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So you want to fill your collection with additional rare pets and mounts, or maybe you’re hunting for achievements, or want to acquire some decent high-level pre-raid equipment. Well, in WoW the Oracles reputation might be of interest to you. The way of building up your relationships with these creatures is also quite interesting and unique due to the involvement of the other faction, Frenzyheart Tribe, in the quest chain, and the ability to choose between those two rival factions along the way.

In our the Oracles Reputation guide you will find all the necessary information on how to raise your reputation with the Oracles to Exalted, including how to start their quest chain, which daily missions they provide, and what kind of rewards you’ll be able to achieve from it.

Who are the Oracles and where to find them

Oracles are gorlocs, often referred to as the “next evolution of murlocs”. At the moment a player encounters them, Oracles are in a state of territorial war with wolvar and their faction, Frenzyheart Tribe. Oracles also see themselves as the guardians of the titan technology, which remains in their home location of Sholazar Basin.

As being said, the Oracles counterbalance their rivals, Frenzyheart Tribe, which means that a player can only raise a reputation with one of those factions at a time. However, there’s a method to swap faction and eventually build your reputation with both of them and earn the respective achievements, just not at the same time.

Wotlk Classic The Oracles Reputation

So, where are the Oracles located in Sholazar Basin? Their village and base of operations, Rainspeaker Canopy, can be found within the Wildgrowth Mangal. If you decided to get the reputation with the Oracles, here you’ll find a bunch of useful NPCs, including Geen, the Oracles quartermaster and reputation vendor.

Oracles reputation rewards

Building up a reputation with the Oracles might be quite beneficial in case you want some additional pet companions or a new mount, which is not possible with Frenzyheart Tribe. While building up a reputation with the Oracles, you have a small chance to get Reins of the Green Proto-drake, and also four different flying companion petsProto-drake Whelp, Cobra Hatchling, Tickbird Hatchling, and White Tickbird Hatchling. You can also get an Oracle Talisman of Ablution from the Oracles reputation vendor, which can prove useful for pre-raid farming. You can also obtain two Jewelcrafting patterns here.

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Wotlk Classic The Oracles Reputation

How start the Reputation with Oracles

In WoW WotLK the Oracles Reputation has some specific conditions. To start building up a reputation either with Oracles or Frenzyheart Tribe, first you have to go through the lengthy shared questline. It might look suspicious in the beginning as you’re actually starting to help the Frenzyheart Tribe, but don’t you worry – everything will lead to a key moment when you’ll have to choose between two factions.

First, you have to talk to Tamara Wobblesprocket at River’s Heart (/way 50.4 62.0). She’ll give you the quest called The Part-time Hunter with a goal to slay the Pitch (/way 50.6 76.8) and return its remains to her.

Wotlk Classic The Oracles Reputation

However, once you kill the beast, a Wolvar will appear and accuse you of kill-stealing, starting the Playing Along quest. This is where the path to the choice between Frenzyheart Tribe and Oracles starts. You will gain both Frenzyheart and Oracles reputations along the way, as you have to complete quest chains for both factions, and then there will be decision time.

Wotlk Classic The Oracles Reputation

First, you have to do the following quest for the Frenzyheart Tribe:

At this point, your reputation with Frenzyheart Tribe will turn to Hated and you’ll go ahead with the Oracles. If you were about to build up a reputation with Frenzyheart, don’t worry – this reputation flip was meant to happen.

Wotlk Classic The Oracles Reputation

After this, you have to complete an Oracles quest chain:

Now it’s decision time. You’ll be directed to kill Artruis the Heartless as a part of A Hero’s Burden quest, and this is where you have to make a decision, with which faction you are going to build up a reputation – Oracles of Frenzyheart Tribe.

First, you have to go to the cave entrance at (/way 70 58). Here you can aid an NPC from your chosen ally faction to kill the other faction’s representative. If you want to go with Frenzyheart Tribe, kill the gorloc Jaloot. If you want to stay with the Oracles and get a reputation with them, kill the wolvar Zepik the Gorloc Hunter.

Wotlk Classic The Oracles Reputation

After completing A Hero’s Burden, you’ll get another quest from the ally you saved. In our case, as we’re going to side with the Oracles, Jaloot will give us Hand of the Oracles. After quest completion, you will get reputation with the Oracles up to Honored, and now will be able to perform daily quests to build up a reputation with Oracles further.

How do I get Exalted with Oracles and Frenzyheart?

At first, you should know that you can get Exalted Reputation level with two factions at the same time. But you can play the Oracles reputation switch. From now on Artruis the Heartless will have a daily reset. So if you want to switch factions, simply engage in the battle once again and aid the NPC from the faction you want to support. If you had unlooted Mysterious Egg from the Oracles or Disgusting Jar from Frenzyheart Tribe, don’t worry – you’ll be able to obtain it after the 7-day cycle is finished.

The Oracles Daily Quests

Now, the main question is how to increase reputation with the Oracles. After completion of shared quest line you will get an opportunity to get eight possible dailies with three of them available every day. All of these quests start in Rainspeaker Canopy in Scholazar Basin.

