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Finally, Bungie has just confirmed the assumptions and thoughts of the community – the new raid is a classic Destiny raid – the King’s Fall.

The original raid from Destiny the King’s Fall was first announced in September 2015 in the Taken King expansion. The raid is taking place in the Dreadnaught and its ultimate goal is to defeat Oryx, the Taken King. It looks like Guardians of Destiny 2 should abandon hope for easy raids – like all recent raids, the King’s Fall will require a concerted team effort and full commitment from every team member. And yes, there are two stages of jumping puzzles.

King's Fall Returns!
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Destiny 2 King’s Fall Guide 5.0

King’s Fall Raid Guide

First of all, the team of six players will have to divide into two groups of three. Choose wisely. No one can stand on the sidelines, each Guardian will have to participate as fully as possible and the success of the entire team will depend on the speed of reaction and coherence in completing the tasks. It is worthwhile to appoint captains for each group to assign roles at the moment and to coordinate the actions of the team.

Destiny 2 King’s Fall Guide

To start the raid, the fireteam must open the portal to the Court of Oryx. This can be done in the Hall of Souls by collecting six relics and activating the statues one by one. The first two relics will appear just outside the court on columns. Once the relics are picked up, the area around the statues will be blocked by a force barrier, within which Taken enemies will spawn. Therefore, the task of the remaining four Guardians is to shoot at the force field until it falls and then defeat the enemies. After that, the Guardians with the relics will be able to put them into the marked statue. They must do this at the same time. This process must be repeated six times.

The next relics will appear to the left and right, each time farther and farther away, but they are not difficult to collect. More difficult will have to deal with the increasing number of spawning enemies and force fields appearing. If you don’t do everything fast enough, the statue will be de-energized and progress will roll back one step. Once all six statues are powered up with relics, a portal to the Court of Oryx will open. Obviously, the fireteam must pass through the portal in order to proceed. But to do so, they will have to shoot into the force field and defeat an increased number of enemies. immediately after passing the portal, you can find a chest with rewards.

Master difficulty

The time to place relics is reduced, as is the time when the statues will depower.


Here comes the first jumping puzzle in this raid. Here it’s every man for himself – the Guardians need to jump on the swaying platforms to get to the next room. Accuracy and good jump timing are helpful.

The second stage is a little harder. There are a lot of Tombships flying around the room, moving along a set trajectory and occasionally disappearing right under your feet. The idea is to jump over a series of arriving ships at the moment when your current ship disappears. It’s very important to establish your subclass’ agility and know how your subclass’ jumping ability works – a triple jump, for example. The first batch of ships appears as follows:

  • Behind and to the right;
  • To the right and front;
  • Below and to the left.

This will get you halfway to your target and checkpoint.

After you jump down behind the first ship, the second batch of ships appears as follows:

  • Just below and to the left;
  • Duck underneath the next ship on the course;
  • Straight ahead to the right, which requires a pre-emptive jump as high as you can jump;
  • Ahead and slightly above;
  • Above and to the left;
  • Lower and to the left.

The last ship will take you to the docking station, and soon to the exit.

Now you will have to work as a team again. First, clear the docking bay of enemies. On the far side of the last landing platform is another docked tombship. If the team boards it, it will fly out through the airlock, but it is protected by an impenetrable force field. Therefore, two Guardians must simultaneously stand on two pads to the left and right of the dock to let the riders through the field. The pads lower the field only for a short time, so it is recommended that the two activators wait until the tombship is near the field before lowering it. Once through the field, the Guardians on the tombship will find two more pads that can be used in the same way to guide the first two activators through the force field on the second tombship.

Master difficulty

The small platform to the left in the middle of the jump sequence is removed, and the checkpoint will not be there accordingly. All falls return the player to the starting platform.

The Warpriest’s Trial

To pass the next encounter, the team will have to split into two. In the center of the zone is a large floor platform that is connected to a sealed gateway, and on either side of the glyph are two rooms, red and blue, filled with an energy field that deals damage to unprotected players, and two totems under which players must always stay. Keep in mind that repelling enemy attacks on the right side (blue room) is more difficult, so it makes sense to send less skilled players to the left (red) side.

At the entrance to each of the side of rooms is an energy orb, which grants an aura to the Guardian, who will pick it up as he approaches it. This aura will protect the player and all other team members within its range from damage in the red or blue rooms for 30 seconds. Therefore, players holding the sphere must face the side rooms. During this interval, they must stand under the totem. In the meantime, the remaining team members must collect orbs, put them into power up the central glyph, and fight off enemies. At the end of these 30 seconds, the aura will pass to another player standing inside the totem, and the original player will receive a buff called “Deathsinger’s Power”.

