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Scion is a unique class that begins its buildup from the center of the talent tree. This feature allows us to create unique various builds and take passive abilities of other classes. In this guide, we will take all the strongest aspects of the Templar and the Ranger and create a real killing machine. And also, you can read more about Hollow Palm Leveling in our guide.

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Hollow Palm + Infernal Blow Scion build

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Fast Map clearing
  • Huge solotarget damage
  • Awesome defence ( via Evasion/Dodge)
  • All Content Viable
  • Easy leveling


  • Can’t do elemental reflect map mod
  • Evasion based defenses so we are kinda weak versus magic damage
  • You need some Uniques

Skill Tree and MechanicsHollow Palm + Infernal Blow Scion build

All the survivability of our build is based on dodge mechanics, so we will definitely take Acrobatics, Hollow Palm Technique and Wind Dancer. And we try to get as much dexterity as possible, because every five points of dexterity gives us 1% evasion. By the way dexterity also gives us 15-20 physical damage per 10 points, so we definitely need dexterity. Together with the Hollow Palm Technique, we get + 60% attack speed, which makes our character already quite strong.

Infernal Blow is our base mechanic. It applies 2 debuffs to enemies. Both debuffs stack up to 6 times and deal 6% of the enemy’s HP to each when the target dies. Since we attack 10 times per second, we will instantly gain 6 stacks on two opponents, which will start a chain reaction.

Our defense directly depends on the dodge/evasion rate, which, in turn, is higher, the more dexterity you have. Evading on attack can’t dodge spells, so we need a bit more magic resistance.


There are not many gems in this build and only two really active buttons, so it is easy to play and understand. 

Hollow Palm + Infernal Blow Scion build

  1. First of all — Infernal Blow — it’s our main spell . As an alternative you can use Anomalous Infernal Blow. The key difference is that Anomalous Infernal Blow has 20% chance to apply uncharged debuff on hit. It is good modification versus stack of enemies. But, in my humble opinion, it’s a waste of ex, so use default Infernal Blow.
  2. Awakened Elemental Focus Support — supports any skill that hits or burns enemies, or inflicts elemental ailments. Perfect damage increase if Quality 20%.
  3. Fortify Support — supports melee attack skills that are not triggered.
  4. Awakened Elemental Damage With Attacks Support — increase your elemental damage.
  5. Trinity Support — supports skills that hit enemies, causing them to gain bonuses while you have resonance of all three elements, and to grant resonance of elements other than the highest one in a hit.
  6. Awakened Multistrike Support — repeats your attack three times, targeting a random enemy.

Hollow Palm + Infernal Blow Scion build

  1. Herald of Ash — grants a buff providing fire damage based on your physical damage. While you have this buff, if you kill an enemy, other enemies near them will be burned based on the overkill damage.
  2. Hatred — casts an aura that grants extra cold damage based on physical damage to you and your allies.
  3. Enlighten support — applies a mana multiplier to supported gems.
  4. Ancestral Warchief — summons an Ancestor Totem which attacks enemies with a powerful slam while you’re near it. Being near it grants you more melee damage.

Hollow Palm + Infernal Blow Scion build

  1. Immortal Call — reduces Physical and Elemental Damage taken.
  2. Dash — performs a series of quick teleports towards a targeted location.
  3. Second Wind Support — increase your cooldown recovery rate.
  4. Cast when Damage Taken Support — defensive gem. Each supported spell skill will track damage you take, and be triggered when the total damage taken reaches a threshold.


