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Engineering in WoW has always been a profession full of fun and dozens of useful gadgets. If you level it, you can create bombs, grenades, guns, resurrecting knives, and rocket boots, and there are just a few examples. In Wrath of the Lich King this profession became even more interesting, so let’s see all you need to know about this profession and the WotLK Classic Engineering Leveling process.

WotLK Engineering Bonuses and Benefits

First, we should overview the personal bonuses that Engineering gives players who level this profession in Wrath Classic. Let’s start with unique enchants, that can give you great stats, but can’t stack with normal enchants:

HeadMind Amplification Dish
BootsNitro Boosts
CloakSpringy Arachnoweave
Flexweave Underlay
GlovesReticulated Armor Webbing
Hand-Mounted Pyro Rocket
Hyperspeed Accelerators
BeltFrag Belt
Personal Electromagnetic Pulse Generator

Also, you should know about pretty good BoP glasses:

Plate TankArmored Titanium Goggles
Plate TankCharged Titanium Specs
Mail Physical DPSTruesight Ice Blinders
Mail CasterElectroflux Sight Enhancers
Leather Physical DPSWeakness Spectralizers
Leather CasterGreensight Gogs
Cloth CasterVisage Liquification Goggles

Pretty impressive, don’t you think? But you should add to this list other benefits that make you a star in every group, like Jeeves and MOLL-E. A portable mailbox and an opportunity to repair your gear in the field are always welcome in Lich King Classic.

WotLK Classic Engineering Guide

Don’t forget about Saronite Razorheads and Mammoth Cutters, Iceblade Arrow and Shatter Rounds, or the Armor Plated Combat Shotgun and the Nesingwary 4000, which looks like a pretty good way to gold making because these weapons and projectiles are a pre-raid priority for many players.

Also, engineers can craft mounts like Flying Machine and Turbo-Charged Flying Machine. But Wotlk Engineering new mounts Mekgineer’s Chopper and Mechano-hog are BoE, so you can trade them in Auction House or directly to some players.

In the end, we should add, that Engineering is definitely the BiS choice for all classes and almost all specializations in the game because of its unique enchantments and useful gadgets. They look pretty good in PvP and PvE both.

Engineering Trainers

In Old World you can find WoW Classic professional trainers starting from locations like Durotar or Elvin Forrest. And of, course, you can find them in all Horde and Alliance capitals. In TBC trainers also will be waiting for you in starting zone Hellfire Peninsula, and Shattrath City sanctuary. The same with WotLK Classic Engineering trainers.

Alliance Engineering Trainers:

Horde Engineering Trainers:

Neutral Engineering Trainers:

WotLK Classic Engineering Leveling!
Get 450 level in a few days!
WotLK Classic Engineering Guide

Approximate materials required

If you already itching to start Engineering leveling, just wait for a minute and give us an opportunity to provide you with another useful tip. Now it is a full list of materials, that you will use during leveling. As you can see, there are a lot of mining resources, so you can check our WotLK Classic Mining guide to level this profession too.

World of Warcraft Classic 1-300Burning Crusade Classic 300-350Wrath of the Lich King 350-450
60x Rough Stone
66x Copper Bar
60x Coarse Stone
50x Linen Cloth
5x Silver Bar
110x Bronze Bar
30x Heavy Stone
25x Weak Flux
10x Moss Agate
60x Wool Cloth
15x Medium Leather
4x Steel Bar
120x Solid Stone
170x Mithril Bar
20x Mageweave Cloth
60x Dense Stone
135x Thorium Bar
35x Runecloth
70x Fel Iron Bar
40x Mote of Earth
20x Mote of Fire
70x Netherweave Cloth
40x Adamantite Bar
280x Cobalt Bar
7x Frostweave Cloth
68x Crystallized Water
10x Crystallized Earth
15x Crystallized Fire
555x Saronite Bar
14x Borean Leather
7x Eternal Shadow

WotLK Engineering Leveling

Before we start, a little advice: if you craft as many items as stated in the list below but don’t get the required skill points, just continue to do the same recipe.

Apprentice Inscription (1-75)

WotLK Classic Engineering Guide

1 – 3060x Rough Blasting Powder (60x Rough Stone).

You might reach 40 skill doing this recipe. By the way, you will need the 60 Rough Blasting Powder in the future.

30 – 5030x Handful of Copper Bolts (30x Copper Bar).

Keep around 30 Handful of Copper Bolts for the future.

50 – 511x Arclight Spanner (6x Copper Bar).
51 – 7530x Rough Copper Bomb (30x Copper Bar, 30x Handful of Copper Bolts, 60x Rough Blasting Powder, 30x Linen Cloth).

Journeyman Engineering (75-135)

75 – 9060x Coarse Blasting Powder (60x Coarse Stone).

