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In this article we’ve collected all the information about WotLK addons you’ll ever need, so you don’t need to search through the whole Internet. Let us remind you that addons are interface modifications that make the WoW game more convenient. Addons can perform various functions. Depending on these functions, we have divided all addons into categories. This guide contains the most important addons as well as the niche addons for specific classes and professions.

How to Install WoW addons

To install the addon, just download it from the website and unpack it into the folder “Folder with the game \Interface\ Addons”. Or you may use specific programs, that download, unpack and update addons automatically, for example, Curseforge.

After that, go into the game and click the “Modifications” button in the character selection window. A list of all the addons you have installed will appear. In this window, you can turn on and off the addons you need.

Remember that addons create an additional load on your computer, so if you have a weak computer, we do not advise you to install a large number of addons at once. Try to limit yourself to the most necessary (DBM, Recount, etc.).

In addition, some addons may conflict with each other, especially if they are designed for the same functions.

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Wotlk Classic Best Addons

Where to Download WotLK Classic Addons

Here are some websites, where you can download addons safely:

However, we strongly suggest you use the Curseforge app as it’s the fastest, safest, and easiest way to download addons (don’t forget to turn off the annoying auto launch of the Overwolf app after installing the Curseforge app).

Top WotLK Addons

Here are the top-7 addons, according to the Curseforge website. In our view, this list is pretty much enough for a comfortable WoW WotLK Classic experience, no wonder that’s the most popular addons for WotLK Classic. However, let’s dive deeply into addons and see what else might be useful for your gameplay.

Deadly Boss Mods (DBM)
Wotlk Classic Best Addons The most popular addon on Curseforge. This addon tells you whenever something is about to happen during any boss fight. It allows you to know bosses better and to perform better.
Wotlk Classic Best Addons WeakAuras is a powerful and flexible framework that allows the display of highly customizable graphics on World of Warcraft’s user interface to indicate buffs, debuffs, and other relevant information. This addon was created to be a lightweight replacement for Power Auras but has since introduced more functionalities while remaining efficient and easy to use.
Details! Damage Meter
Wotlk Classic Best Addons Complete combat analysis, gathering damage, healing, and other important stuff.
Wotlk Classic Best Addons Bartender4 is a full ActionBar replacement mod. It provides you with all the features needed to fully customize most aspects of your action and related bars.
Wotlk Classic Best Addons Auctionator is a user-friendly addon, that improves your auction house experience, and makes it much faster, efficient and flexible, however, if you want to go deeply into details, we can recommend using TSM in stead.
Wotlk Classic Best Addons The Wrath of the Lich KingClassic Quest Helper. Helps you to find quests and complete them.
Wotlk Classic Best Addons OmniCC is an addon, that shows you all your cooldowns with the numbers on top of each botton, so you know exactly how much time you need to wait to use some spell

To my mind, this list is pretty much enough for a comfortable WoW WotLK Classic experience, no wonder that’s the most popular addons for WotLK Classic. However, let’s dive deeply into addons and see what else might be useful for your gameplay.

General WotLK Addons

Here are some other top WotLK addons that don’t fit in any further section.​

Leatrix Plus
Wotlk Classic Best Addons Leatrix Plus is a pretty big and complicated addon, which improves a lot of the user interface of wow Wrath of the Lich King Classic. For example, map, chat, frames, and so on.
Wotlk Classic Best Addons Bagnon is the most popular addon for inventory, it makes all of your bags look like one big bag. There is not much to talk about, it also has a search box. Bagnon works not only in inventory but also in bank.
Wotlk Classic Best Addons Pawn analyses your gear and tells you what to pick out of all for your spec. You can also compare two different items with this addon.
Deja Classic Stats
Wotlk Classic Best Addons Deja Classic Stats gives you more detailed information about the stats of your character.
Wotlk Classic Best Addons Postal offers enhanced mailbox support.
WoW Instant Messenger
Wotlk Classic Best Addons WIM (WoW Instant Messenger) is an addon for World of Warcraft Classic, that texts instantly during a fight, so you provide your teammates with current information right inside the fight and help them to coordinate their moves. 
Wotlk Classic Best Addons Scrap is an addon that gives you an additional button in your inventory, which sells all the trash out of your inventory. It also supports an autosell if you need it.
Wotlk Classic Best Addons Highly customizable name plate with support for scripts and animations.
Wotlk Classic Best Addons This is the addon that makes minimap customizable and just better for user experience.
Wotlk Classic Best Addons RareScanner provides you with icons on your map, so you will know exactly where rare NPCs can be found and how much you need to wait for their spawn. Also, it adds treasures to your map.

WotLK Questing Addons

Leveling and questing in WotLK is pretty tough, so you will definitely need some help here, for this you may check out our WotLK Leveling Guide. But for now, let’s take a quick glance at useful questing WoW WotLK addons which provide you with easy WotLK Leveling:

All of these addons were mentioned earlier, Questie is the most important in our view.

DPS meter WotLK Addons

During a fight in WoW one of the most important questions is “how much damage do I deal”, especially if you are a DPS spec player. So, here is the list of addons that will show your fight damage.

Wotlk Classic Best Addons Details provides you with in-game DPS info, you can also analyze your damage, measure healing, and lots of other things. But actually, it’s mostly used for damage and DPS.
Wotlk Classic Best Addons It’s pretty much the same as Details, has a bit fewer settings, but does its job done.
Wotlk Classic Best Addons Also a very good damage meter. Pretty much the same as Details and Recount.

