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WotLK Enchanting plays an important role in character development. This worthy profession provides players with utility and gold. You can create high-value enchantments, enchant rings, and earn money from enchanted parchments. All these advantages make WotLK Enchanting a worthy profession to level up, especially on alts, and with our WotLK Classic Enchanting guide, you can quickly level this profession up to level 450.

WotLK Classic Enchanting Bonuses and Benefits

In WotLK Enchanting, one of the main skills is Disenchanting, which allows you to destroy items that you no longer need in order to collect new crafting materials. It just means there are no gathering professions that can work with Enchanting. This results in Enchanters having to partner with Tailoring in order to create items that can be easily Disenchantable (you can read more about this profession in our WotLK Classic Tailoring guide). Otherwise, it will be very difficult for you to get to level 450 due to the small number of crystals and essences that will be available to you at that moment.

WotLK Classic Enchanting Guide

In the Endgame, Enchanting can give you vital armor upgrades or essential weapon buffs such as:

Leaving aside Death Knights’ own Runeforging, we get the most powerful way to increase equipment strength.

Having mastered the Enchanting profession, you will be able to add buffs to equipment of any type. You can transform crystals, dust, and essences into upgrades, as well as extend the life of weapons and armor. Therefore, Enchanting is always sought after by other players and remains BiS choice for any class. And with the addition of Enchanting Vellums, you will have the way to gold making by selling enchanted parchments at the auction.

WotLK Classic Enchanting Trainers

If in Classic players have a lot of various options where and how to learn professions, in TBC and WotLK all became more straight, si it won’t be a problem for you to find Enchanting trainers.

Old World

Horde trainersAlliance trainers
Godan in Orgrimmar
Lavinia Crowe in Undercity
Teg Dawnstrider in Thunder Bluff
Vance Undergloom in Tirisfal Glades at Brill
Sedana in Silvermoon City.
Lucan Cordell in Stormwind City
Gimble Thistlefuzz in Ironforge
Taladan in Darnassus
Alanna Raveneye in Teldrassil
Nahogg in The Exodar.


Horde trainersAlliance trainersNeutral trainers
Felannia in Hellfire PeninsulaJohan Barnes in Hellfire Peninsula Enchantress Andiala (The Scryers) or Zurii (The Aldor) at Shattrath City


Horde trainersAlliance trainersNeutral trainers
Eorain Dawnstrike in Howling Fjord
Emil Autumn in Borean Tundra.
Elizabeth Jackson in Howling Fjord
Alexis Marlowe in Borean Tundra.
Enchanter Nalthanis at Dalaran
WotLK Classic Enchanting Leveling!
Get 450 level in a few days!
WotLK Classic Enchanting Guide

Enchanting Approximate materials required

Before you start Enchanting Leveling, it will not be superfluous to check the list of materials you will need.

World of Warcraft Classic 1-300Burning Crusade Classic 300-350Wrath of the Lich King 350-450
1x Copper Rod
125x Strange Dust
1x Lesser Magic Essence
1x Silver Rod
12x Greater Magic Essence
9x Simple Wood
25x Lesser Astral Essence
122x Soul Dust
1x Golden Rod
1x Iridescent Pearl
2x Greater Astral Essence
2x Runed Silver Road
20x Lesser Mystic Essence
237x Vision Dust
1x Truesilver Rod
1x Black Pearl
2x Greater Mystic Essence
5x Lesser Nether Essence
195x Dream Dust
40x Purple Lotus
20x Crystal Vial
82x Illusion Dust
1x Arcanite Rod
1x Golden Pearl
4x Greater Eternal Essence
1x Runed Truesilver Rod
2x Large Brilliant Shard
1x Fel Iron Rod
4x Greater Eternal Essence
6x Large Brilliant Shard
1x Runed Arcanite Rod
338x Arcane Dust
13x Large Prismatic Shard
20x Lesser Planar Essence
15x Nightmare Vine
15x Imbued Vial
1x Adamantite Rod
1x Primal Might
8x Greater Planar Essence
1x Runed Fel Iron Rod
742x Infinite Dust
1x Eternium Rod
6x Greater Planar Essence
6x Arcane Dust
1x Runed Adamantite Rod
10x Crystallized Water
39x Greater Cosmic Essence
134x Eternal Earth
1x Titanium Rod
40x Dream Shard
1x Runed Eternium Rod
Abyss Crystal

WotLK Classic Enchanting Leveling

Now, you are ready to learn about Enchanting leveling in detail.