Now the player who received this buff must go to the central glyph and stand on it until the force is discharged, as a third player will come to the totem, who will release the second player and receive an aura from him just as the second player received it from the first. Discharge on the glyph will partially unlock the gate and leave the discharging player ready to receive the aura again and continue the cycle. This process must take place in both rooms at the same time to keep the flow of players transmitting both auras at the same time.

As you have understood, the Guardians must constantly switch between receiving the aura, holding it on the totem, allowing it to be taken from them, and discharging Deathsinger’s Power into the glyph until the runes on the sides of the gate are fully activated. This will take about ten cycles. At that point, the message “The Warpriest deems you worthy” will appear, the gate will open, the totem aura and mechanics will deactivate, and a reward chest will appear.

Master difficulty

The mechanics of the encounter have not changed. The Major Knights appear in the later stages.

The Warpriest

In this encounter, the Guardians will face their first boss, The Warpriest. The Warpriest chamber contains three platforms, and three large monuments with Hive runes on the near side and carvings on the far side. The Guardians need to stand on all three squares at the same time to summon the Warpriest. The team will have to clear a large number of Hive enemies, as well as three Major Knights, one near each site. After killing them, you will begin the sequence of glyphs used to make the originally indestructible Warpriest vulnerable.

Destiny 2 King’s Fall Guide

One by one, in random order, the far sides of the three monuments will light up. On the near side, they will not be visible. To see this, the Guardians must be in the right place. Once the monument lights up, one of the Guardians must step onto the appropriate platform and remain there until the third platform is activated by the other teammates.

After correctly completing the sequence, the Guardian who steps on the third platform will receive an aura called “Brand of the Initiate.” Teammates standing next to this player will be able to deal damage to The Warpriest. Brand of the Initiate lasts for ten seconds. If he does not kill an enemy before then, which will reset the timer for ten seconds, the branded Guardian will be killed. This reset can be done five times, giving the rest of the team more time to deal damage to the Warpriest, so the reset kill must be done at the last possible moment. After five kills of the branded Guardian, the Warpriest will apply an attack that kills any Guardian not standing in the shadow of the monument.

The easiest way to get into the monument’s shadow is to stand on the platform. The monument will save your team from annihilation, but it will be destroyed in the process. That’s why it’s important not to screw up – your cover is not infinite. If after the fourth cycle, when there are no cover monuments left, the team can’t kill the Warpriest, the whole team will be wiped out and you’ll have to start over. In addition to the enemies of the Hive, after the second cycle, the enemies of Taken will also be in your way.

Master difficulty

Each time the monument is destroyed, the Warpriest gets a new type of attack. Accordingly, it will be much more difficult to deal with. With this tip you can wisely choose which sequence to lose cover in:

  • The left monument will give him tracking orbs, the same as Taken Centurions;
  • The center one will give him seeker bolts in response to attacks, the same as Taken Hobgoblins;
  • The right one will give him orbs of blinding darkness, the same as Taken Captains.


A different guardian must take the Aura for each damage phase and cannot hold it a second time. The Warpriest has a higher fire rate and spawns stronger enemies throughout the fight.

Golgoroth’s Cellar

In this transitional phase, the team enters a dark maze through which they must pass, avoiding bottomless pits. Flying insects appear above the pits, indicating their location. In the end, you must all gather together at a door in the far corner that will let you into the next chamber.


In this chamber the second boss, Golgoroth, awaits us. To summon him you need to shoot the bubble of darkness hanging from the ceiling.

An obstacle on the way to destroying this boss will be a black column in the back of the chamber, called the Tablet of Ruin. Any death of the player (even if he resurrects immediately) activates the rune carved on it. If you activate all six runes, the tablet will blind and then kill the entire team.

Destiny 2 King’s Fall Guide

Golgoroth, a large mutated ogre, will constantly attack you with a beam of fire. He has two weaknesses, one on his chest and one on his back. To cheer him up you have to shoot the darkness bubbles above him. Each of the 6 bubbles, if you shoot them down, creates a small puddle of light on the arena floor, which greatly increases the damage dealt to the boss. The team will have to deal with Golgoroth’s weaknesses in a coordinated manner. One Guardian will need to hold his Gaze so that other teammates can freely shoot down the bubble, enter the pit, and shoot Golgoroth in the chest. Catching his gaze can be done by shooting him in the back, which will make him pay attention to the shooter and switch from firing ogre beams to firing seeking projectiles similar to Taken Centurion projectiles. The one who has his attention should not seek cover or move out of Golgoroth’s line of sight at this point, but stand still and fire off projectiles while holding his gaze. The held gaze timer is displayed in the HUD. When the gaze timer expires, you must shoot down another bubble. The second player on the opposite side of the area must intercept his gaze so that the other teammates can safely continue their attack in the new pool.

