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Welcome to the Wrath of the Lich King Classic Paladin’s guide! This guide will help you learn about what’s new in the class since the last expansion, and improve your knowledge of the various specialization of this class, so you can take on some of the toughest dungeon and raid bosses in Wrath of the Lich King Classic.

In this guide, you’ll learn the different sides of the class to enhance your Paladin experience, and break down concepts such as talents and talent builds, BiS gear selection, stat priorities, consumables, gems, enchantments, various tips, macros, and addons.

WotLK Classic Paladin Overview

The gameplay of the Paladin class is based on changing seals, auras, blessings, and the unique abilities and mechanics that each seal, aura, or blessing grants you depending on the specialization. You will need to change them depending on the tactics of the battle and the situation in which you are. Also, by choosing the Paladin class, you have the opportunity to play for any of the three roles (Tank, Heal, DPS).


WotLK Classic Paladin Guide

In Wrath of the Lich King, Retribution Paladin is a very dynamic melee class for the entire game. Although he is not the absolute leader in the DPS line, he is still firmly in his place in the ranking. He deals almost as good single target damage as a TBC Paladin and at the same time can deal massive cleave damage that rivals a Fury Warrior. Retri Paladin has the best resilience for solo play, as well as a huge amount of co-op abilities in PVP.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • The weak buff from the main stats of the add-on over a long span from the stat for haste or armor penetration;
  • Has a buildup time for Seal of Vengeance which must be stacked up to 5 times before the damage is significant;
  • Retri Paladin’s mobility is very weak, with only a passive talent for running speed and no active ability to move faster. 


WotLK Classic Paladin Guide

In Wrath of the Lich King, the Holy Paladin class received significant changes aimed at making the game easier to play and expanding useful features in some missing areas. Despite the Illumination nerf, Holy Paladin is one of those specializations that are the least affected by mana issues during combat, as it has a lot of new ways to manage it. Also, thanks to the new ability Beacon of Light, Holy Paladins now have a lot of flexibility to perform different tactics in raid zones.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • As stated above lack of mobility; 
  • Healing variance comes down mostly to one ability Holy Light; 
  • Big competition for getting gear tokens in raids due to the increasing popularity of the class. 


WotLK Classic Paladin Guide

In Wrath of the Lich King, the Protection Paladin has all the same popularity as in the TBC as a tank. Although it has a lower ability to build threat on a single target, it remains competitive no matter how it affects it. Having lower health and armor compared to the Tank Druid, it still remains at the top due to the reworked Ardent Defender talent, which makes us an incredibly safe tank

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Dependence on mana and taking damage to restore it so that the Divine Plea proc works;
  • High dependence on good equipment. Without great raiding gear, many of our advantages disappear completely, Holy Shield’s reliability depends on the ability to provide a high enough block chance;
  • Problems with combat mobility. It is advisable to avoid running with a pack of monsters when Consecration has already been used. We have directional mitigation through lockdown, which also limits our ability to be mobile.

WotLK Classic Paladin Changes

Of course, the new expansion brings to us a lot of novelties, not only new levels and talents. You can find the lists of key changes below.

Retribution Holy Protection
  • Judgments are no longer refreshed on Auto Attacks or Crusader Strike;
  • Seal of Blood has been removed;
  • Seal twisting mechanic has been removed;
  • A new powerful cleave spell Divine Storm added;
  • Hammer of Wrath now had no cast time. It means we have a strong DPS increase on execute phase;
  • Exorcism now can be used on any creature.
  • Beacon of Light is a new ability that duplicates all targeted healing on the target on which this ability buffed;
  • Divine Plea new mana regeneration ability and the main thing you’ll be playing around with to manage mana, instead of downranking ability mechanic;
  • Sacred Shield new ability which gives tanks a constant Power Word: Shield-style effect for a whole minute;
  • Divine Sacrifice/Divine Guardian a couple more very useful abilities in the Holy spec, which allows you to turn interesting tactics into reality in battles with strong bosses in raids;
  • Aura Mastery now you can press it and it gives a double increase in the effect of the aura that you currently have turned on.
  • Hand of Reckoning new single target taunt, not on the GCD, does damage if the target didn’t attack you before using this ability, and has 30yd range;
  • Hammer of the Righteous a new ability. It deals damage based on your weapon DPS value and caps at 3 targets;
  • Shield of Righteousness new single-target nuke that deals damage based on our block value at a 1:1.
WotLK Classic Leveling!
Get any level you want!
WotLK Classic Paladin Guide

WotLK Classic Paladin Leveling

For leveling, you can adopt two builds. The first build uses Retribution talents as much as possible, and the second use together Protection and Retribution talent trees.

