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Leatherworking is one of the main professions in WoW. This profession allows you to make leather and chainmail things, as well as other equipment like bags. In Wrath Classic the level cap of professions is up to 450. Let’s look at leveling in our WotLK Leatherworking guide.

WotLK Leatherworking Bonuses and Benefits

In addition to the ability to create equipment, tanning allows you to create unique bonuses – Fur Lining and Leg Reinforcements. Each of them gives weighty bonuses depending on your desire.

Also, this profession allows you to create epic items that many players need in Wrath Classic, it will give the opportunity to start your way to gold making and have better equipment at the start of the game.

WotLK Classic Leatherworking Guide

Any Epic Gear available from the trainer:

Also, in the later stages of the game with each new raid, new recipes will appear, which will keep the profession up to date and can make it BiS choice for you.

Leatherworking is best combined with Skinning. However, this is not necessary. You can buy everything at auction, but you must be sure that you have enough money.

WotLK Classic Leatherworking Trainers

Depending on your skill level, you can learn new profession levels in various places.

Old World

Every big city has its own tannery teacher, you can find them through the guards.



After reaching 58+ level and going to Burning Crusade Content Conquest and Leveling, the Master Leatherworking trainers will be with the other Master profession trainers in your faction’s first questing areaBarim Spilthoof in Thrallmar will train the Horde, Alliance players at Honor Hold will need to speak to Brumman, and Shattrath – Darmari in Lower City.


Same as in the Burning Crusade, you can find Lich King Classic trainers in the first faction’s questing areas and Dalaran:

WotLK Classic Leatherworking Leveling!
Get 450 level in a few days!
WotLK Classic Leatherworking Guide

Leatherworking Approximate materials required

You need a large number of skins for tanning, which you can get from monsters. But to save time, we recommend buying the ingredients at the Auction.

World of Warcraft Classic 1-300Burning Crusade Classic 300-350Wrath of the Lich King 350-450

This list does not include materials for pumping from 440 to 450.

WotLK Classic Leatherworking Leveling

Apprentice Leatherworking 1 – 65

WotLK Classic Leatherworking Guide

1 – 2019x Light Leather (57x Ruined Leather Scraps).
20 – 30 or 1 – 3010x Light Armor Kit (10x Light Leather).

You can create Light Armor Kit 1-30, if you don’t have Ruined Leather Scraps.

30 – 355x Handstitched Leather Cloak (5x Coarse Thread, 10 Light Leather).
35 – 6540x Cured Light Hide (40x Salt, 40x Light Hide).

Keep it for future recipes.

Journeyman Leatherworking 65 – 135

65 – 8520x Embossed Leather Gloves (40x Coarse Thread, 60x Light Leather).

Keep it for future recipes.

85 – 10015x Fine Leather Belt (30x Coarse Thread, 90x Light Leather).
100 – 11515x Cured Medium Hide (15x Salt, 15x Medium Hide).
115 – 12510х Dark Leather Boots (20х Fine Thread, 40х Medium Leather, 10х Gray Dye).
125 – 130Dark Leather Cloak (5х Fine Thread, 40х Medium Leather, 5х Gray Dye).

Expert Leatherworking 135 – 210

130 – 14515x Dark Leather Belt (15x Cured Medium Hide, 15x Gray Dye, 30x Fine Thread, 15x Fine Leather Belt).
145 – 1505x Hillman’s Leather Gloves (20x Fine Thread, 70x Medium Leather).
150 – 16530x Cured Heavy Hide (90x Salt, 30x Heavy Hide).

Keep it for future recipes.

If you’re lucky enough to get up to 170 while you’re still doing Cured Heavy Hide, you can skip this part.

165 – 1705x Heavy Armor Kit (25x Heavy Leather).
170 – 18010x Guardian Pants (20x Bolt of Silk Cloth, 120x Heavy Leather, 20x Fine Thread).
180 – 19010x Barbaric Shoulders (10x Cured Heavy Hide, 80x Heavy Leather, 20x Fine Thread).
190 – 21020x Guardian Gloves (20x Cured Heavy Hide, 80x Heavy Leather, 20x Silken Thread).

Artisan Leatherworking 210 – 275

210 – 23535x Nightscape Headband (70x Silken Thread, 175x Thick Leather).
235 – 25015x Nightscape Pants (60x Silken Thread, 210x Thick Leather).
250 – 26015x Rugged Armor Kit (75x Rugged Leather).
260 – 27515x Wicked Leather Gauntlets (15x Black Dye, 120x Rugged Leather, 15x Rune Thread (Pattern: Wicked Leather Gauntlets)).

