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In our WotLK First Aid guide, we will talk about a profession that can literally save your life – First Aid. First aid is a now forgotten and almost unused profession in the World of Warcraft, but in the realities of The Burning Crusade Classic and The Wrath of the Lich King Classic, first aid is extremely useful in any type of content: leveling, dungeons, raids, arenas, battlegrounds, etc.

WotLK First Aid Bonuses and Benefits

Generally, First Aid is BiS choice for classes that have problems with self-healing: Rouge, Warriors. But Mages, Priests, Druids, and other classes shouldn’t ignore it either, because healing from bandages doesn’t cost mana!

Also, First Aid in WotLK is a secondary skill, which means anyone can learn it without conflict with other professions (you can choose them in our WotLK Classic Profession guides).

WotLK Classic First Aid Guide

Finally, you won’t spend much time from 1 to 450 in this profession. Few recipes, fast leveling — huge value.

Perhaps Lich King Classic First Aid only drawback – is this is not the best way to gold making, because the only characters that level this profession can use the bandages. So your chances to become a rich person are not so high. But, at least, you can sell materials to other First Aid enthusiasts.

First Aid trainers

For those who have already learned First Aid in The Burning Crusade Classic, learning will continue from Level 350 up to Level 400. And two new recipes will be added: Frostweave Bandage and Heavy Frostweave Bandage. The recipe for the last bandage, by the way, can only be found when you have reached mastery level 390.

Each fraction has two trainers who can teach you Grand Master First Aid. Moreover, there are three neutrals, who can do the same.

Alliance First Aid Trainers:

Horde First Aid Trainers:

Neutral First Aid Trainers:

First Aid Approximate materials required

If you have never cosplayed a field medic in your life, then you will need to go all the way from scratch. Like leveling of any WoW Classic profession, at first, you need to farm o buy all required materials. Most often, much easy just to visit the Auction House:

Frostweave Cloth is needed for leveling directly WotLK First Aid, all other materials for leveling the first aid of previous additions. You can’t learn WotLK First Aid without knowing previous First Aid.

WotLK Classic First Aid Leveling!
Get 450 level in a few days!
WotLK Classic First Aid Guide 5.0

WotLK Classic First Aid Leveling

Even if you had some experience in Classic or TBC expansions, it is worth recalling how First Aid leveling looks like from the very beginning.

Apprentice First Aid (1 – 75)

1 – 4050x Linen Bandage (50x Linen Cloth).
40 – 7545x Heavy Linen Bandage (90x Linen Cloth).

Journeyman First Aid (75-150)

75 – 8015x Heavy Linen Bandage (30x Linen Cloth).
80 -11560x Wool Bandage (60x Wool Cloth).
115 – 15060x Heavy Wool Bandage (120x Wool Cloth).

Expert First Aid (150-225)

150 – 18050x Silk Bandage (50x Silk Cloth).
180 – 21050x Heavy Silk Bandage (100x Silk Cloth).
210 – 22530x Mageweave Bandage (30x Mageweave Cloth).

Artisan First Aid (225-300)

225 – 24030x Mageweave Bandage (30x Mageweave Cloth).
240 – 26030x Heavy Mageweave Bandage (60x Mageweave Cloth).
260 – 29050x Runecloth Bandage (50x Runecloth).
290 – 30015x Heavy Runecloth Bandage (30x Runecloth).

Master First Aid (300-350)

300 – 34050x Netherweave Bandage (50x Netherweave Cloth).
340 – 35010x Heavy Netherweave Bandage (20x Netherweave Cloth).

Grand Master First Aid (350-450)

350 – 40090x Frostweave Bandage (90x Frostweave Cloth).
400 – 45090x Heavy Frostweave Bandage (180x Frostweave Cloth).

Manual: Heavy Frostweave Bandage can drop randomly from humanoids and undead in Northrend. To acquire it, you must have at least 390 First Aid skill. The best option is Rageclaw Primalists and Drakuru Berserkers farm in Zul’Drak.

First Aid Leveling certainly will provide you with convenient gameplay in various Wrath Classic content. So we can be sure that you’ll be alright in your adventures. And if our WotLK Classic First Aid guide helped you to learn more about this profession, don’t forget to rate our article.


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