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While traversing through Sholazar Basin, you may encounter a couple of factions. We already covered how to build up your relationship with the Oracles. Today we’re going to tell you about their archnemesis, Frenzyheart Tribe, and what you need to do to gain a reputation with them. Below, you’ll find a brief WoW WotLK The Frenzyheart Tribe Reputation guide on where to find Frenzyheart Tribe, which quests you have to complete to unlock dailies, and what kind of rewards you’ll be able to earn through leveling up your reputation with them.

Where are the Frenzyheart Tribe and who are they?

Frenzyheart Tribe is a faction of wolvars, primitive wolverine-like anthropomorphic creatures, whose village is located on Frenzyheart Hill, South of their enemies’ base of operations Rainspeaker Canopy and southwest of River’s Heart.

Building up a WotLK Frenzyheart Tribe Reputation might seem less profitable than with the Oracles since you won’t be rewarded with a new mount or minion companions. However, it still might be worth your time because you’ll be able to unlock some decent pre-raid gear for farming and a couple of Jewelmaking recipes.

Frenzyheart Tribe Reputation Guide

All the rewards can be claimed through the Frenzyheart Tribe reputation vendor, Tanak, located in their home village. As being said, there are a couple of items worth your attention, but the most profitable of them are Frenzyheart Insignia of Fury, which requires you to be Exalted with the tribe and is good for AoE farming, and Disgusting Jar, which has a drop chance of various items. However, the one that probably will interest you the most is the Frenzyheart Brew toy since the rest of the items are mostly various consumables you can quickly obtain elsewhere.

How to start and progress through the Frenzyheart Tribe quest chain

To start getting a reputation with Frenzyheart Tribe, you have to go through the same shared quest chain as with the Oracles, but at a certain moment make a different decision.

First, you have to talk to Tamara Wobblesprocket at River’s Heart (/way 50.4 62.0). She’ll give you the quest called The Part-time Hunter with a goal to slay the Pitch (/way 50.6 76.8) and return its remains to her.

Frenzyheart Tribe Reputation Guide

However, once you kill the beast, a Wolvar will appear and accuse you of kill-stealing, starting the Playing Along quest. Here’s the start of a quite lengthy shared quest chain, where you will aid both Frenzyheart Tribe and the Oracles, gaining a reputation with them along the way. Keep in mind that after finishing Frenzyheart’s quests, your reputation with them will drop to Hated. However, this flip was meant to happen so don’t worry and proceed with the Oracles quests as normal.

After you complete The Mosswalker Savior quest for the Oracles, there will be a decision time. You’ll be given A Hero’s Burden quest and directed to kill Artruis the Heartless. During this quest, you’ll have to choose, with which faction you’re going to build up a reputation further – Frenzyheart Tribe or the Oracles.

Frenzyheart Tribe Reputation Guide

If you need a more detailed guide regarding this quest chain, head to our Oracles reputation guide.

First, you have to go to the cave entrance at (/way 70 58). Here you can aid an NPC from your chosen ally faction to kill the other faction’s representative. As we’re going to stay with the Frenzyheart Tribe, we need to kill the gorloc Jaloot. After that, you’ll be rewarded with another quest, Frenzyheart Champion, and from now on you’ll be able to complete daily quests and level up your reputation with Frenzyheart Tribe.

How do I switch from Frenzyheart to Oracle?

However, if at any moment you’d want to switch between factions and build up a reputation with another one, there is a way to do so. Artruis the Heartless will spawn daily from now on, so if you desire to switch from Frenzyheart Tribe to the Oracles, simply go and kill him once more, while aiding a different NPC in battle.

Frenzyheart Tribe Reputation Guide

If you have an unlooted Disgusting Jar, don’t worry. You’ll be able to pick it up after the 7-day cycle.

Frenzyheart Tribe daily quests

After completing a shared questline and choosing a faction to go with, you’ll become Honored with them and will be able to perform daily quests which are the best way how to increase reputation with Frenzyheart Tribe. There are eight possible daily quests, three of which will be available every day and will start randomly at Frenzyheart Hill. Down below you’ll find a list of these quests and some tips on how to complete them.

