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We are glad to welcome you here in our Overgear Guide to Hollow Palm Leveling. We know how players usually struggle while trying to level up another character and this is why we are glad to present you this build. Hollow Palm is one of the fastest builds to use for leveling as it can take you to level 90 in three and a half hours depending on how fast you are. With that being said let’s look into more details and find out how it works.

Hollow Palm Leveling Overview

What makes this build even more attractive is that you can’t have any gloves or weapons equipped and this is very good as you have to buy three less items for leveling. Let’s take a look at One With Nothing Small Cluster Jewel to understand why it works in this way.

POE Hollow Palm Leveling

As you can see in the picture above you get 40% more attack speed with your Melee Skills and more importantly One With Nothing adds 14 to 20 Attack Physical Damage to Melee Skills per 10 Dex you have. What it means is that you can get an insane amount of flat damage while being super low level because of items like Astramentis and a bunch of Dex from your tree.

The current state of Hollow Palm is that it synergizes well with Call of The Void making your leveling process super fun as it helps you to clear faster than ever before. It guarantees you shatters with Herald of Ice.

POE Hollow Palm Leveling

Precise Technique will allow you to do 40% more Attack Damage because you get a lot and a lot of Accuracy Rating due to endless stacking of Dex. The Only Drawback of this build is that it lacks Movement Speed as your only ability is going to be Flame Dash and you can’t really spam it. Try to stack as much Movement Speed as possible from your gear and tree to cover this issue.

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POE Hollow Palm Leveling

How to Start Hollow Palm Leveling?

Before you start leveling some Preparations should be taken. Here is the list of Items you will need so make sure you have them all.

Hollow Palm Leveling Items

Goldrim Leather Cap

  • Adds Evasion Rating
  • Increases Rarity of Items found
  • Adds all Elemental Resistances
  • Reflects Physical Damage to Melee Attackers
  • Increases Dexterity
  • Adds Evasion Rating
  • Adds Cold Resistance
  • Increases Mana Recovery from Flasks
  • 1% increased Damage per 15 Dexterity
Seven-League Step Rawhide Boots
  • 50% increased Movement Speed
Astramentis, Onyx Amulet
  • Adds all Attributes
  • -4 Physical Damage taken from Attack Hits
Call of the Void Sapphire Ring
  • Adds Cold Resistance
  • All Damage with Hits can Chill
  • All Damage Taken from Hits can Chill you
  • Enemies Chilled by your Hits can be Shattered as though Frozen
  • Enemies Chilled by your Hits lessen their Damage dealt by half of Chill Effect
Le Heup of All Iron Ring
  • Adds all Attributes
  • Increases  Damage
  • Increases Rarity of Items found
  • Adds all Elemental Resistances
String of Servitude Heavy Belt
  • Increased Aura Effect
  • Implicit Modifier magnitudes are tripled
One With Nothing Small Cluster Jewel
  • Hollow Palm Technique
  • You count as Dual Wielding while you are Unencumbered
  • 40% more Attack Speed with Melee Skills while you are Unencumbered
  • Adds 14 to 20 Attack Physical Damage to Melee Skills per 10 Dexterity while you are Unencumbered

Hollow Palm Leveling Aura

Purity of Elements

  • Casts an aura that grants elemental resistances and elemental ailment immunity to you and your allies.

Herald of Ice

  • Grants a buff adding cold damage to spells and attacks. If you shatter an enemy, this skill will cause them to explode and deal AoE cold damage to enemies near them. This damage is not affected by modifiers to spell damage.

Hollow Palm Leveling Movement

Flame Dash

  • Teleport to a location, damaging enemies and leaving a trail of burning ground in your wake. Shares a cooldown with other Blink skills.

Hollow Palm Leveling Buffs

Ancestral Protector

  • Summons an Ancestor Totem which attacks enemies with melee strikes while you’re near it. Being near it grants you more attack speed. Requires a Melee Weapon or Unarmed.

Elemental Weakness

  • Curses all targets in an area, lowering their elemental resistances

Hollow Palm Leveling Main Skill


  • Performs a melee attack, and causes lightning to strike a targeted location or nearby enemy, dealing damage in an area. Each target can only be hit once by this skill. Hitting an enemy grants an aura, giving you and your allies additional lightning damage for a duration. Requires a Sword, Axe, Mace, Sceptre, Staff or Unarmed.

Elemental Damage with Attacks Support

  • Supported Attack Skills deal more Elemental Damage

Ancestral Call

  • Supports melee strike skills, causing them to also strike at extra targets simultaneously. The extra targets must be a minimum distance from the user. If supporting a minion attack skill, the minion’s skills will not also strike extra targets. Cannot support triggered skills.

Trinity Support

  • Supports skills that hit enemies, causing them to gain bonuses while you have the resonance of all three elements, and to grant resonance of elements other than the highest one in a hit. There is a maximum of 50 Resonance for each Element. Cannot support triggered skills, instant skills, orb skills, brands, skills with a reservation, or skills used by totems, traps, or mines. Cannot modify the skills of minions.
Faster Attacks Support
  • Supported Skills have increased Attack Speed

Onslaught Support

  • Supports any skill that hits enemies.

Once you get all the items you need your main goal is to rush to the nearest available Cluster Jewel Socket to slot in Hollow Palm. You can use whatever leveling skill you believe to be the strongest to complete act 1 which is when Hollow Palm can be chosen for most classes. Once you get it – the fun begins and your character becomes insanely strong. You also want to rush Precise Technique after mainly due to 40% more damage and after that, you should get the Utmos Swiftness. It gives you an insane amount of Dex and all attributes. Next, it is very important to get Cold Mastery as it is the way to make Trinity Work via Smite. Talking about Life Nods we should say that it is a good idea to grab every available one unless you are super good at dodging in this game. Other good option to choose is Elemental Damage, Melee Damage, and Penetration.


You will have been level 65 by the time you finish the Campaign. After that you can run 5 Way rotations up to level 100. At that point, you will have all of your passive skill points and gear available.

You can use this strategy to level any class and this method is available for every league. This build provides you with an enjoyable experience of leveling in less than 4 hours.

Hopefully, this guide will help you to try a different leveling build and find something new in this game. Thanks for reading, we tried to make this guide informative and simple to understand. Don’t forget to rate it because we really appreciate your feedback!

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