Valorant Agent Contracts

Valorant has a basic pull of Agents that are available from the very beginning to an each player. The basic count is 5 heroes: Sova, Jett, Phoenix, Sage and Brimstone. By doing Agent Contracts you will be able to unlock more agents to play and more weapon skins. These contracts are simply a some kind of in-game challenge that should be completed while you play the matches.

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You will get

5 unlocked agents
Completed challenges
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FPS games nowadays has lots or rewards system like battle pass or skins. Valorant brings something new to it. Now you have a progress system with contracts that will allow you to get some rewards as skins and expand the pool of Agents what is brand new thing. 

Unlocking first 2 agents is an easy task, it will be done by simply playing the game. But what is waiting for you after this… very challenging contracts to do. 

There are 5 more Agents to unlock:

  • Raze

  • Viper

  • Omen

  • Breach

  • Cypher

As we said before 2 first angents is easy to unlock and they will be by your choice. Next 3 will require very specific things to do.

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Valorant Agent Contracts