Retribution Paladin Leveling

Retribution build [0/13/58]: you should start from the Retribution tree and switch to the Protection after 60 level.

Best talent choice for 61-70 Best talents choice for 71-80

WotLK Classic Paladin Guide

At level 80 respec to your actual PvE spec.

Leveling tips:

Protection-Retribution Paladin Leveling

Prot/Retry build for the first 60 levels [0/40/11]: this spec focuses on getting the Seal of Command keystone as soon as possible, which is an important cleave spell so you can keep the threat from large groups of enemies solid and also gives us the opportunity to start dealing some serious damage.

WotLK Classic Paladin Guide

Prot/Retry build for 60+ levels [0/53/18]: from this moment on, you can already start leveling in dungeons in solo or in a group, this is what a Protection Paladin can boast of, unlike a Retribution Paladin.

WotLK Classic Paladin Guide

WotLK Classic Paladin Talents and Glyphs

Below are the most popular talent builds that you can use to raid in WotLK Classic. We will also present you with a list of the best WotLK glyphs for your specialization that are best suited for raiding.

Retribution talents build [11/5/55]: this is one of the 3 existing builds that is based on the Aura Mastery talent and will suit you if your raid group is not focused on performing improved tactics to killing bosses.

WotLK Classic Paladin Guide

If you are not capped with expertise stat, highly recommended choosing Glyph of Seal Of Vengeance instead of Glyph of Exorcism.

Holy talents build [51/20/0]: this build is suitable for you if you are the only Holy Paladin in the raid group and aims to buff the Devotion Aura to increase the incoming healing of all targets affected by this aura. Having two Holy Paladins in the raid group, it is worth replacing part of the talents with one of them so that there are no senselessly spent talent points.

WotLK Classic Paladin Guide

The third large glyph has a choice depending on whether you can use the Lay of Hands on yourself or not. If the raid leader allows you to use it on yourself, then you can replace Glyph of Beacon of Light with Glyph of Divinity.

Protection talents build [0/51/20]: this build shows a balanced type of talents, but also you can change it on the build where you chose more talents in Holy spec to get Aura Mastery talent.

WotLK Classic Paladin Guide

The recommended glyphs shown here, such as Glyph of Judgment, can be replaced with Glyph of Avenger’s Shield. Survival is your primary duty, though Glyph of Divine Plea can be turned into a threat glyph if your resistance in fights allows you, such as Glyph of the Hammer of the Righteous or Glyph of Judgment. In general, you can be very flexible in your choice of glyphs.

WotLK Classic Paladin Stats Priority

It is worth paying great attention to those characteristics that will increase your usefulness to a greater extent.

Retribution Holy
  • Hit Rating (you need a 263 Hit rating to get the 8% Hit required for the cap)
  • Expertise (you need a 215 Expertise rating for the 6.5 % dodge reduction)
  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Critical Strike Rating
  • Attack Power
  • Haste Rating
  • Armor Penetration
  • Intellect
  • Haste Rating
  • Mana per 5 Sec
  • Spell Power
  • Critical Strike Rating
Protection (Survivability) Protection (Threat)
  • Crit cap – 540 Defense
  • Stamina & Armor
  • Block Value – when closer to block cap (102.4% avoidance)
  • Expertise Soft Cap – 26
  • Hit Cap – 8%
  • Dodge
  • Parry
  • Crit cap – 540 Defense
  • Block Value – under 2400 Shield Block Value
  • Stamina & Armor
  • Expertise Soft Cap – 26
  • Strength
  • Hit Cap – 8%
  • Expertise Hard Cap – 56

WotLK Classic Paladin Best Race

Every WoW race has features, that can be good combinate with a class to make your character more powerful. So let’s learn Paladen options.


In this expansion, the horde doesn’t have Paladin race variety, so your only option is the Blood Elves with Arcane Torrent.


Things are much more interesting with the Alliance, so let’s show you which racial bonuses are most suitable for your main specialization:

WotLK Classic Paladin Consumables, Chants & Gems

In the first phase of this expansion, we will not have all the top consumables, enchantments, and gems at our disposal. So the lists will change in the future.


Gems Chants Consumables

If your profession is Engineer, also you can use Global Thermal Sapper Charge, Super Sapper Charge, Saronite Bomb 


Gems Chants Consumables


Gems Chants Consumables

WotLK Classic Paladin Best Professions

For a Retribution Paladin, the best choice for professions will be 3 to choose from listed: Jewelcrafting, Engineering, and Blacksmithing. The differences between them are so tiny that you will not feel them, so choose 2 professions from those offered to your taste. 

