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Square Enix developers continue to build on the success of the Final Fantasy XIV expansion called Endwalker. In February director of FFXIV Naoki Yoshida shared with fans a unique roadmap of his project and gave us details about primary changes we will see in the next Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker post-launch updates.

New PvE content and revamping of good-old FF XIV: A Realm Reborn dungeons, new PvP modes, quests, and systems are waiting for us in the future. But foremost, we should talk about the main novelties of the first Endwalker patch The Newfound adventure.

Patch 6.1. The Newfound adventure novelties 

The players did not have to wait intriguingly for a very long time. The first Endawlker update was released in April, and now every subscriber can explore all its novelties.

FFXIV 6.1 The Newfound adventure guide
Before we will talk about the all specific changes of The Newfound adventure, let’s see the list in general. Patch 6.1 brings us:

  • New quests, dungeons, trials, and the whole raid;
  • New job changes;
  • New mounts and glamour;
  • Rework of usual PvP modes;
  • A new system for previous expansions duties, in which you can benefit from the assistance of NPCs to make it easier to walk through.

All these details sound good, don’t you think? Let’s find out more about all these novelties.

New Quests

Endwalker’s Final Days apocalyptic threat is gone, and the world is saved. So our so-called “the Warrior of Light” can take a rest a bit and start a new journey as a simple adventurer without epic scale enemies. 

The Newfound adventure brings us new Main Scenario Quests, and also two side quest series with some of our old friends. Tataru’s Grand Endeavor returns to the game our longtime Allie Tataru, and the Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures share with us an amazing story with irrepressible inspector-extraordinaire Hildibrand Manderville.

FFXIV 6.1 The Newfound adventure guide
Also, with new Main Scenario Quests players will be able to get experience from new Role Quests. Of course, Endwalker’s storyline and Role Quests did not stay in the past, and players still can find them in New Game Plus mode.

Important to know: the Ameliance custom delivery quests, Arkasodara sidequests, Tataru’s Grand Endeavor sidequests, and the Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures sidequests will impress us in the Patch 6.15.

Myths of the Realm Alliance Raid

One of the most fervent novelties of Patch 6.1 became the 24-man raid Myths of the Realm. The first installment of this encounter titled Aglaia takes players on a fantastic adventure in the course of which they will explore the background of Eorzea’s mythical Gods, well-known as The Twelve.

FFXIV 6.1 The Newfound adventure guide
This Greek-inspired PvE content expands on Alliance Raids’ idea, popular thanks to, for instance, the raid Crystal Tower. In these activities, a group of 90-level characters has to fight 6 encounters back-to-back to complete the whole challenge. 

To unlock the Myths of the Realm raid players have to complete the Main Scenario Questline and get a quest A Mission in Mor Dhona from the Fresh-faced Student in Old Sharlayan (X: 9.1, Y: 11.5).

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New Trials

With The Newfound adventure to the game were added two new challenging Trials, in which everyone can fully test their character strength.

FFXIV 6.1 The Newfound adventure guide
In the Minstrel’s Ballad: Endsinger’s Aria, which is already available for completion on Overgear, adventurers must defeat a much more dangerous variation of Endsinger, despair in the flesh. In Ultima’s Bane (Unreal) players have to fight the Ultima Weapon from A Realm Reborn, but it will not be an easy task, because this time our old enemy’s powers have been increased to compete with the skills of the Warrior of Light.

Patch 6.11 also added the Ultimate Trial Dragonsong’s Reprise to the game. In this activity, players will face the reimagining of the most famous encounters from the Heavensward expansion. All these memorable fights will be waiting for players in one challenging raid instance, and you already can try this experience with our Dragonsong’s Reprise boost.

New PvP mode: Crystalline Conflict

PvP fans have not been spared the Square Enix developers too. At least, in The Newfound adventure players will get a new mode called Crystalline Conflict.

In this encounter two teams of five players compete with each other for getting control of a crystal. After this, they have to move it right toward their enemy’s goalpost to win before time runs out.

