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    Wotlk First Aid Boost

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    Buy First Aid Wotlk Boost and get the maximum 450 skill in the shortest time! This profession is awesome for any content in the game as it allows players to craft bandages and heal lethal wounds.

    First aid is a desired secondary profession by a lot of players who like raiding or PvP. Some alchemy healing potions combined with the best crafted bandages will give your character a chance to live longer.

    Overgear is here to help your character to become stronger, we can level your First Aid skill smooth and fast. Our boosters know the best ways to level any profession in the game and today they are ready to help you.


    • The desired level of First Aid;
    • Ability to craft and use bandages


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    • Character lvl 60 for 300 First Aid skill;
    • Character lvl 80 for 450 First Aid skill.
    • Character lvl 70 for 375 First Aid skill;


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    WotLK First Aid Profession FAQ

    Is First Aid useful in WotLK?

    Yes, it is a very useful profession as it allows players to heal in combat. First Aid is used both in PvP and PvE content. It's also a secondary profession, so you're not losing anything by leveling it up. Well, guess you'd have to spend your time to level it up, but our First Aid WotLK Classic carry can help with that!

    How do I get First Aid in WoW?

    Just visit a trainer in the big cities like Orgrimmar or Stormwind.

    How do I unlock 450 First Aid?

    In order to get that skill level you have to visit a trainer in Dalaran. Ask a local guard to mark his location on your map.

    Where do I learn WotLK first aid?

    To learn First Aid, you can simply visit any big city and look for a trainer there. Once you reached skill level 300, go to Outland to become the Master. And once you leveled up all the way to 375, visit one of the trainers in Northrend to become the Grand Master. Here's the locations of all Grand Master First Aid trainers in Northrend:

    Alliance Trainers:

    • Anchorite Yazmina — Howling Fjord, Valgarde
    • Brynna Wilson — Borean Tundra, Valiance Keep

    Horde Trainers:

    • Sally Tompkins — Howling Fjord, Vengeance Landing
    • Nurse Applewood — Borean Tundra, Warsong Hold

    Neutral Trainers:

    • Olisarra the Kind — Dalaran, Magus Commerce Exchange
    • Joseph Wilson — Icecrown, Argent Tournament Grounds

    How do you get past 225 in first aid Classic?

    To learn Artisan First Aid and progress past level 225, you have to complete Triage quest — it's pretty much identical for both factions, save for locations and npc. Either way, you already have to be skill level 225 and character level 35 to unlock this quest.

    Once finished with prerequisites, Horde players have to visit Arnok, in The Valley of Spirit, Orgrimmar and Alliance players have to talk with Nissa Firestone, in The Great Forge, Ironforge. You'll receive Horde Trauma/Alliance Trauma quests respectively, which would naturally lead you toward the Truage quest.

    Where can I learn over 300 first aid?

    To go past the 300 First Aid skill, you need not the trainer, but the book. Specifically, you have to buy the "Master First Aid - Doctor in the House" sold by 2 nps in in Hellfire Peninsula, Outland. Horde players need to look for Aresella at Falcon Watch and Alliance players — for Burko at the Temple of Telhamat.

    These two are Bandage Trainers, so guess you still need one, but eh, semantics. Oh, and don't forget to also buy "Manual: Heavy Netherweave Bandage" and "Manual: Netherweave Bandage" from them! You'll need both manuals to level your First Aid skill all the way to 375.

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