way due to their lack of Mana conservation rather than not having a toolbox. The best choice for a Classic Shaman is Enhancement specialization.

The Talent tree is better to look the following way:

WoW Classic: Horde Leveling Guide

5/5 Ancestral Knowledge, 2/2 Improved Ghost Wolf, 3/5 Thundering StrikesTwo-Handed Axes and Maces, 5/5 Thundering Strikes, 2/3 Improved Lightning Shield, 5/5 FlurryParry, 3/3 Elemental Weapons, 3/3 Improved Lightning Shield, 5/5 Weapon MasteryStormstrike.


The main stats for Warlocks are SP, INT, STAM. Warlocks get a plethora of choices while leveling, but Affliction is the recommended spec due to having such little downtime. Use the Voidwalker as a tank, but after level 34, if you find yourself pulling a threat from it, switch to another minion and start “drain tanking” instead. The Talent tree is better to look the following way:

WoW Classic: Horde Leveling Guide

5/5 Improved Corruption, 5/5 Improved Life Tap, 3/5 SuppressionAmplify Curse, 5/5 Suppression, 2/5 Fel Concentration, 2/2 Nightfall, 2/2 Grim Reach, 3/5 Fel ConcentrationSiphon LifeCurse of Exhaustion, 1/5 Improved Curse of Exhaustion, 5/5 Fel Concentration, 5/5 Shadow MasteryDark Pact.


The main stats for Warrior are STR, STAM, AGI. This class has the most difficult time leveling because they are weapon-dependent. Fury is, probably the best choice. Dual-wielding while leveling is not recommended though. The Talent tree is better to look the following way:

WoW Classic: Horde Leveling Guide

5/5 Cruelty, 5/5 Improved Demoralizing ShoutPiercing Howl, 4/5 Improved Battle Shout, 5/5 EnrageDeath Wish, 5/5 Improved Battle Shout, 2/2 Improved Execute, 1/2 Improved Intercept, 5/5 FlurryBloodthirst.


Horde Leveling Guide

Starting zones (1-12)

The Character is created, the intro is watched and now you are left alone in a new location. What to do? It does not particularly matter where you have started and what class have you chosen, because a specific race will only level in their starting zones. Tauren in MulgoreOrcs and Trolls in Durotar, and the Undead in Tirisfal Glades. The starting Quests are quite simple and intuitively obvious, so there won’t be any troubles with them. Each race stays in their starting zone until about Level 10 or 12, so just follow the White Ra… err… the yellow exclamation mark!

After you have reached level 10, or have made all the Quests in the starting zone (approximately Level 12), you may go either to Silverpine Forest for the Undead, or to The Barrens for the other races. The first thing you need to do in both zones – find an inn to place your Hearthstone in there, and a Flight Master to learn a new Flight Point. Please remember, these simple actions must be done every time you come to a new location.


Barrens (10-15)

There are dozens of ways to level up your Character, depending on your priorities, the free time you have, the locations you would love to visit. Everything matters. But what if you had seen each and every zone for about fifty times already? What if you had started your Journey ten or even fifteen years ago and you could do any Quest in the Azeroth while keeping your eyes closed? What if the leveling process brings nothing, but a nervous tic? We’ve got a decision. Check our leveling section and choose a seller, whom you will trust your Character. Learn everything about the seller; discuss all the shades of the deal; check his progress every time you want to. No need to pay extra, for we work with our sellers directly without the third-party companies. We won’t stop until you are satisfied.

WoW Classic: Horde Leveling Guide

Ok. So, you have come to the Barrens. Welcome!

Go to the Crossroads (Section A), to pick up a number of useful and easy quests.

The Inn is at 52.30; the Flying Master is at 51.30.

Here is the list of the most useful Quests

Try to reach Level 15 at this point. Use grinding style if needed – raptors, horses, and centaurs in the area will be a perfect choice, as they offer easy XP and good sell loot.


Silverpine Forest (10-15)

If you are an Undead, your second stop is here, in Silverpine Forest. Welcome.






  • Once there, turn in “Return to Podrig” (43.42).
  • Take a bat ride to Undercity, Tirisfal (46.43).
  • Once at the UC, exit it and head North to the Zeppelin to go to Orgrimmar (61.59 in Tirisfal Glades).
  • Leave Orgrimmar, run to Razor Hill, Durotar to get new spells/abilities.
  • Accept “Conscript of the Horde” (51.44 Durotar).

Head west on the main path to The Barrens. Start doing Barrens Quests until you are at least level 20. After that, you may either stay in Barrens or go to Stonetalon Mountains.


Stonetalon Mountains (20-25)

Note, however, that some Quests here must have been taken in the Barrens earlier.


Some of these Quests take part in Barrens.





Grind if you are not Level 25.


Barrens (15-25)

” …Where is Mankrik’s wife, anyway?!”

At Level 15, you should go to Orgrimmar to do the Ragefire Chasm Dungeon. You will need a solid group to complete this. Here are the quests for that area:

Complete Ragefire Chasm several times for great XP boost and many items. You should leave there around Level 18; move back to the Crossroads in the Barrens. Do the following Quests:


Now, you should be level 25. If not – go to Wailing Caverns Dungeon or grind on mobs. Anyway, make sure not to leave the zone before you are level 25.


Thousand Needles (25-35)

WoW Classic: Horde Leveling Guide

Final Thoughts

Now you finally must be Level 30 if not 35. Good Job, Well Done! Congratulations!


Are you still with us, traveler? Are you tired? We’re sure you are! And this is only the first part of our Horde Leveling Guide. The next Chapter will be even more challenging, so be ready! Visit our site meanwhile. We have plenty of tempting offers for you. Maybe you will have no need in doing all that was written above. Maybe we can seduce you from your everyday in-game routine? What would you say? 

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