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Wrath of the Lich King is about to be released. It’s launching on the 26th of September, and players will get a new opportunity to travel to Northrend. We have several tips for you prepared in order to reduce the time you spend to level up your character and progress faster!

Whether you’ve created a WoW Classic character, or logged in with your lvl 70 character now it’s time for WotLK leveling. WotLK Power Leveling can be a really exciting process with a help of which you can learn the key mechanics of your character’s gameplay, visit the beautiful locations of the WoW Wrath of the Lich King, and meet new heroes. We strongly advise you not to hurry and enjoy every moment of WotLK leveling, because it’s a very entertaining process!

Now you’re about to learn how to increase your leveling speed and prepare yourself to explore Northrend and face Arthas Menethil the Lich King himself!

Class Leveling Speed Tier List

First, you have to know how good your class is at leveling. This won’t have much impact on your game experience quality. It’s only about the time you spend on leveling. So keep that in mind and don’t give your character up if you find it at the very bottom of the Wrath Classic tier list.

WotLK Classic Leveling Guide

  • Death Knight – starts at level 55, very good DPS, the fastest class to level up in WotLK;
  • Hunter and Warlock – both have pets and solid DPS, very useful in dungeons;
  • Rogue – good world PvP, great DPS without gear;
  • Mage – good world PvP, good at AOE farming;
  • Druid – also great in world PvP, useful in dungeons, sometimes even can be a tank in a dungeon;
  • Paladin – a solid pick, but nothing special. Mediocre leveling up speed;
  • Warrior – comfort leveling in Protection spec, especially in dungeons, pretty slow on questing;
  • Priest – Shadow Priest received some buffs but is still not the best class to level up due to low mobility and survivability;
  • Shaman – Enhancement Shaman has some potential, but pretty low DPS without gear. Elemental is a choice up to level 40, then change spec to Enhancement. The leveling won’t be easy, as you have to be careful with mana management and keep in mind that you don’t have much mobility and survivability.
WotLK Classic Leveling!
Get any level you want!
WotLK Classic Leveling Guide 5.0

WotLK Classic leveling guide 1-70

Alliance Leveling

If you are an Alliance Lich King Classic player, here is the list of locations you are better leveling up in. This list has an optimized order of locations, so you don’t waste your time running all around Azeroth trying to find a suitable spot for leveling.

Keep in mind that if you have some quests on the location left, but you’ve reached a level for the next location, don’t waste your time on these quests and go to the next location.

WotLK Classic Leveling Guide

Horde Leveling

And here is the list of locations for the best leveling experience for Horde players. Following this list will also provide you with the fastest way of leveling possible, you won’t have any issues with leveling if you do everything right!

WotLK Classic Leveling Guide

WotLK Classic leveling guide 68-80

Here is the list of WotLK Classic locations that you’d better be leveling up in. Leveling up in WotLK Classic is pretty long and will take some time, so we would highly recommend combining it with dungeon leveling. Take your time, don’t hurry, and enjoy!

WotLK Classic Leveling Guide

WotLK Classic dungeon leveling guide

Dungeon leveling might be the fastest way to level your characters up, especially if you have a 5 man group of good players. Every dungeon has level requirements, and specific item level requirements for their Heroic versions, but you’ll always find players around your level to help you complete each of them.

However, it’s not always fun to grind the same dungeon multiple times in a row. We strongly recommend not to ignore quest leveling, as it’s probably the most entertaining way to level up.

WotLK Classic Leveling Guide

Tips & Tricks for WotLK Classic Leveling

Here are some tips that will be extremely useful, especially if you have a 70 lvl character and are waiting for the WotLK Classic release.

Enchant your boots

Enchant your boots to have an 8% speed increase. This will provide you with almost 8% leveling speed. It’s quite a significant boost, don’t underestimate it. It will save you hours of leveling time.

Buy Healing Pots

Healing potions can be very useful in your leveling adventures because it’s can prevent you from dying. Dying is the worst thing during your leveling, so anything that can save you is extremely important. Go to Auction House and buy some healing pots. They won’t cost much after the pre-patch is over!

DPS Consumes

If you have the money, buy consumables for DPS. You don’t have to min-max your character while leveling, so any DPS consumables can be useful. Try some that won’t cost too much after the TBC Classic is over. Things like Flask of Relentless Assault and Flask of Pure Death will drop in price during pre-patch because people will need them a lot less. Another thing you could prepare is weapon oils and sharpening stones. If you are a Prot Warrior or Prot Paladin, shield spikes are also going to be useful.

Gear up!

Get the best possible gear in that pre-patch. For fresh Death Knights or people who create another character during the pre-patch, just try to complete as many raids and Heroic dungeons as you can. Also, you can buy some gear in Auction House and it will be very helpful, especially if you have some extra gold left after TBC.

Get an Engineering profession

Engineering is insanely powerful in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. This profession is so overpowered that every single player will take it not only for leveling but for the endgame as well. So get Engineering and level it up, while leveling up your character. While leveling the most useful thing will be the opportunity to repair your gear or to sell trash to a vendor with just one repair bot. You can also be equipped with rocket boots that will speed you up in dungeons or areas, where you can’t go mount. There are quite a lot of these areas in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. Parachute Cloak can normally save a lot of time, there are a number of situations where you’re on very high cliffs while leveling in Northrend. Paragliding will save you a lot of time and, what’s more important, will give you great emotions, when you parachute for a long distance instead of just walking through the entire location. It will also provide you with some extra AOE damage and some more features.

Prepare 25 Quests for TBC

Prepare 25 quests for the Wrath of the Lich King launch. Try to do quests that require the least time to finish them all, so you can dive right into the WotLK content as soon as possible!

Solo Leveling

Of course, you can level with your friends or spend this time in dungeons. But solo leveling will be the better option if you’re trying to totally min-max your leveling speed. The thing is that a lot of WotLK Classic quests require specific items that cannot be shared among the group members, so you will waste your time, farming things you’ve already got for your groupmates. But never forget to group up for some rare mobs and difficult quests, find a balance between grouping and solo farming and you will reach level 80 the fastest!

Get a Free Mount In K3

In Storm Peak, you need to have a flying mount to finish some quests, but it’s quite an expensive pleasure. The tip is to go to K3 and finish goblin quests, which will give you a 150-speed flying mount, which will allow you to finish all your quests and will reduce the traveling time significantly!

Do a Dungeon Leveling

If you have a 5-man group, which is ready to grind dungeons in order to reach level 80 in the fastest way, do a dungeon leveling, which was discussed before. Every dungeon has a level requirement, and you need specific items to go to Heroic versions of these dungeons, so don’t forget about it. Such a leveling process requires some patience, but it will reward you with fast leveling, interesting dungeons, and some good gear!

We hope these tips and tricks will provide you with fast and convenient leveling in WotLK. Don’t forget to rate our guide if this article was helpful for you.

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