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Hollow Palm + Infernal Blow Scion build

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Hollow Palm + Infernal Blow Scion build
Fractal Thoughts Vaal Mask:

  • 164% increased evasion and energy shield 
  • +35% to critical strike multiplier if dexterity is higher than intelligence
  •  15% increased dexterity if strength is higher than intelligence 
  • 1% increased elemental damage per 10 dexterity 
  • +2 to maximum life per 10 intelligence 

Hollow Palm + Infernal Blow Scion build

Wild Wrap:

  • 15% increased dexterity 
  • 10% increased attack speed 
  • +693 to evasion rating 
  • +40% to cold resistance 
  • 5% increased movement speed
  •  25% increased mania recovery from flasks 
  • 1% increased damage per 15 dexterity 

Hollow Palm + Infernal Blow Scion build

Hypnotic Bind:

  • grants level 20 aspect of the cat skill
  • +247 to armour 
  • +92 to maximum life 
  • +47% to lightning resistance 
  • reflects 10 physical damage to melee attackers 
  • +20% to fire and lightning resistances 


It will be great if one of your rares has Aspect of the cat. 

Hollow Palm + Infernal Blow Scion build

Garukhan’s Flight:

  • +37 to dexterity 
  • 377% increased evasion rating 
  • 30% increased movement speed 
  • Immune to burning ground, shocked ground and chilled ground 
  • regenerate 100 life per second while moving 
  • +2 to maximum life per 10 dexterity

Hollow Palm + Infernal Blow Scion build


  • Allocates Tribal Fury 
  • +19 to all attributes 
  • +114 to all attributes 
  • -4 physical damage taken from attack hits 

Absolutely mandatory anoint — Tribal Fury. Tribal Fury allows Infernal Blow to hit an additional target, which will double the damage

Hollow Palm + Infernal Blow Scion build

Lion’s roar: 

  • +3000 to armour 
  • adds knockback to melee attacks during flask effect
  •  knocks back enemies in an area when you use a flask 
  • 75% chance to cause enemies to flee on use 
  • 25% more melee physical damage during effect 

Hollow Palm + Infernal Blow Scion build

Atziri’s promise: 

  • +35% to chaos resistance 
  • 2% of chaos damage leeched as life during flask effect 
  • gain 20% of physical damage as extra chaos damage during effect 
  • gain 15% of elemental damage as extra chaos damage during effect 

Hollow Palm + Infernal Blow Scion build

Taste of Hate:

  • +50% to cold resistance 
  • 20% less cold damage taken 
  • 20% of physical damage from hits taken as cold damage during flask effect 
  • gain 20% of physical damage as extra cold damage during effect 
  • 30% chance to avoid being chilled during flask effect
  • 30% chance to avoid being frozen during flask effect 

Hollow Palm + Infernal Blow Scion build

Surgeon’s Divine Life Flask of Staunching:

  • recharges 1 charge when you deal a critical strike 
  • immunity to bleeding during flask effect 
  • removes bleeding on use 

Hollow Palm + Infernal Blow Scion build

Bottled Faith:

  • creates consecrated ground on use 
  • 39% increased duration 
  • consecrated ground created by this flask has tripled radius 
  • +1.8% to critical strike chance against enemies on consecrated ground during effect 
  • consecrated ground created during effect applies 10% increased damage taken to enemies 



We need a lot of elemental resistances. The rings will help us with this. Choose rings according to the following principle: 

  • Elemental resistances
  • Life
  • Also look for one Curse on hit mod on any ring. Elemental Weakness or Flammability
Hollow Palm + Infernal Blow Scion build


  • As a Large Cluster you need Fuel the Fight and Martial Prowess. Devastator is good too.
  • For Medium Cluster take Effect of Curses with Evil Eye and Wish for Death
  • Small Cluster not necessary, but later aim on any with add Life


One With Nothing is a mandatory Small Cluster Jewel. It adds the Hollow Palm Technique we play around. Moreover you should use Brutal Restraint, Inspired learning (one or two if you can afford it) and Pure Talent.


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Hollow Palm + Infernal Blow Scion build


Kill them all.


Hollow Palm + Infernal Blow Scion buildSolaris provide a bit more damage, Shakari gives  chaos damage resistance.


Hollow Palm + Infernal Blow Scion buildStart with Raider, then take Inquisitor. Raider gives us AS and MS, Inquisitor — DMG and Defence. 

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