Quest Task Advice
A Cleansing Song Oracle Soo-nee, at the Rainspeaker Canopy, wants you to play the Chime of Cleansing at Bittertide Lake, Wintergrasp River and River’s Heart and slay the evil spirits that plague the waters there. You simply have to use the provided Chime of Cleansing in the mentioned areas and kill three different enemies that will appear.
Appeasing the Great Rain Stone High-Oracle Soo-say in Rainspeaker Canopy wants you to take a companion to dig up and collect 6 Shiny Treasures. Here you have to look for the sparkles of light on the ground north from Rainspeaker Canopy and dig up those places. Keep in mind that it’s not guaranteed you’ll dig up a Shiny Treasure. It’s possible you’ll get a Glinting Bug or a Sparkling Hare.
Mastery of the Crystals Retrieve the crystal defenses at Sparktouched Haven and use them to kill 50 of the nearby Frenzyheart wolvar. When these tasks are complete, return to Lightningcaller Soo-met in Sparktouched Haven. Here you have to pick up Crystal of Unstable Energy and Crystal of the Frozen Grip from the basket southwest of Lightningcaller Soo-met and kill 50 wolvar after that. Using the crystals can make it easier but not necessary for the quest’s completion.
Power of the Great Ones Charge the Dormant Polished Crystal at the exposed Lifeblood Pillar. Travel to Sparktouched Haven and use the power the crystal bestows to slaughter 30 of the nearby Frenzyheart wolvar, and then speak to Lightningcaller Soo-met in Sparktouched Haven. Just like in the previous quest, you have to simply kill 30 wolvar after picking up the Dormant Polished Crystal, which will provide you with a strong healing buff.
Song of Fecundity Oracle Soo-nee at Rainspeaker Canopy wants you to go to the Stormwright’s Shelf, northwest of the Maker’s Perch, and play the Horn of Fecundity near 8 piles of Soaked Fertile Dirt. Flying is required to complete this quest. You have to look for golden-red dirt piles on the ground northwest of Sholazar Basin and blow your horn next to them.
Song of Reflection Oracle Soo-nee at Rainspeaker Canopy wants you to use the Didgeridoo of Contemplation at the top of the Glimmering Pillar, the Suntouched Pillar, the Mosslight Pillar and the Skyreach Pillar. Flying is required to complete this quest. Simply fly to the top of four pillars marked on your map and blow the Didgeridoo of Contemplation.
Song of Wind and Water Oracle Soo-nee wants you to use the Drums of the Tempest at the Stormwright’s Shelf and help Haiphoon devour 3 Storm Revenant and 3 Aqueous Spirits. Flying is required to complete this quest. You have to go to Stromwright’s Shelf northwest of Sholazar Basin and use Drums of the Tempest to transform yourself into Haiphoon, The Great Tempest. While you’re in a Water Elemental form, use your abilities on Storm Revenant to lower its health and then use Devour Wind to consume them. It will transform you into Air Elemental form.

Once in Air Elemental form, use your abilities on Aqueous Spirit to lower its health and then use Devour Water to consume it and transform back to Water Elemental form.

Repeat the process until you devour three of each enemy type. Keep in mind that you have to use your Devour ability on the enemies because if you simply kill them, it won’t count to the quest’s credit.

Will of the Titans Obtain a Tainted Crystal from the wolvar near Sparktouched Haven and bring it to the Great Lightning Stone to call Soo-holu. With the aid of Soo-holu’s shared powers, kill 50 of the nearby Frenzyheart wolvar, then return to Lightningcaller Soo-met near the Great Lightning Stone. Loot the Tained Crystal from nearby Frenzyheart enemies and take it to the Great Lightning Stone. It will turn you into Soo-holu, a giant spirit cat. While in this form, simply kill the requested amount of nearby Frenzyhearts.

The Oracle Reputation Rewards

The Oracles quartermaster and reputation vendor, Geen, is located in Rainspeaker Canopy in Sholazar Basin. Down below you’ll find a list of rewards you may obtain by raising your reputation with the Oracles.

Reputation Rewards
Friendly Oracle Secret Solution
Friendly Design: Vivid Dark Jade
Honored Slow-Roasted Eel
Revered Fishy Cinch
Revered Glimmershell Shoulder Protectors
Revered Glitterscale Wrap
Revered Gold Star Spaulders
Revered Sharkjaw Cap
Revered Shinygem Rod
Revered Toothslice Helm
Revered Design: Sundered Forest Emerald
Revered Mysterious Egg
Exalted Oracle Talisman of Ablution

The Oracles Mount and Pets

First, you have to purchase the Mysterious Egg, which is available at Revered level of reputation. It will become a Cracked Egg in 7 days following the purchase. Down below you’ll find a list of pets and mounts with their drop chances:

Wotlk Classic The Oracles Reputation

Keep in mind that you can have only one Mysterious Egg at a time. You can continue incubating this egg and obtain its drop even if you decide to switch factions from the Oracles to Frenzyheart Tribe during its 7-day incubation period.

The Oracles Reputation Achievements

You will earn The Oracles achievement by becoming Exalted with the Oracles. You can also earn Savior of the Oracles achievement by completing each of their eight daily quests.

If you become Exalted with both the Oracles and Frenzyheart Tribe, you’ll earn Mercenary of Sholazar achievement.

That was everything you need to know to level up your reputation with the Oracles faction in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic. If this guide proved useful to you, please let us know with feedback, and good luck on the battlegrounds of Azeroth and beyond.

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