Apprentice Enchanting (1 – 50)

WotLK Classic Enchanting Guide

1 – 21x Runed Copper Rod (1x Copper Rod, 1x Strange Dust, 1x Lesser Magic Essence).

You should not buy a Copper Rod from the Auction House. You will be able to purchase it from Enchanting Supply vendors, Trade Good, and Trade Supply.

2 – 5048x Enchant Bracer: Minor Health (48x Strange Dust).

Journeyman Enchanting (50 – 135)

The level of your character must be 10.

50 – 9040x Enchant Bracer – Minor Health (40x Strange Dust).
90 – 10010x Enchant Bracer – Minor Stamina (30x Strange Dust).
100 – 1011x Runed Silver Rod (1x Silver Rod, 6x Strange Dust, 3x Greater Magic Essence).
101 – 1109x Greater Magic Wand (9x Simple Wood, 9x Greater Magic Essence).
110 – 135Buy Formula: Enchant Cloak – Minor Agility from Kulwia (Horde) in Stonetalon Mountains, or from Dalria (Alliance) in Ashenvale.

25x Enchant Cloak – Minor Agility (25x Lesser Astral Essence).

Expert Enchanting (135 – 225)

Continue leveling your character at level 20.

135 – 15520x Enchant Bracer – Lesser Stamina (40x Soul Dust).
155 – 1561x Runed Golden Rod (1x Golden Rod, 1x Iridescent Pearl, 2x Greater Astral Essence, 2x Soul Dust, 1x Runed Silver Road).
156 – 18540x Enchant Bracer – Lesser Strength (80x Soul Dust).
185 – 20015x Enchant Bracer – Strength (15x Vision Dust).
200 – 2011x Runed Truesilver Rod (1x Truesilver Rod, 1x Black Pearl, 2x Greater Mystic Essence, 2x Vision Dust, 1x Runed Silver Road).
201 – 22025x Enchant Bracer – Strength (25x Vision Dust).
220 – 2255x Enchant Cloak – Greater Defense (15x Vision Dust).

Artisan Enchanting (225 – 300)

At this stage, you must be at least level 35.

225 – 2305x Enchant Gloves – Agility (5x Lesser Nether Essence, 5x Vision Dust).
230 – 2355x Enchant Boots – Stamina (25x Vision Dust).
235 – 25025x Enchant Chest – Superior Health (150x Vision Dust).

You can also try to find Formula: Enchant Bracer – Greater Stamina at the Auction House.

250 – 26520x Lesser Mana Oil (60x Dream Dust, 40x Purple Lotus, 20x Crystal Vial).

You can also buy Formula: Lesser Mana Oil from Kania in Silithus.

265 – 29027x Enchant Shield – Greater Stamina (135x Dream Dust).

You can buy this recipe by Daniel Bartlett at Undercity, and by Mythrin’dir at Darnassus.

Attention! This recipe has the ability to bind when picked up. Be careful and attentive, don’t buy it with an alt to mail it.

290 – 2999x Enchant Cloak – Superior Defense (72x Illusion Dust).

You can also purchase Formula: Enchant Cloak – Superior Defense from Lorelae Wintersong in Moonglade at Nighthaven.

Important information! You can also purchase the following recipe from Lorelae Wintersong.

299 – 3001x Runed Arcanite Rod (1x Arcanite Rod, 1x Golden Pearl, 10x Illusion Dust, 4x Greater Eternal Essence, 1x Runed Truesilver Rod, 2x Large Brilliant Shard).

