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In our Tarisland Beginners guide we have everything you need to know about this game to take the journey from newbie to master. From the basics to the most mind-blowing gameplay tips, we’ve prepared a whole bunch of guides for you! Best ClassesLeveling guide and Professions guide. Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of a new adventure – it’s going to be legendary!

How to Play Tarisland

Tarisland Beginners Guide

  • First of all, choose the class you will play. We recommend you to familiarize with our classes guide to decide which class fits you most of all (Otherwise, searching on your own will take you too much time);
  • Choose the role. Yes, picking a class is still not enough. Be sure to choose the role you’re going to play.
  1. Tank – the one who absorbs all the damage from mobs;
  2. Support – who heals the tank and buffs the raid;
  3. DPS – who does their best to kill the mobs.

For example, if you choose Priest, you have a choice between support and DPS roles.

Tip: DPS roles are the most popular, so if you want to feel the most useful in a raid or dungeon, choose tank or support. However, keep in mind that these roles require a lot of responsibility and experience in tapping skills, which we’ll talk about next;

  • Learn skill rotation. Typically you will use 1-2 combinations of skills on your character, but rotating them properly will maximize your usefulness in any kind of activity: be it PvE or PvP;
  • Choose how you will level-up. At first, try completing some quests, and in case you won’t like it, try other ways from our Tarisland Leveling guide, which can be much more joyful;
  • Try PvE content at first: dungeons, raids, quests, and only after that try PvP: arenas, duels, battlefields;
  • Choose the profession which you will learn. They all are vital, but some professions may be more useful in PvE than in PvP, for example. We recommend you to read our Tarisland Professions guide to complete the picture;
  • Find the guild. Experienced players will share their in-game experience with you. Also, guild stash can be very helpful with early and late game items.
  • Do not rush with your leveling. This game has daily pumping level limits, so even if you play 24/7, you won’t be able to pump above a certain set point. Play for fun!

These 8 steps will make you confident in Tarisland as a beginner, and becoming an experienced player is just a matter of time! Also, you can check our Tips and Tricks to become a pro even faster.

Tarisland Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Here, a team of professionals who have played CBT Tarisland are already ready to help you get used to this rather complex and challenging MMORPG and give their advice on how to improve your in-game experience. We assure you, if you use all our tips, your game will be simplified several times.

  • Focus fire on Arenas. Identify high-priority targets and coordinate your attacks with your team. Focusing your damage on a single target can quickly overwhelm opponents and turn the outcome of the battle in your favor;
  • Learn everything about your class. Fortunately, there is not much information available for each of them, so, it won’t take a lot of time;
  • Coordinate with your team members and take advantage of every class. Combining the unique abilities and strengths of different classes can create powerful strategies and absolutely crash your opponents;
  • Don’t be shy to use consumables and buffs. They can be really helpful in many situations, where you couldn’t even think about it;
  • Join the guild. Guilds offer significant benefits to players, with the guild warehouse serving as a valuable resource for all members.In this space, players can access essential facilities such as a blacksmith and a store. The best part about guild is fast creating parties for PvE content. You will always be able to finish off all the content easily if you just enter the game at the dedicated time.

Tarisland Pros and Cons

Tarisland Beginners Guide

All of the information is relevant for the closed beta test period.


  • Professions. Besides you can change professions every 2 hours with a little penalty, you can craft very good and powerful items by dint of them;
  • Dungeons are very interesting and divided into 3 levels: regular, elite and 10-players raids. Even though there are only 4 dungeons currently available, we are sure, that on the game release, there will be more of them;
  • There are no donations (except skins) in the game. We think it’s one of the best advantages we can imagine;
  • Cross-Platform Gameplay. It will attract a high amount of online players. Also, you’ll be able to play this game anywhere any time you want.


  • Meager character editor. You can only customize eyebrows color, hair color and face tattoos;
  • Minimal variety of class builds, items and sets;
  • All of the current amount of content (world bosses) can be finished in 1-2 days;
  • Items that were crafted with professions can’t be traded between players except using an auction. That means that even your clanmates can’t share potions or gems with you for free;
  • Every dungeon/raid boss has only 2 tactics (playstyles), it makes the game too simple and easy.

The process of mastering any MMORPG can seem very tortuous and long, but the main task of any player is to enjoy this process. Rest assured that if you are a true MMORPG lover, you will definitely enjoy Tarisland with our instructions.

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