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Tarisland, the long-awaited new MMORPG from Tencent, is set to revolutionize the gaming world. This game has its own classes, each of which has its own characteristics. Therefore in addition to our Tarisland beginners guide we have prepared this Tarisland Classes Overview with Classes Tier Lists.

Players will be able to choose from seven distinct classes: Warrior, Priest, Mage, Paladin, Bard, Barbarian Fighter and Ranger. Depending on your playstyle and preferences, each class has unique abilities and advantages that can provide useful adjustments in battles. Let’s make a quick view on them.


Tarisland Best Classes

The Ranger class in Tarisland is known for its expertise in taming wildlife and building traps. This class excels in ranged DPS and offers players the choice between two specializations: taming and hunting. Rangers are flexible and lethal ranged warriors with superb marksmanship skills. This class has a set of skills that cater to their playstyle. Some of the skills available to Rangers include:

  • Hunting Ground;
  • Steady Shot;
  • Heart of Hunter;
  • Scatter Shot;
  • Arrow of Corrosion;
  • Rapid Arrow Shot;
  • Sniper Shot.

These skills enable Rangers to deal significant ranged damage and apply various effects to their targets.


Tarisland Best Classes

The Paladin class in Tarisland is a versatile support class with two unique specializations: Justice and Guardian. As a Paladin, players can choose to focus on melee DPS with the Justice specialization, dealing devastating blows to opponents. Alternatively, players can opt for the Guardian specialization, assuming the role of a selfless melee tank, guiding their group through challenging situations.

The Justice specialization of the Paladin class allows you to unleash powerful melee attacks, delivering high damage to enemies. This specialization is focused on dealing damage and eliminating threats swiftly.

On the other hand, the Guardian specialization is geared towards tanking, enabling players to absorb heavy hits and protect their allies. With the Guardian specialization, Paladins can take on the role of a dependable frontline protector, drawing the attention of enemies while their allies carry out their objectives.


Tarisland Best Classes

With the strength and durability to withstand enemy attacks, Warriors excel in dealing devastating damage at melee range and you can often see them on the front lines of battles. As a Warrior in Tarisland, players have the option to choose from various weapon specializations, such as sword and shield, dual-wielding, or two-handed weapons. If they choose the Fury specialization, they can focus on melee DPS. Or pick the War Shield specialization to achieve tanking goals.


Tarisland Best Classes

Mages specialize in elements such as fire, ice, and lightning, and can influence the battlefield with their single-target and AoE spells.
The Mage class has several abilities that cater to their particular playstyle. Some of these abilities include some powerful spells like:

  • Arcane Missile;
  • Fireball;
  • Ice Storm;
  • Lightning Bolt.

In addition, the Mage class in Tarisland has two main specializations: high elf and human. The High Elf specialization has a unique focus on crowd control abilities such as slowing and freezing their foes while dealing continuous damage. The Human specialization has a focus on dealing direct and heavy damage to multiple targets simultaneously.


Tarisland Best Classes

With their abilities to restore health, protect allies, and cleanse ailments, Priests play a crucial role in keeping the team alive and in optimal condition during battles and challenging encounters.

Priest abilities include healing spells, protective buffs, dispelling negative effects, and even resurrection abilities to bring fallen comrades back into the fight.

The Priest class also possesses divine offensive capabilities, allowing them to deal damage to enemies while maintaining their core support role. This makes them a well-rounded class that can adapt to various situations and contribute both offensively and defensively.

The Human Priest specializes in wielding holy light and possesses a versatile skill set, while the Elf Priest focuses more on nature-based healing and support abilities.


Tarisland Best Classes

The Bard class is a versatile and charismatic class that combines the power of music with their fighting skills to support their allies and hinder their enemies.

As a Bard, players can expect a unique play style that blends both supportive and offensive abilities. Bards have access to a variety of songs that can buff their allies, debuff their enemies, and even heal their team. These songs can provide bonuses to different attributes, increase attack speed, or even restore health and mana to their group members. Currently it’s the best support in Tarisland, and if you used to play on this role, you will absolutely love Bard.

Bards also possess impressive combat abilities, allowing them to deal damage with their musical instruments. They can wield instruments like guitars, harps, or flutes to attack enemies directly or unleash powerful AoE attacks. This makes the Bard class a versatile choice for players who enjoy a mix of support and offensive capabilities.

The Bard class in Tarisland allows players to immerse themselves in a unique aesthetic, showcasing their skills through enchanting musical performances and vibrant animations. With their versatile abilities and captivating style, Bards bring an element of charm and strategy to any group or party they are a part of.

Barbarian Fighter

Tarisland Best Classes

The Barbarian class is known for their strength, resilience, and fierce combat abilities, Barbarians excel in close-quarters combat and excel at dealing damage to their enemies.

The Barbarian class offers various builds and play styles within its specialization. For example, the Thunder Barbarian build focuses on unleashing lightning-infused attacks and devastating thunder-based abilities to bring down opponents. With skills like Wild Strike, Axe Thunder, and Wrath of Thunder, Thunder Barbarians can unleash devastating bursts of electrical energy to overpower their foes.

This class provides players with an opportunity to become masters of raw strength and elemental powers, making them a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Whether it’s smashing through enemy lines, wreaking havoc with thunderous strikes, or freezing foes in their tracks, Barbarians in Tarisland offer a thrilling and powerful gameplay experience.

Tarisland Best Classes for Beginners

The best classes will be the DPS ones, because they do not require extra attention during dungeons or raids, and everything you need is pressing several buttons over time. So, the best classes will be:

  • Ranger – since he can deal a lot of damage being on a long range from target;
  • Paladin – since he has quite a big HP pool and huge DPS in a crowd of enemies.

Tarisland Best Classes for PvP

Tarisland Best Classes

In case you want to dominate on PvP battlefields, you should choose:

  • Ranger (Taming) – great control combined with one of the highest DPS makes this class one of the best in PvP;
  • Mage (Frost) – Akin to PvP, the mage is very similar to Ranger with a lot of enemy control and solid damage. However, we would recommend this class much more than the others, as it does not require micro control and trap setting;
  • Paladin (Justice) – another one great damage dealer, but with high amount of HP.

Tarisland Best Classes for PvE

Currently the best choice for PvE is:

  • Ranger (Hunting) – best and easiest to play DPS in the game. Ranger deals great amount of damage and always being needed in any raid or dungeon;
  • Mage (Fire) – is as much a destroyer of all life as the Ranger;
  • Bard (Concerto) – a necessary part of any raid, best role for those who like to find a suitable party in a minute;
  • Paladin (Guardian specialization) – simply the best tank in the game, so you will be on demand in any activity.

As far as you can see, each of the classes are unique and have their own style of play. We advise you to try each of them and decide which raid role suits you best. Good luck on the battlefields and enjoy your choice! 

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