Purchase the Formula: Runed Arcanite Road from Lorelae Wintersong in Moonglade at Nighthaven.

Master Enchanting (300 – 351)

WotLK Classic Enchanting Guide

Will be available for level 50.

300 – 3101x Runed Fel Iron Rod (1x Fel Iron Rod, 4x Greater Eternal Essence, 6x Large Brilliant Shard, 1x Runed Arcanite Rod).

9x Enchant Bracer – Assault (54x Arcane Dust).

310 – 3166x Enchant Bracer – Brawn (36x Arcane Dust).
316 – 33016x Enchant Gloves – Assault (128x Arcane Dust).

Only 20-30 will be yellow in this recipe, so you will likely need to buy more.

330 – 3355x Enchant Shield – Major Stamina (75x Arcane Dust).

You can buy this recipe from Madame Ruby at Shattrath City. Don’t rush out, you’ll also need Formula: Superior Wizard Oil. Therefore, you can save yourself time on this.

335 – 3405x Shield – Resilience (5x Large Prismatic Shard, 20x Lesser Planar Essence).
340 – 35015x Superior Wizard Oil (45x Arcane Dust, 15x Nightmare Vine, 15x Imbued Vial).

A recipe sold by Madame Ruby at Shattrath City. 

You can buy Imbued Vial from trade supply or alchemy supply vendors.

350 – 3511x Runed Adamantite Rod  (1x Adamantite Rod, 1x Primal Might, 8x Greater Planar Essence, 8x Large Prismatic Shard, 1x Runed Fel Iron Rod).

You can buy Formula: Runed Adamantite Rod from Rungor in Terrokar Forest at Stonebreaker Hold, and by Vodesiin in Hellfire Penninsula at the Temple of Telhamat.

WotLK Enchanting (351-450)

WotLK Classic Enchanting Guide

You will be able to continue learning this skill at level 65.

351 – 3609x Enchant Cloak – Speed (54x Infinite Dust).
360 – 37518x Enchant Bracers – Striking (108x Infinite Dust).
375 – 3761x Runed Eternium Rod (1x Eternium Rod, 6x Greater Planar Essence, 6x Arcane Dust, 1x Runed Adamantite Rod).
376 – 3806x Enchant Bracers – Striking (36x Infinite Dust).
380 – 3855x Enchant Bracers – Exceptional Intellect (50x Infinite Dust).
385 – 39510x Enchant Boots – Icewalker (80x Infinite Dust, 10x Crystallized Water).
395 – 41015x Enchant Cloak – Superior Agility (135x Infinite Dust).
410 – 4155x Enchant Gloves – Expertise (60x Infinite Dust).
415 – 4205x Enchant Boots – Greater Spirit  (50x Infinite Dust, 5x Greater Cosmic Essence).
420 – 4255x Enchant Shield – Defense (30x Infinite Dust, 30x Eternal Earth).
425 – 4261x Runed Titanium Rod (1x Titanium Rod, 40x Infinite Dust, 12x Greater Cosmic Essence, 8x Dream Shard, 1x Runed Eternium Rod).
426 – 4304x Enchant Shield – Defense (24x Infinite Dust, 24x Eternal Earth).
430 – 4355x Enchant Cloak – Mighty Armor (75x Infinite Dust, 10x Greater Cosmic Essence).

You can buy the recipe from Vanessa Sellers in Dalaran, it costs 4 Dream Shard.

435 – 44510x Enchant Gloves – Armsman (20x Dream Shard, 80x Eternal Earth).

You can buy the recipe from Vanessa Sellers in Dalaran, it costs 4 Dream Shard.

445 – 447Abyssal Shatter (Abyss Crystal).
447 – 4503x Enchant Boots – Greater Assault (12x Dream Shard, 12x Greater Cosmic Essence).

You can buy the recipe from Vanessa Sellers in Dalaran, it costs 4 Dream Shard.

Follow our guide and you quickly become the character who can enchant every item you see. Good luck in your adventures, and don’t forget to rate our WotLK Enchanting guide if it was helpful for you.

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