Holy and Protection Paladins are a little different and have only 2 BiS professions for them, these are: Engineering and Jewelcrafting.

WotLK Classic Paladin Rotation

Of course, the sequence of your actions and decisions in the fight will depend on many details. But brief summary for all specs and types of encounters will be useful, we hope.


Single-target rotation AoE rotation
  1. Crusader Strike
  2. Judgement of Wisdom
  3. Divine Storm
  4. Consecration
  5. Exorcism
  6. Holy Wrath (for demons and undead)On execute phase №1 ability to spam is Hammer of Wrath and then other abilities. Main seal for solo target rotation Seal of Vengeance / Seal of Corruption.
  1. Consecration
  2. Divine Storm
  3. Judgement of Wisdom
  4. Holy Wrath (for demons and undead)
  5. Crusader Strike
  6. Exorcism


Before fight:

  1. Beacon of Light – use on an ideal target, most often buffs on the tank and always keep this up during the fight;
  2. Sacred Shield – use Sacred Shield on an ideal target, most often you use it on the assigned tank, and always keep this up during fight.


  1. Judgement of Light – when tank pulled boss you must keep Judgment debuff on boss and also manage your buff from using Judgment which called Judgements of the Pure;
  2. Main healer button is Holy Light;
  3. You can get  WotLK Classic Paladin Guide Light’s Grace buff up before your group starts fighting, useful just for fights where you need to output big healing;
  4. Divine Plea – use when your mana getting low or on special phases on the boss fight when you need just need to move anywhere, also on movement, you’ll use Holy Shock and/or Flash of Light on instant proc, or refresh your maint buffs if Holy Shock is on cooldown.


Single-target rotation AoE rotation
Keep Seal of Vengeance active. Apply Holy Shield. Use combat potion: Indestructible Potion.
  1. Exorcism and  Avenger’s Shield 
  2. Hammer of the Righteous
  3. Judgement of Wisdom
  4. Shield of Righteousness
  5. Consecration
  6. Hammer of the Righteous
  7. Holy Shield
  8. Shield of Righteousness
Before combat starts keep Seal of Command active. Apply Holy Shield. Use combat potion: Indestructible Potion.
  1. Exorcism and Avenger’s Shield 
  2. Holy Wrath
  3. Hammer of the Righteous
  4. Consecration
  5. Shield of Righteousness
  6. Judgement of Wisdom
  7. Hammer of the Righteous
  8. Holy Shield

WotLK Classic Paladin Phase 1 BiS List

Last but not least – BiS gear for you Paladin, including pre-raid BiS with the best items for Phase 1.

WotLK Paladin Pre-Raid BiS

Retribution Holy Protection

WotLK Paladin Raid BiS

Retribution Holy Protection

WotLK Classic Paladin PvP

The best Paladin specs to play PvP in WotLK classic are Retribution and Holy. The Holy Paladin can boast of its extremely high survivability and save abilities, due to the fact that it has the main type of armor “Plate”, and the Retri Paladin, in addition to the same high survivability as Holy, also has extremely strong burst damage that allows you to remove the target literally for one stun. 
Let’s consider the most popular and effective setups.


2v2 comps 3v3 comps
Paladin/ Hunter 
Paladin/ Mage 
Paladin / Rogue
Paladin/ Hunter/ Disc Priest 
Paladin/ Unholy Death Knight/ Disc Priest 
Paladin/ Rogue/ Disc Priest


2v2 comps 3v3 comps
Paladin/ Warrior 
Paladin/ Death Knight
Paladin/ Warrior/ Death Knight 
Paladin/ Elem Shaman/ Affli Warlock 
Paladin/ Death Knight/ Hunter

WotLK Classic Paladin Macros and Addons

Let’s consider the most needed macros and addons for all three specializations that will make your class more comfortable and enjoyable to play.


Hand of Protection cast/cancel:

#showtooltip Hand of Protection 
/cancelaura Hand of Protection 
/cast Hand of Protection
Cleanse mouseover cast:

 #showtooltip Cleanse 
/use [@mouseover,help,nodead][help,nodead][@player] Cleanse
Mouseover Flash light:

/cast [@mouseover] Flash Light 

Divine Shield cast/cancel:

/cancelaura Divine Shield 
/cast Divine Shield


  • Pally Power – helps you and the rest of the paladins in the party or raid distribute your buffs;
  • Weak Auras – helps you to manage your talent procs if you insert Weak Aura which depends on your specialization.

That was everything you need to know about new features and changes in all 3 Paladin’s specializations in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. If our WotLK Classic Paladin guide was useful to you, please let us know with feedback, and good luck in your raiding or PvP adventures!

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