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Blacksmithing is a great choice for plate-wearing classes like DK, Warrior, or Paladin. It allows players to craft some pieces of BIS gear to make a character even stronger. Wrath of the Lich King expansion brings in some new recipes and outstanding bonuses which make this profession incredibly good. In this guide, we will look into the leveling process of Blacksmithing and work out its benefits.

WotLK Classic Blacksmithing Bonuses and Benefits

Wrath Classic Blacksmiths have a unique ability to add a socket to their own gloves and bracers with the help of Socket Gloves or Socket Bracers making those items soulbound.  

That means players can use two extra gems to increase their primary or secondary stats. For example, two epic gems give one of these bonuses:

  • +40 Strength, Agility, or Intellect
  • +80 Attack Power
  • +46 Spell Power
  • +60 Stamina
  • +40 from any secondary stat (Crit, Hit, Expertise, etc.)

WotLK Classic Blacksmithing Guide

Keep in mind that Blacksmithing not only improves your character but it is also a great way to gold making. All smiths can craft Eternal Belt Buckles and Titanium Weapon Chains which can always be sold on AH. Some players are ready to pay thousands of gold for epic gear that Blacksmith’s craft.

Blacksmithing is a BiS choice for plate-wearing classes as it allows you to craft some powerful pieces of gear:

And don’t forget, that Lich King Classic Blacksmithing goes well together with Mining, because you can provide yourself with a lot of materials without Auction House. You can read more about this gathering profession in our WotLK Classic Mining guide.

WotLK Classic Blacksmithing Trainers

In the Old World, you can find WoW Classic Blacksmithing trainers in both Horde and Alliance capitals. The same goes for TBC expansion. You will find trainers in starting location Hellfire Peninsula and Shattrath City.

If to talk about the Wrath of the Lich King expansion you can find trainers in the following locations.



There is also a neutral trainer for both factions called Alard Schmied at Dalaran.

WotLK Classic Blacksmithing Leveling!
Get 450 level in a few days!
WotLK Classic Blacksmithing Guide 5.0

Blacksmithing Approximate materials required

Note that some recipes won’t give you points for every craft due to the game mechanics so the list is approximate and the number of materials may vary depending on your luck.

World of Warcraft Classic 1-300Burning Crusade Classic 300-350Wrath of the Lich King 350-450
150x Rough Stone
150x Copper Bar
95x Coarse Stone
5x Silver Bar
140x Bronze Bar
105x Heavy Stone
5x Gold Bar
230x Iron Bar
35x Green Dye (Sold by Tailoring and Leatherworking supply vendors)
190x Steel Bar (Made from 190 Iron Bar + 190 Coal if you have Mining)
10x Citrine
120x Solid Stone
60x Mageweave Cloth
170x Mithril Bar
20x Dense Stone
430x Thorium Bar
80x Rugged Leather
170x Fel Iron Bar
10x Netherweave Cloth
90x Adamantite Bar
320x Cobalt Bar
710x Saronite Bar
22x Crystallized Air (3х Eternal Air)
7x Titanium Bar
52x Eternal Earth
13x Eternal Water
13х Eternal Shadow

WotLK Classic Blacksmithing Leveling

Note, that our team has calculated the required amount of items to be crafted but due to random factor numbers may vary. If you craft as many items as stated in the list below but don’t get the required skill points, just continue to do the same recipe.

Apprentice Blacksmithing (1-75)

WotLK Classic Blacksmithing Guide

1 – 3040x Rough Sharpening Stone (40x Rough Stone).
30 – 6555x Rough Grinding Stone (110x Rough Stone).

You will need 10x Rough Grinding Stones later.

65 – 7525x Coarse Sharpening Stone (25x Coarse Stone).

Journeyman Blacksmithing (75-125)

Visit a trainer to learn Journeyman Blacksmithing. Available at character level 10.

75 – 9035x Coarse Grinding Stone (70x Coarse Stone).

Save your Coarse Grinding Stones.

90 – 10010x Runed Copper Belt (100x Copper Bar).
100 – 1505x Silver Rod (5x Silver Bar, 10x Rough Grinding Stone).
105 – 1105x Runed Copper Belt (50x Copper Bar).
110 – 12515x Rough Bronze Leggings (90x Bronze Bar).

Expert Blacksmithing (125-225)

Visit your trainer to continue crafting. Available at character level 20.

125 – 14035x Heavy Grinding Stone (105x Heavy Stone).

Keep the Heavy Grinding Stones.

140 – 15010x Patterned Bronze Bracers (50x Bronze Bar, 20x Coarse Grinding Stone).
150 – 1555x Golden Rod (5x Gold Bar, 10x Coarse Grinding Stone).
155 – 16510x Green Iron Leggings (80x Iron Bar, 10x Heavy Grinding Stone, 10x Green Dye).