Once all six bubbles are spent, the attackers must leave the arena. A Cursed thrall in the arena will make it difficult to deal damage to Golgoroth. Alternatively, only one player may be a gaze holder and the other five players will damage him in the pit, and they will only need one bubble per damage cycle, which will avoid the Cursed thrall until the phase where enemies Taken appear. They will appear when Golgoroth has 35-40% health left.

Master Difficulty

While Golgoroth is attacking from the pool of light, two random players will receive an “Unstable Light” debuff. These players will explode, dealing damage or killing other players nearby (but not themselves) when their timers reach zero, and they must leave the pool early to get as far away from teammates as possible before this happens.


All six players must catch and hold Golgoroth’s gaze each cycle (if he doesn’t die before the cycle ends).


The second and much more difficult jump puzzle. Players must cross the large space between the two hulls of the Dreadnaught ship. To begin, players need to stand on platforms that depart from the sloping walls. Watch out for pistons that will knock players to death. Then you need to find and occupy the power plates to make the floating platforms appear. One of your teammates must stay on each plate until they are all activated, after which the floating platforms will become permanent and all Guardians can continue on their way. Choose the most agile member of the team as the pioneer. As in previous times, gathering the team in front of the last door in the area will open it and allow you to pass to the next encounter.

Daughters of Oryx

In this last room are the Daughters of Oryx, two Deathsingers. They are located on elevated platforms and protected by force fields. To begin the encounter, players must activate the four force plates on the pedestals, after which translucent floating platforms will appear in the air. A spark of light hangs high above one of the platforms.

One player at random will be “torn between dimensions,” distorting his vision and making it translucent to the other players. This player is the only one who can traverse the floating platforms generated by the power plates. And it will be up to them to pass through the platforms counterclockwise to activate them and create a path to the spark. You must start with the one immediately after the spark and move to the one directly in front of it. As soon as the Guardian steps on any of these platforms, enemies will spawn, and one of the Deathsingers will begin to cast a spell that will wipe out the team in a minute.

The torn player must get to the spark, jump onto the platform with the Deathsingers not casting the spell, and use the spark to steal the Deathsingers protective aura. This allows the team to deal damage to him and protects all the Guardians standing next to the stealer from the wipe spell. The cycle is then repeated, with other Deathsingers casting the spell and the spark being in a different location.

Deathsingers must be killed one by one. As soon as one of them is killed, his aura will disappear and players won’t have a chance to protect themselves from the next wipe spell. So it’s worth hurrying up and killing the remaining one before the timer expires.

Once both Deathsingers are dead, a chest of rewards will appear, and a spark will appear at the far end of the room, as you approach it, the final encounter will begin.

Master Difficulty

Subsequent cycles will begin as soon as the wipe spell and aura are gone. On Master difficulty, there is no short delay, allowing you to take a bit of a break and coordinate your next actions as on normal difficulty.

Oryx, the Taken King

The final boss, Oryx, appears when the Guardian approaches the spark. Players need to kill all enemies at the entrance to the arena. Afterwards, Oryx will move to one of the platforms and hit it. This will cause a speck of light to appear on that platform, and four special enemies called Light-Eater Ogres will show up near each platform.

One of the players must pick up the spark, tearing between dimensions as in the previous encounter. The task is the same – to move around the summoned platforms and get to the spark hanging overhead.

Destiny 2 King’s Fall Guide

At the same time, the other four players must summon the platforms that the torn player needs. As before, the platforms must be summoned in a counterclockwise sequence, starting with the platform on which the sparkler appeared. However, the four teammates must also kill the ogre next to their platform. It’s best to do this away from the path that runs through the center of the zone, because each ogre throws a Corrupted Light sphere when killed, and players should not approach it until the right moment. The remaining player kills all remaining enemies and helps the activators kill the ogres.

When the torn player reaches the top spark and gets hold of it, a tombship will fly through the arena and deliver a special knight named the Vessel of Oryx. The torn player must jump down to stop his advancement, and then discharge the spark and steal the knight’s aura.

