Kairi Imahara, also known as Valkyrie, is currently one of the best pilots in the Outlands. She is the daughter of Viper, one of the members of the Apex Predators. She is bold, fierce and tough. Her gameplay matches her personality perfectly – it’s aggressive and extremely fast-paced, despite her being a Recon legend.


Valkyrie is the third strongest meta legend of Season 11. So, what’s the secret to perfecting her kit? Let’s start our guide by looking into her abilities.




Press the jump key while in the air to engage jetpack.


Valkyrie’s Jetpack gives her a unique ability to lift off from the ground and fly for a short period of time. It lets her easily reach high grounds or even just reposition faster. It’s a really strong passive ability, though it’s not overpowered – she can’t use her weapons while gliding, neither can she change the direction in which she is going. However, you can use her tactical while the passive is active.


Her other passive is Jet-Fighter HUD. It marks any enemies within a certain radius while skydiving or using her ultimate.




Fire a swarm of mini-rockets that damage and disorient the enemy.


Her tactical ability is exactly what you think it is – a cluster of 12 (4×3) missiles. Their main purpose is zoning, you can compare it to Gibby’s ult, just on a smaller scale. Though, the missiles, obviously, don’t deal as much damage. If they hit the enemy, they will be slowed and disorientated for a short while. 




Press once to prepare for launch. Teammates can interact with Valkyrie to join the launch. Press again to launch into the air and skydive.


Valk’s ultimate is the best team-repositioning ability in the game at the moment. It’s really similar to how Jump Towers work but mobile. You can use it anywhere, as long as there’s no roof above you. It synergises well with Jet-Fighter HUD, as it highlights people all around you as you start skydiving. Unfortunately, you are not invincible while using it, so be careful.




Valkyrie’s Passive: VTOL Jets


  •  Don’t fly upwards in a straight line, you become exposed to the enemy eye and an easy target for them. Better use your Jetpack for short bursts;
  •  If you start getting shot while flying – don’t panic, just drop down! You are less of an easy target when falling rather than flying;
  •   You can’t use your weapons or items while flying, but you can fire your [Q] missiles;
  •  VTOL Jets can be activated right before landing to prevent getting stunned from falling;
  • You can change the toggle settings if you don’t like holding the jump button. Try them both out to see what setting you are most comfortable with;
  • You can use VTOL Jets to bunny-hop mid-air, just keep pressing the jump button rapidly.


Valkyrie Tactical: Cluster Missile


  • Cluster Missile has an incredible range, though it’s really not that useful. Unless the enemy is literally one HP, there’s no need to waste her tactical like that;
  •  Valk’s tactical is definitely made for close-range engagements. It’s perfect for zoning and catching your enemies off guard. The stun and disorient effects will be useful in a fair fight;
  •  You have to act quickly if your missiles hit the enemy, the stun is not long, so capitalise off of it while you still can;
  •  Don’t worry about turning your camera immediately after firing your rockets, they still end up at the targeted location;
  • The rockets work a little bit like Bangalore’s ultimate: when they land, they explode a row at a time;
  • If you hold down your [Q] key, instead of just firing it, it will reduce the rate of fuel consumption if you are in the air. Really comes in handy when someone is trying to run away from you.



Valkyrie Ultimate: Skyward


  • If your teammates don’t interact with you after you ult, you will take off by yourself, which means they will be left there. Be aware of how split up you might get, it’s better to stick together. Valkyrie isn’t the type of character for solo flanking;
  • Communicate with your teammates when you are about to use your Ultimate ability. You have to be grouped up in order to not leave anyone behind;
  •  You can use Skyward for Recon purposes – it doesn’t have to be a repositioning tool;
  •  Valk’s ultimate works like normal skydiving: Valkyrie is the jumpmaster, and her teammates can stop following anytime.



  •   Valkyrie is a Recon legend. Her kit is astonishingly useful for repositioning and scouting, but don’t forget that you can use it to keep an eye on the enemy and hunt them;
  •  Valkyrie’s abilities are all centred around her actually flying and staying in the air. She becomes extremely vulnerable and visible. Don’t overuse her kit, sometimes you have to stay lowkey;
  • Some people who play a mobile legend such as Valkyrie herself start playing solo, so they leave their team behind. You shouldn’t be selfish and separate from your squad so recklessly, it’s better to tag along and play as a team.




Valkyrie can be paired with Pathfinder, Octane and Wraith – the highest mobility legends. If you are not the type to play defensively, this potential team comp is for you! Their kits complement each other, they have a balanced ratio of repositioning skills and offensive abilities and these legends can easily keep up with each other.


Horizon’s ultimate can make for a fun combo with Valkyrie’s tactical.


Revenant and Valk are not fond of each other, but their kits work really well together, his Death Totem and her mobility are a perfect fit for each other.


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