Boss Mods WotLK Addons

In every WotLK Raids boss fight, even pro players need some help with someone telling them what will happen next during the boss fight. This information helps to prevent unnecessary damage and use your spells in the correct time and order. For these purposes here is the list of addons that will help you during the boss fights.

Wotlk Classic Best Addons The most popular addon on Curseforge. This addon tells you whenever something is about to happen during any boss fight. It allows you to know bosses better and to perform better.
Big Wigs
Wotlk Classic Best Addons BigWigs is a boss encounter and is pretty much the same as DBM. Helps you to perform better during raids and boss fights. Better to pick one out of this one and DBM. Both of them get their job done. Very important addons.
Wotlk Classic Best Addons GTFO provides an audible alert when you’re standing in something you’re not supposed to be standing in. In some cases, you’ll be warned before you start taking damage.

GTFO is an alert addon, which tells you not to stand in zones you are not supposed to stand during a boss fight. Helps a lot, when you don’t see a void zone in the heart of battle.

WotLK Unit Frames Addons

In raids, where you have quite a lot of people playing with you, sometimes it’s important to be ready to use some spells on a specific player, especially if you are a healer so you need to do this all the time. At the same time, you need to minimize the size of the interface to increase the size of the visible screen area, so you will never miss anything in the fight. For these reasons, these interface unit frames addons were made. Choose any of them and make sure to configure them for your purposes and wishes.

Shadowed Unit Frames
Wotlk Classic Best Addons SUF is an addon that changes frames to make it more informative, elegant, and compact. It also doesn’t hurt your PC performance, so it fits even weak and old computers.
Wotlk Classic Best Addons This addon provides you with very flexible settings of uint frames, so you can make it informative and compact at the same time.
Wotlk Classic Best Addons VuhDo is a great addon for changing unit frames. It’s often used by healers, but may be useful for any spec and class. It’s very informative and helps you to dispel and heal whenever it’s necessary.

PvP Addons WotLK

In WotLK Classic PvP is an important and integral part, which is loved by a lot of players. In order to perform the best, you need to set up all the addons necessary and configure them for your needs. Here is the list of the most important wow PvP addons in WotLK except those already mentioned Shadowed Unit Frames and OmniCC.​

Wotlk Classic Best Addons This addon makes debuffs and crowd control effects more visible.
Wotlk Classic Best Addons Gladius is an addon that helps you to choose a target and focus while playing arenas. It’s modular, which means that you can disable all the features that you don’t need.
Wotlk Classic Best Addons TellMeWhen tells you when your cooldowns are ready and provides you with timers, sounds, and other signals that will improve your performance and help you orient during the combat.

WotLK Profession Addons

These addons will make your profession leveling musch easier, so don’t miss this option if your goal is to earn WotLK Classic Gold.

Wotlk Classic Best Addons TradeSkillMaster (TSM) is a very complicated addon, yet it’s the best addon for gold making. It analyzes auction and profession recipes and helps you to make more gold. While you can use it just in a casual way, we should strongly recommend you to check some TradeSkillMaster guides if you are into gold making.
Wotlk Classic Best Addons Auctioneer gives you information about auction house prices, analyzes the market and helps you to put your items up for auction for the most profitable market price. It also shows the price of disenchanting if you need this.
Wotlk Classic Best Addons Altoholic gives you information about your alts. Sometimes it’s very useful to know how much gold or materials they have.

WotLK Class Addons

Finally, we should overview the addons that will help directly your class.

General For Healers


Wotlk Classic Best Addons VuhDo is a great addon for changing unit frames. It’s often used by healers, but may be useful for any spec and class. It’s very informative and helps you to dispel and heal whenever it’s necessary.

Heal Comm Classic

Wotlk Classic Best Addons Heal Comm Classic gives you additional information about healing on the HP bars. It shows not only incoming heals as in standard UI, but also shows you self-healing and healing with HOTs. It really helps healers not to overheal.

Five Second Rule

Wotlk Classic Best Addons The addon is a simple 5-second timer that starts working just after you’ve used some mana for a spell that requires mana. In 5 seconds your mana will start restoring. If you use some other mana spell during these 5 seconds, the timer will start again. The addon is very helpful for mana management, especially for Healers.

General For tanks

Wotlk Classic Best Addons This addon helps you to switch between items and makes much easier to choose gear before the fight.

Now, we should check specific class addons.

Druid Druid Bar
Hunter Weapon Swing Timer
Classic Aura Durations
Mage Decursive
Paladin Pally Power Classic
Heal Comm Classic
Classic Threat Meter
Weapon Swing Timer
Priest Trinket Menu
Classic Aura Durations
Classic Castbars
Classic Threat Meter
Heal Comm Classic
Five Second Rule
Rogue NugEnergy
Trinket Menu
Classic Aura Durations
Classic Castbars
Shaman Classic Aura Durations
Heal Comm Classic
Five Second Rule
Warlock Necrosis
Classic Aura Durations
Classic Threat Meter
Classic Castbars
Warrior Gear Menu
Weapon Swing Timer

ElvUI for WotLK Classic

If you don’t want to figure out all addons directly, you can use ElvUi, the user interface for WoW, created as a replacement and logical development of the outdated game interface so that it meets all the requirements of the modern MMO audience. It is extremely flexible for different roles and different preferences. It is very minimalistic and easy to get used to.

You can download ElvUI here.

Wotlk Classic Best Addons

We hope, some of these addons will change your WoW gameplay for the better. Please, don’t forget to give your feedback, if our guide was helpful for you.

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