FFXIV 6.1 The Newfound adventure guide
Crystalline Conflict mode has three different maps, and each of them has unique features like traps and useful items, that can turn the tide of battle. And even more: players can fight opponents with the help of new PvP-exclusive Job abilities and Limit Breaks. All these novelties you can see by yourself with our players in the Crystalline Conflict service from Overgear.

New PvP reward system

Crystalline Conflict is not the only reason why PvP became more attractive in Patch 6.1. For all players of PvP content into the game was added Series Malmstones reward system.

FFXIV 6.1 The Newfound adventure guide
This novelty is attached to one more new system called Series, the length of time between major patch updates (between Patch 6.1 and Patch 6.2, for example, Patch 6.2 and Patch 6.3 and so on).

If players take participation in PvP fights during the actual Series, they can gain EXP, Trophy Crystals, and upgrade their Series Level. Along with this various rewards become available, like items, armor, etc.

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The GARO collaboration has returned

And one more PvP update. GARO collaboration is back and you cannot avoid it!

GARO collaboration is a special event, that combines the FFXIV universe with the stories and characters of famous Japanese TV series called Garo, which tells a story of heroes, protecting humankind from demons. It is aesthetically perfect for the FFXIV style – just look at the picture.

FFXIV 6.1 The Newfound adventure guide
The first time this event was held was in 2019, and every player could obtain various glamour armor sets, mounts, and titles during the GARO collaboration. By popular demand, this spectacular content was returned in Patch 6.1. So every player who missed this event in the past still can obtain unique GARO items collection.

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New residential district: Empyreum

In the past Dragonsong War left the parts of Ishgard in ruins. The most damaged the Firmament district required many years of hard work to restore. Finally, in Patch 6.1 players can cut the red ribbon and visit the renewed Empyreum district.

FFXIV 6.1 The Newfound adventure guide
This part of Ishgard’s Firmament gives players an opportunity to buy new plots of land in one of the most beautiful places in the whole Final Fantasy XIV. Don’t miss your chance, try yourself in a lottery, win the first rounds of sales, and build a happy home among snow-covered Ishgard architect masterpieces.

Duty Support

Also, The Newfound adventure update gives all players an opportunity to spend their time in main scenario duties in solo mode with the help of a party of friendly NPC allies.

FFXIV 6.1 The Newfound adventure guide
This new system is called Duty Support, and it already applied to most of the available content, including A Realm Reborn, Shadowbringers, and Endwalker duties

In the next updates to the list will be added content from A Realm Reborn’s 2.x patches, Heavensward, and Stormblood

Revamped Realm Reborn content

Of course, new content is what we love in the game most of all. But a well-forgotten past sometimes can be even better. And in Patch 6.1 Square Enix will please us with a brilliant new version of old content.

FFXIV 6.1 The Newfound adventure guide
The Newfound adventure gives all players the chance to replay the best moments of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, including the classic dungeons, old trials, and quest duties. For new players, this opportunity will be even more valuable.

All revamping content has its unique features. For example, in the past, you needed 8 players for the Cape Westwind Trial completion, but now you can overcome this encounter solo as the Main Scenario Quest instanced boss fight. Another example is the battle with Ultima Weapon from the end of The Praetorium dungeon, which becomes the separate Trial The Porta Decumana.


The Newfound adventure looks like truly great work. But there are not all changes, that Patch 6.1 brings to us.

FFXIV 6.1 The Newfound adventure guide
Let’s see other novelties in a nutshell:

  • The new system called The Adventurer Plates will become your personal business card. With this personalized option, you can describe your character without any words;
  • The Unending Codex is a new way to learn more about Final Fantasy XIV’s characters, in-game terminology, and lore. Players can unlock this compendium during new main scenario quests progress, and all new entries regularly will be added to the Unending Codex during all your adventures in FFXIV;
  • With the new feature Dreamfitting players can try all outfits from the FFXIV Online Store before purchasing them;
  • Every Job ability will be changed in PvE encounters;
  • A lot of new glamour stuff, mounts, minions, hairstyles for Hrothgar and Viera races, emotes, fashion accessories, Chocobo bardings, bug fixes, and other useful novelties you can find also in Patch 6.1.

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