​​Stealing the knight’s aura makes the knight vulnerable to all players and also gives damage protection to all players standing next to the player who stole the aura. At this point, all players should get close to the Vessel of Oryx and kill it as quickly as possible. It is recommended to do this in the center of the arena to avoid the Corrupted Light spheres, which we tried to leave aside.

Once the Vessel of Oryx is killed, Oryx will prepare to use his final attack, opening his chest and emitting a glowing white light. Aiming for the center of the glowing area to make sure it hits a vulnerable spot, all teammates should try to do as much damage as possible: if it’s not enough, the entire firing team will be wiped out. If there is enough damage, Oryx will falter.

At least one player must keep dealing damage to Oryx. And now you can use the Corrupted Light spheres dropped from the ogres. Four players are required to run up to one sphere and stand near it for about five seconds until a confirmation message appears, and then run back into the aura carried by the torn player to be protected from the Corrupted Light detonation. While Oryx takes constant damage during a Corrupted Light detonation, the detonation will deal a significant amount of damage to Oryx. The detonation will kill any remaining normal enemies, and Oryx will flinch and fall to the side.

When Orix has less than 50% health, he will no longer launch a barrage attack after the Corrupted Light explodes, but instead creates a bubble of darkness at the end of the arena, into which the team members will be teleported one by one. Inside the bubble is a Shade of Oryx. And in addition, other enemies will try to enter the bubble and interfere with Shadow’s fight. The health of the Guardian does not recover while he is inside the bubble. Defeating Shadow is desirable within one minute; then the arena will dissolve and return players to the main encounter.

When Oryx has less than 1% health left, he will appear at the far end of the arena and open his chest. To kill him and end the encounter, the fire team must deal a small amount of damage to his chest.

Master Difficulty

Each time a Light-Eater Ogre is killed, a Light-Eater Knight will appear at the opponent’s platform and attempt to prematurely detonate a Corrupted Light sphere.


Oryx must be completely damaged (from 100% health to 0%) in one go; this can be done by blowing up 16 Corrupted Light spheres at once. Therefore it is not worth blowing up spheres until enough ogres have been killed to get 16 spheres.

Secret Chests

Secret Chest 1

The first chest is at the end of the Tombship jump area, next to the force field that you must lower to pass. To the left of this force field is a long spar going up the wall, which can be accessed from a passing Tombship. The jump will not be easy. After climbing up the spar, the Guardians will come to a small door. This door only opens when the force field is held down by plates. Behind the door, you’ll find a chest and an opportunity to jump to the landing platform on the opposite side.

Secret Chest 2

The second chest can be found in the dark maze before the battle with Golgoroth. Hidden in the labyrinth are four large round slabs of floor, which must be stepped on in a certain sequence. If you take the direction from the entrance to the exit as north, then the plates must be stepped on in this order: west, south-east, south-west, north-east. After walking to the exit and heading south, you will find a door that has been opened, in which there is a chest.

Secret Chest 3

The third chest can be found right after the battle with Golgoroth in the section with the platforms. When you get to the first activation plate, you can see a small ledge on a nearby freestanding pillar. If the Guardians jump on this ledge, they can use their Ghost to open a series of nearby invisible platforms. This will provide a new path to jump, across several platforms and the opportunity to return to the separately standing pillar. This path will eventually lead to a door set in a slanted enclosure on the far side of the area. The chest is in the room through this door.


We don’t know for sure yet if the loot will be the same as in the original Destiny raid, but we hope so. We may have to update the data, though.


HelmetDarkhollow MaskWar Numen’s CrownMouth of Ur
GauntletsDarkhollow GraspsWar Numen’s FistGrasp of Eir
Chest ArmorDarkhollow ChitonWar Numen’s ChestChasm of Yuul
Leg ArmorDarkhollow TreadsWar Numen’s BootsPath of Xol
CloakDarkhollow MantleWar Numen’s MarkBond of the Wormlore


  • Anguish of Drystan (Auto Rifle)
  • Smite of Merain (Pulse Rifle)
  • Doom of Chelchis (Scout Rifle)
  • Zaouli’s Bane (Hand Cannon)
  • Midha’s Reckoning (Fusion Rifle)
  • Defiance of Yasmin (Sniper Rifle)
  • Silence of A’arn (Shotgun)
  • Qullim’s Terminus (Machine Gun)
  • Elulim’s Frenzy (Rocket Launcher)


  • Kingslayer Shell
  • Kingsbane emblem

We hope, our guide will help you to complete King’s Fall without any problems. Please, give us feedback, if this article was helpful for you.

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