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Professions play an important role in Tarisland, and can even save an entire raid or dungeon run. Mastering professions will help you create unique pieces of armor, improve your character with special gems, ride mounts, and even create a defibrillator to revive any player. And we’ll help you choose the best one for you in our Tarisland Professions Guide.

Tarisland Professions

In this game, all professions are interconnected. It follows that there are no useless occupations, for even simply mining ore, you will be able to sell additional ingredients, which we will talk about later, at the auction.

While gathering ores or herbs you will always be able to gain additional items which you can exchange (donate) for fraction reputation points. These items are highly demanded at the auction, so be wise while disposing of them!

Tarisland Professions Guide

In order to learn a profession, you just need to complete a special quest, which you will be given at about level 20 of the character. To change your profession, you just need to approach the right skill trainer. However, you should keep in mind that all your accumulated profession experience will be reset!

Currently there are 5 professions you can obtain.


Alchemy is a vital profession which allows you to craft powerful elixirs, potions and scrolls. All three types of items are in high demand among all the players. Unique recipe of alchemist is a potion kettle which provides whole raid with buffs;

Tarisland Professions Guide


With its help you can craft very powerful armor (gloves, belts, coats and kneepads), even without participating in raids or dungeons. In Tarisland, there is no class tie to the type of armor (e.g. leather or cloth armor), so tailoring is relevant for any class and almost any character level. Also, there is one unique demanded class of items that can be crafted only by tailors – bags;

Tarisland Professions Guide


The unique side of this profession is the ability to improve any player’s Moonlight Rubik’s Cube. Also, of course, this profession is known for buffing a character by special gems;

Tarisland Professions Guide


Artisan or engineering helps you to create special charges, support items and riding mounts. Charges are regular explosives which are really needed while exploring the world or dealing with big hordes of mobs in raids. Support items are needed for gathering resources. All of the mounts in the game have different bonuses, so engineers can make some very demanded riding mounts. Also, the unique recipe of engineer is a defibrillator which allows them to revive one player without any penalty once per raid or any other activity;

Tarisland Professions Guide


Forge or blacksmithing is very similar to tailoring as it helps players to craft equipment that tailors can’t craft (helmets, chests, shoulders and armbands). But also blacksmith has a unique recipe – they can craft two kinds of tool kits: one for gathering and second for crafting professions.

Tarisland Professions Guide

Important note: The subject of the gathering will depend on the profession chosen. Engineering, Jewelry and Blacksmithing will provide you ability to gather ores, while the other ones – to gather herbs. This ability doesn’t level up or be upgraded.

How to Craft Best Items in Tarisland

Regardless of your chosen profession, you can only ever create three item levels: common, rare, and epic (1-2-3 stars). To increase the chance of crafting a better item, you need to use materials of the appropriate tier. However, the most important factor in obtaining a better item is the aforementioned tools that the Forge crafts.

Similarly, if you craft an initially epic item, it cannot become more epic. This is where the stars at the top of the crafting window come in handy. Their purpose is to indicate the maximum threshold for creating items.

Best Professions for Beginners in Tarisland

As we said before, all the professions are needed, and you will always be useful. But!

  • Currently, the best PvE profession is alchemy since you will not go bust on elixirs and flasks with it. These consumables are compulsory in any PvE activity, while gems or gear are bought once;
  • And the best PvP profession is engineering since explosives (charges) can deal lots of damage and help your team on the battlegrounds.

Remember, every Tarisland guide is being updated over time, because the game is not released yet and receiving big updates. In the meantime, you can check out our other guides, such as Tarisland Leveling guide. And Overgear team is always ready to help you to deal with any game, no matter if it is released or not!

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