Green Dye is sold by Tailoring and Leatherworking supply vendors.

165 – 19025x Green Iron Bracers (150x Iron Bar, 25x Green Dye).
190 – 20010x Golden Scale Bracers (50x Steel Bar, 20x Heavy Grinding Stone).
200 – 21030x Solid Grinding Stone (120x Solid Stone).

Keep these for the future part. You even need some more, about 70.

210 – 22515x Heavy Mithril Gauntlet (90x Mithril Bar, 60x Mageweave Cloth).

Artisan Blacksmithing (225-300)

Available at character level 35.

225 – 23510x Steel Plate Helm (140x Steel Bar, 10x Citrine, 10x Solid Grinding Stone).
235 – 250Buy Plans: Mithril Spurs on the Auction House.

20x Mithril Spurs (80x Mithril Bar, 60x Solid Grinding Stone).

250 – 26020x Dense Sharpening Stone (20x Dense Stone).
260 – 27010x Thorium Belt (80x Thorium Bar).
270 – 2755x Thorium Bracers (40x Thorium Bar).
275 – 290At this point, you have to complete the Imperial Plate Bracer quest in Tanaris to get the Plans: Imperial Plate Bracers. The quest requires a 10x Thorium Bar.

15x Imperial Plate Bracers (180x Thorium Bar).

290 – 30010x Thorium Boots (120x Thorium Bar, 80x Rugged Leather).

Master Blacksmithing (300-350)

WotLK Classic Blacksmithing Guide

Available at character level 50. You can find trainers at Hellfire Peninsula.

300 – 3057x Fel Weightstone (7x Fel Iron Bar, 7x Netherweave Cloth).

You might need to make more of these because you won’t gain a skill point for every craft due to randomness.

305 – 31611x Fel Iron Plate Belt (44x Fel Iron Bar).
316 – 3215x Fel Iron Chain Gloves (25x Fel Iron Bar).
321 – 3254x Fel Iron Plate Boots (24x Fel Iron Bar).
325 – 33545x Lesser Rune of Warding (45x Adamantite Bar).

It’s green for the last 5 points, so 45 is an approximate number. You might need to craft more.

335 – 3407x Fel Iron Chain Tunic (63x Fel Iron Bar).

You might need to make more because the recipe is yellow.

340 – 35045x Lesser Ward of Shielding (45x Adamantite Bar).

The recipe is sold by Rohok (Horde) at Hellfire Peninsula and by Mari Stonehand (Alliance) at Shadowmoon Valley. It’s a limited supply item, so you have to wait if someone bought it before you. (15-60 min respawn time).

It’s green for the last 5 points, so 45 is an approximate number.

WotLK Classic Blacksmithing (350-450)

WotLK Classic Blacksmithing Guide

Visit a trainer in Northrend to learn new recipes. Requires character level 65.

350 – 36010x Cobalt Boots (40x Cobalt Bar).
360 – 37010x Cobalt Triangle Shield (40x Cobalt Bar).
370 – 3755x Cobalt Legplates (25x Cobalt Bar).
375 – 3805x Cobalt Gauntlets (25x Cobalt Bar).
380 – 3855x Spiked Cobalt Boots (35x Cobalt Bar).
385 – 3905x Spiked Cobalt Shoulders (35x Cobalt Bar).
390 – 3955x Notched Cobalt War Axe (50x Cobalt Bar).
395 – 4005x Brilliant Saronite Belt (30x Cobalt Bar, 25x Saronite Bar).
400 – 4055x Horned Cobalt Helm (40x Cobalt Bar).
405 – 41611x Deadly Saronite Dirk (77x Saronite Bar, 22x Crystallized Air).
416 – 42513x Eternal Belt Buckle (52x Saronite Bar, 13x Eternal Earth, 13x Eternal Water, 13x Eternal Shadow).

The recipe will be yellow for the last 5 points, so you might have to make more.

425 – 4307x Titanium Weapon Chain (14x Saronite Bar, 7x Titanium Bar).

The recipe will be yellow, so you might have to craft more.

430 – 4355x Daunting Handguards (60x Saronite Bar, 5x Eternal Earth).
435 – 44515x Daunting Legplates (238x Saronite Bar, 17x Eternal Earth).

This recipe will be yellow, so you probably have to make up to 25.

445 – 45017x Daunting Legplates (238x Saronite Bar, 17x Eternal Earth).

Keep on making the Daunting Legplates even though the recipe will be green. It means the number of crafts will vary depending on your personal luck.

Congratulations on reaching 450! Please, rate our WotLK Blacksmithing guide, we will be glad for any feedback!

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