Quest Task Advice
A Hero’s Headgear Get  Venture Co. Explosives from any of the Venture Company units at Swindlegrin’s Dig and use them to obtain a  Stormwatcher’s Head. Bring the Stormwatcher’s Head to Rejek at Frenzyheart Hill. This quest requires flying to complete. First, you have to kill either Venture Co. Ruffian or Venture Co. Excavator in the Venture Co. camp north of the Suntouched Pillar. After obtaining Venture Co. Explosives, head to the Stormwright’s Shelf, find a Stormwatcher, and blow its head off with the explosives.
Chicken Party! Capture 12 Chicken Escapees for Elder Harkek at Frenzyheart Hill. Use the provided Chicken Net to catch Chicken Escapees running around. You can talk to Elder Harkek after picking up the quest so he will assign a couple of fellow NPCs to help you and speed things up a bit.
Rejek: First Blood Blood Rejek’s Blade on the corpses of a Sapphire Hive Wasp, a Hardknuckle Charger, and 3 members of the Mistwhisper Tribe. You may blood the sword on either Mistwhisper Oracles or Mistwhisper Warriors. Return to Rejek at Frenzyheart Hill when your task is complete. After killing a requested enemy, target its corpse and use Rejek’s Blade. Simple as that.
Strength of the Tempest Gather 3 Essence of the Monsoon and 3 Essence of the Storm and take them to the Shrine of the Tempest. Return to Rejek at Frenzyheart Hill with the True Power of the Tempest. This quest requires flying to complete. First, obtain the necessary items by slaying Aqueous Spirits and Storm Revenants. After that, go to the Shrine (/way 22.4, 33.8) and get struck by lightning to create True Power of the Tempest. 
The Heartblood’s Strength Bring a vial of Suntouched Heartblood to Rejek at Frenzyheart Hill. This quest requires flying to complete. First, you have to fill a vial at the top of Suntouched Pillar and kill a Goretalon Matriarch to obtain the Matriarch’s Heartblood. Then simply combine the vial with the blood.
Kartak’s Rampage Bring a pure sample of Oracle Blood to the Altar of Kartak to summon Kartak. With the aid of Kartak’s shared powers, slaughter 50 of the nearby Sparktouched Gorlocs for Shaman Jakjek in Kartak’s Hold. First, you need to obtain Oracle Blood from either Sparktouched Warrior or Sparktouched Oracle. Then bring the blood to the Altar of Kartak to summon Kartak the Abominable and use its powers to slay the requested amount of gorlocs.
Secret Strength of the Frenzyheart Using the secret Frenzyheart drink, slaughter 30 of the Sparktouched Gorlocs around Kartak’s Hold. Simply kill the requested amount of gorlocs after obtaining the Secret Strength of the Frenzyheart from Vekgar. Keep in mind that you’re not allowed to leave Sholazar Basin while this quest is active since Secret Strength of the Frenzyheart will disappear from your inventory after leaving the location.
Tools of War Retrieve some of Zepik’s traps from his stash in Kartak’s Hold. Using the traps, slaughter 50 of the nearby Sparktouched Gorlocs, and then return to Shaman Jakjek in Kartak’s Hold. Simply obtain Volatile Trap and Ensnaring Trap from the box at Kartak’s Hold and kill the requested amount of enemies. Note that you must obtain those items but it’s not necessary to use them to complete the quest.

Frenzyheart Tribe reputation rewards

You can obtain a handful of gear and consumables from Frenzyheart Tribe quartermaster Tanak, located on Frenzyheart Hill in Sholazar Basin

Reputation Rewards
Friendly Roasted Mystery Beast
Friendly Nepeta Leaf
Friendly Design: Reckless Huge Citrine
Revered Azure Strappy Pants
Revered Discarded Titanium Legplates
Revered Giant-Sized Gauntlets
Revered Muddied Crimson Gloves
Revered Scavenged Feathery Leggings
Revered Sparkly Shiny Gloves
Revered Stolen Vrykul Harpoon
Revered Design: Jagged Forest Emerald
Exalted Frenzyheart Insignia of Fury

Unfortunately, Frenzyheart Tribe’s “special item” is no match for the same from the Oracles. While the gorloc’s Mysterious Egg may award you with a mount or a minion pet, Frenzyheart’s Disgusting Jar’s most valuable drop is a Frenzyheart Brew toy. 

You can purchase Disgusting Jar at Frenzyheart Hill and after a 7-day cycle, it will turn into Ripe Disgusting Jar. Down below is a list of items you may obtain from it with their drop chances:

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Frenzyheart Tribe Reputation Guide

Frenzyheart Tribe reputation achievements

There are several achievements you may earn through building up a reputation with Frenzyheart Tribe. 

Completing each of Frenzyheart’s Tribe eight daily quests will reward you with Honorary Frenzyheart achievement. You can also earn Frenzyheart Tribe achievement by becoming Exalted with the faction

If you manage to become Exalted with both Frenzyheart Tribe and the Oracles, you will earn a Mercenary of Sholazar achievement.

That’s a wrap for our Frenzyheart Tribe faction reputation guide. Leave us feedback if you find it helpful, and we’ll see you on the battlefields of Azeroth!

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