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Sons of Hodir is one of the most interesting factions in WotLK Classic, because of valuable rewards players can unlock after leveling. Unusual mounts, solid armor, and mighty consumables can become yours if you get Exalted with these guys from the Storm Peaks. In this guide, you will learn all you need to know about Sons of Hodir Reputation rewards, reputation leveling, and other important things.

Who are the Sons of Hodir and where to find them

The Sons of Hodir is a faction of icy giants. Their base is located in The Storm Peaks, at Dun Niffelem. Farming reputation is pretty straightforward and is based on quests, daily quests, and farming turn-in-items. The thing is that players might complete quests and pick up some items during the process of leveling, saving a lot of time in the future.

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Sons of Hodir Reputation Rewards

Below you can find the list of all rewards depending on your reputation level.

HonoredGiant Ring Belt
HonoredSpaulders of Frozen Knives
HonoredLesser Inscription of the Axe
HonoredLesser Inscription of the Crag
HonoredLesser Inscription of the Pinnacle
HonoredLesser Inscription of the Storm
HonoredPattern: Mammoth Mining Bag
ReveredBroken Stalactite
ReveredGiant-Friend Kilt
ReveredSpaulders of the Giant Lords
ReveredStalactite Chopper
ReveredReins of the Ice Mammoth
ReveredReins of the Ice Mammoth
ExaltedGreater Inscription of the Axe
ExaltedGreater Inscription of the Crag
ExaltedGreater Inscription of the Pinnacle
ExaltedGreater Inscription of the Storm
ExaltedDesign: Smooth Autumn’s Glow
ExaltedPattern: Glacial Bag
ExaltedReins of the Grand Ice Mammoth
ExaltedReins of the Grand Ice Mammoth

It is interesting, that the Alliance and the Horde have different mount skins, but both give you an opportunity to board two passengers.

Sons of Hodir Reputation Guide

Sons of Hodir Reputation Farming

Note that the Sons of Hodir faction has no tabard so you can’t farm reputation in dungeons. At the very beginning, all players start with a Hated level of reputation. There is a special questline to change it.

Make sure you have Cold Weather Flying to access Dun Niffelheim. Level 77 players without flying mounts can talk to “Honest” Max in K3. This NPC provides heroes of Azeroth with  Loaned Gryphon Reins or Loaned Wind Rider Reins. They are slow-flying mounts but can be used in Storm Peaks, Sholazar Basin, and Icecrown.

Starting Quest Lines

Before you can start the Sons of Hodir quest line you should complete nearly 60 quests in Storm Peaks. Simply complete all quests in K3. This will involve traveling to different places where you should also complete all the quests.

After that, you’ll be able to accept a quest called They Took Our Men! from Gretchen Fizzlespark in K3. This is what you are looking for.

  1. They Took Our Men! – Kill mobs for Cold Iron Key; use keys to open cages and release Goblins.
  2. Leave No Goblin Behind 
  3. The Crone’s Bargain 
  4. Mildred the Cruel 
  5. Discipline 
  6. Examples to be Made 
  7. A Certain Prisoner
  8. A Change of Scenery 
  9. Is That Your Goblin?
  10. The Hyldsmeet
  11. Taking on All Challengers 
  12. You’ll Need a Bear
  13. Bearly Hanging On 
  14. Cold Hearted 
  15. Deemed Worthy 
  16. Making a Harness 
  17. The Last of Her Kind 
  18. The Slithering Darkness
  19. The Warm-Up 
  20. Into the Pit
  21. Prepare for Glory
  22. Lok’lira’s Parting Gift.
  23. The Drakkensryd 
  24. Sibling Rivalry

There are some dailies this quest line opens in Brunnhilder Village. They do not give reputation but give you a reward of Hyldnir Spoils that has a 3% chance of dropping the Reins of the White Polar Bear mount.

Main Quests

Doing these will boost your The Sons of Hodir reputation up to Honored. That will open some more dailies, still, you’ll need to reach Revered to open the final one.

  1. Mending Fences 
  2. The Refiner’s Fire -This quest comes from a drop item, Slag Covered Metal from Stormforged Iron Giant
  3. Mending Fences
  4. A Spark of Hope

The following quests open dailies:

  1. Forging an Alliance
  2. You Can’t Miss Him
  3. Battling the Elements
  4. In Memoriam
  5. A Monument to the Fallen
  6. Forging a Head
  7. Placing Hodir’s Helm
  8. Forging Hodir’s Spear

Daily Quests

These ones help you move forward to the Exalted level:

Turn-in items

First, keep in mind Remember Everfrost!, a repeatable quest that rewards you with 350 reputation points.

Sons of Hodir Commendation Badge is another item to increase your Sons of Hodir reputation. It gives 520 points on use. You cannot trade this item. Archmage Timear in Dalaran gives one of four daily dungeon quests, and the Sons of Hodir Commendation Badge is just one of the rewards you can choose.

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