Master Leatherworking 275 – 350

WotLK Classic Leatherworking Guide

275 – 28510x Wicked Leather Bracers (10x Black Dye, 80x Rugged Leather, 10x Rune Thread).
285 – 30015x Wicked Leather Headband (15x Black Dye, 180x Rugged Leather, 15x Rune Thread).
300 – 31020x Knothide Leather (100x Knothide Leather Scraps).
310 – 32525x Knothide Armor Kit (100x Knothide Leather).
325 – 33065x Heavy Knothide Leather (325x Knothide Leather– Pattern: Heavy Knothide Leather).
330 – 34010x Thick Draenic Vest (30x Rune Thread, 30x Heavy Knothide Leather).
340 – 35014x Scaled Draenic Boots (42x Rune Thread, 28x Fel Scales, 28x Heavy Knothide Leather).

This recipe turns yellow at skill 345, so you’ll have to make a bit more boots. I suggest collecting materials for 14 pieces. 

WotLK Leatherworking 350 – 450

WotLK Classic Leatherworking Guide

350 – 38033x Borean Armor Kit (132x Borean Leather).
380 – 3855x Arctic Boots (40x Borean Leather).
385 – 3905x Iceborne Shoulderpads (50x Borean Leather).
390 – 405268x Heavy Borean Leather (1608x Borean Leather).
405 – 41513x Dark Frostscale Leggings (75x Crystallized Water, 52x Heavy Borean Leather).
415 – 4205x Pack of Endless Pockets (40x Heavy Borean Leather).
420 – 4255x Overcast Bracers (5x Eternal Water, 40x Heavy Borean Leather).

This recipe you can buy from Braeg Stoutbeard, Dalaran, recipe cost 3x Heavy Borean Leather.

425 – 43513x Overcast Handwraps (13x Eternal Water, 130x Heavy Borean Leather).

This recipe you can buy from Braeg Stoutbeard, Dalaran, recipe cost 3x Heavy Borean Leather.

435 – 440You may have to do a little more than 5 because the recipes are yellow.

5x Frosthide Leg Armor (5x Frozen Orb, 10x Nerubian Chitin, 10x Arctic Fur)/ 5x Icescale Leg Armor (5x Frozen Orb, 10x Icy Dragonscale, 10x Arctic Fur).

440 – 450It shouldn’t be too difficult to complete Leatherworking to 450 in Wrath Classic, for example, you can make the epic items that were listed above. If you’ve picked up Skinning on the same character or a different one, then there should be plentiful sources of all the required materials.

Endgame Leatherworking Recipes

Once you’ve reached the maximum level, you can craft some of the BoE’s most powerful leather and mail items using the models dropped in raids. Keep in mind, however, that all models are BoP, so you’ll have to collect them yourself. However, you will then be able to make equipment for your guildmates or raid group members, as well as display it in the Wrath Classic AH and sell it to those looking for a way to increase the item level or gain an advantage.

Ulduar Leatherworking Recipes

Ulduar tanners can find recipes for boots and belts. These can be obtained either directly from Heroic level bosses or from stashes throughout the raid. All of these recipes require Rune Orb, but there are recipes for all types of spikes and armor.

ToC Leatherworking Recipes

As with the patterns in Ulduar, ToC patterns are also dropped directly from bosses or from vaults that open after the trial rounds are over. Similar to the use of Runed Orbs in Ulduar, all ToC patterns also require the use of a Crusader Orb to craft. Since these orbs are not tied to a player, it is possible to purchase them from AH or in exchange for other items, but they can cost quite a bit if you are not willing to obtain them yourself. 

ICC Leatherworking Recipes

Finally, in the ICC, patterns can be purchased directly from the alchemist Finklestein of The Ashen Verdict on the lower level of the Citadel. Each one costs 1x Primordial Saronite and will use at least 5x Primordial Saronite to craft the equipment itself. ICC designs are for leg armor and boots.

Leatherworking is a good profession, thanks to it you can earn good money from players who wear leather and chainmail in WoW Classic. And this Outlaw, Hunter, Shaman, Druid – the abundance of recipes in the final stages of the game allows you to be the first thing new Outlaws/ Shamans/ Druid and Hunters think about when creating a character. Especially tannery is not taken by many players because of the easier alternatives and more useful skills, you can take this place in the niche. In addition to our WotLK Classic Leatherworking Guide, we recommend checking out our Wotlk Skinning Guide

This profession keeps the balance between useful bonuses for you and the opportunity to earn, with a certain amount of difficulty in the stages of pumping. If you consider this profession to achieve PvP/ PvE/ earning money goals – there are more useful professions, for example, engineering, and jewelry, but here you need to be guided by your character, skills, and of course goals.

We hope, this article was helpful for you. Good luck with WotLK Leatherworking leveling, and don’t forget to rate your guide!

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