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The world of Tarisland offers plenty of interesting content and rewards that can only be accessed at higher levels. Luckily for you, our Tarisland Leveling Guide provides the most effective strategies to quickly progress your character! Tarisland has a unique leveling system which you couldn’t see earlier in other MMORPGs. Whether you like it or not, you have to recognize that such a system helps balance. And why – let’s get to the bottom of it. And if you’re still in doubts about which class to choose, dive into our Tarisland Best Classes.

How to level up fast in Tarisland

Like most MMORPGs, Tarisland’s leveling process involves completing quests, battling monsters, and exploring its immersive world. This way, players can earn experience points which enable them to gain levels, increasing their character’s power, unlocking new skills and abilities, and ultimately progressing through the game’s story and content.

Apart from completing quests and battles, players can engage in various activities to gain experience points. These activities include crafting, gathering resources, participating in events, and exploring new territories. Moreover, participating in party activities like dungeons, raids, and PvP can provide players a considerable boost of experience points.

Tarisland also offers players different ways to level up their characters, catering to different playstyles. If you prefer the traditional leveling experience, questing and battling monsters can offer the best experience gains. But in case you prefer non-linear progression, Tarisland has a unique feature called the Spirit Tree, which allows players to choose their level progression path, and follow different branches. With the Spirit Tree, players can customize their leveling experience and gameplay to suit their preferences and playstyles.

Tarisland leveling system provides a wide range of activities and opportunities for players to gain experience, customize their gameplay, and enjoy an immersive gameplay experience in a vast and dynamic world.

Ways to earn XP in Tarisland

Tarisland Leveling Guide

  • Traditional – completing quests. You’ve seen it in every MMORPG and may seem very dull to you;
  • Raids and dungeons – the second most popular way. It is used by players who are fed up with quests and want to pump up their character in company;
  • In-game events – a rather unusual method that can bring you a lot of fun, if you have a fetish for long but varied pumping;
  • World bosses – For this method your character should already be well pumped, but it is the most interesting and enjoyable way of all. It is highly recommended to dilute the routine with it.

But there is one problem standing behind all of this leveling journey. Currently Tarisland has experience/level cap. For example, the maximum level you can reach on the first day of releasing the game is 10th level, on the second day – 15th, etc. We can’t tell you what exactly will be after the game release, but CBT has shown us this equalization measure.

Below we’ll go into more detail about each way to earn more experience, rewards and move faster to the endgame content.

Completing Quests

Completing quests is the most efficient way to level up in Tarisland. You will receive your first quest once you finish the prologue. When compared to other methods of leveling, completing quests offers the highest value in terms of time spent and XP earned.

Quests are considered the most effective Tarisland XP farming method due to their engaging nature, efficient time usage, and diverse task participation.

Daily Quests

Daily Quests, being common for mobile and PC games, also offer a range of rewards that are easily obtainable and can enhance one’s gaming experience. However, you may not consider Daily quest as a way to level up quickly in Tarisland.

Daily quests in the game are often wrongly ignored by players who prefer to earn XP through quests and dungeons. But completing these quests will provide a notable amount of XP, expedite your progression and provide additional rewards. These Daily quests can be found in various regions of the game and are marked with a violet icon. But it’s important to note that they can only be completed once per day.

Clearing Out Dungeons

Dungeons are an important part of the Tarisland leveling system, although they do not provide a significant XP boost. Additionally, reaching a certain level is necessary to unlock access to dungeons.

Also, before reaching level 20, the only available option is to queue with bots. But when you reach level 20, clear dungeons with other players for both experience points and gear loot.

Here are level requirements of some dungeons we had a chance to complete during CBT:

  • Dim Cavern (available from level 7);
  • Library of Chaos (available from level 13);
  • Camp Carlyan (available from level 17);
  • Merfolk Swamp (available from level 27);
  • Forest Altar (available from level 33);
  • Botanical Garden (available from level 37).

All of the dungeons, with the exception of Dim Cavern, are accessible in both Normal and Elite difficulties. While dungeons may not be the most efficient way to gain XP, they do offer valuable loot that can be beneficial for your future adventures.

Raid Bosses

Raiding is part of the endgame content, unlike dungeons. It becomes available at level 30 and defeating Raid Bosses can be challenging for players without experience in MMORPGs. Additionally, facing higher-difficulty bosses requires a reliable team. In other words, participating in Raids is a fast leveling option in Tarisland if you have a confident party and knowledge of boss mechanics.

You have a chance to fight the following Raid Bosses:

  • Merfolk King;
  • Ancient Tree;
  • Synthesis Doctor;
  • Forest Gemini;
  • Archdruid.

Both Normal and Elite difficulties are available for all of them. It is important to note that defeating Raid Bosses not only grants XP but also rewards unique gear and resources.

Farming Mobs

In contrast to other popular MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, slaying mobs yields minimal XP and is generally seen as an inefficient use of time and effort. It is recommended to prioritize completing main or side quests, as they provide a much higher amount of XP and are more rewarding overall. So, farming mobs might be a supplementary method, but leveling up quickly in Tarisland is not achievable solely by slaying packs of mobs.

Tarisland Leveling Tips and tricks

As our guide comes to an end, we would like to share some general leveling tips that can be helpful.

  1. Use consumables. Using consumables in an MMORPG can help restore resources quickly. You won’t need to waste time going back to town or waiting for HP/Mana to regenerate. Instead, you can use Health/Mana Potions to keep progressing in quests or fighting mobs;
  2. Upgrade your gear. During the early game, it is important to upgrade your gear. This is because you will frequently find new drops that are better than what you currently have. Wearing the best-in-slot gear can greatly enhance your combat effectiveness and increase your chances of survival. Keep in mind that dungeons, which are accessible early on, are one of the best sources for rare drops;
  3. Find a group. It is important to group up in order to have a higher chance of success in defeating late-game Raid Bosses or completing Elite-difficulty dungeons. We recommend forming a reliable party with friends to increase your chances of winning and obtaining the best loot;
  4. Plan and allocate skill points wisely. Skill allocation is important for character effectiveness and leveling speed. Choosing skills that increase AoE damage, survivability, and combat utility will be most effective. Try different skill combinations that work well with your playstyle;
  5. Use Mounts. Using mounts is important for faster movement and completing quests. Upgrading your mount to fly is essential for maximizing this tip. Just progress through Reputation in each region to make your mount fly.

The process of leveling in Tarisland may not seem that easy, but in fact, thanks to the system of deterring very active players, you will be able to catch up with the toughest players in a matter of days. And if you found this information useful, we have more interesting guides about this game, like Tarisland Professions guide!

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