Keep these in your bag.

90 – 10020x Coarse Dynamite (60x Coarse Blasting Powder, 20x Linen Cloth).
100 – 1055x Silver Contact (5x Silver Bar).
105 – 12525x Bronze Tube (50x Bronze Bar, 25x Weak Flux).
125 – 13510x Standard Scope (10x Bronze Tube, 10x Moss Agate).

Expert Engineering (135-200)

135 – 15030x Heavy Blasting Powder (30x Heavy Stone).
15x Whirring Bronze Gizmo (30x Bronze Bar, 15x Wool Cloth).You will need all these later.
150 – 16015x Bronze Framework (30x Bronze Bar, 15x Medium Leather, 15x Wool Cloth).

Keep it in the bag too.

160 -17515x Explosive Sheep (30x Heavy Blasting Powder, 15x Whirring Bronze Gizmo, 15x Bronze Framework, 30x Wool Cloth).
175 -1761x Gyromatic Micro-Adjustor (4x Steel Bar).

Another item you need to keep in the bag.

176 – 19560x Solid Blasting Powder (120x Solid Stone).

Don’t hurry to get rid of it.

195 – 2007x Mithril Tube (21x Mithril Bar).

Artisan Engineering (200-300)

200 – 21520x Unstable Trigger (20x Mithril Bar, 20x Mageweave Cloth, 20x Solid Blasting Powder).

Save all triggers.

215 – 23840x Mithril Casing (120x Mithril Bar).

Save these too.

238 – 25020x Hi-Explosive Bomb (40x Mithril Casings, 20x Unstable Trigger, 40x Solid Blasting Powder).
250 – 26030x Dense Blasting Powder (60x Dense Stone).

Save at least 15. If you craft 30 Dense Blasting Powder, but don’t get 260 skill, you should continue.

260 – 28535x Thorium Widget (105x Thorium Bar, 35x Runecloth).

In some cases, you should make more than 35 widgets.

285 – 30015x Thorium Shells (30x Thorium Bar, 15x Dense Blasting Powder).

Master Engineering (300-350)

WotLK Classic Engineering Guide

300 – 32040x Handful of Fel Iron Bolts (40x Fel Iron Bar).
20x Elemental Blasting Powder (4) (20x Mote of Fire, 40x Mote of Earth).
10x Fel Iron Casing (30x Fel Iron Bar).You will need all these later.
320 – 32510x Fel Iron Bomb (10x Fel Iron Casing, 20x Handful of Fel Iron Bolts, 10x Elemental Blasting Powder).
325 – 33510x Adamantite Grenade (40x Adamantite Bar, 20x Handful of Fel Iron Bolts, 10x Elemental Blasting Powder).
335 – 35060x White Smoke Flare (60x Elemental Blasting Powder, 60x Netherweave Cloth).

You can buy this recipe from Wind Trader Lathrai in Shattrath City.

WotLK Classic Engineering (350-450)

WotLK Classic Engineering Guide

350 – 37535x WotLK Classic Engineering GuideHandful of Cobalt Bolts (70x Cobalt Bar).
14x WotLK Classic Engineering GuideVolatile Blasting Trigger (42x Cobalt Bar, 14x Crystallized Water).You will need all these in the future.
375 – 38510x Overcharged Capacitor (40x Cobalt Bar, 10x Crystallized Earth).

Save it too.

385 – 3907x Explosive Decoy (7x Frostweave Cloth, 21x Volatile Blasting Trigger).
390 – 40015x Froststeel Tube (120x Cobalt Bar, 15x Crystallized Water).

These also you should save.

400 – 4055x Diamond-cut Refractor Scope (5x Froststeel Tube, 10x Handful of Cobalt Bolts).
405 – 4105x Box of Bombs (25x Saronite Bar, 5x Volatile Blasting Trigger).
410 – 4155x Goblin Beam Welder (30x Saronite Bar, 15x Crystallized Fire, 15x Crystallized Water).
415 – 42512x Mana Injector Kit (144x Saronite Bar, 24x Crystallized Water).
425 – 4307x Mechanized Snow Goggles (56x Saronite Bar, 14x Borean Leather, 7x Eternal Shadow).
430 – 4355x Noise Machine (10x Froststeel Tube, 10x Overcharged Capacitor, 40x Handful of Cobalt Bolts).
435 – 45030x Gnomish Army Knife (300x Saronite Bar, 30x Skinning Knife, 30x Minning Pick, 30x Blacksmithing Hammer).

Maybe you should craft more than 30 knives to get 450.

After reaching 450 you’ll be prepared for any situation with all your bombs, robots, and other gadgets. Don’t forget to give us feedback and rate the article if our WotLK Engineering guide was helpful for you.

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