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In Path of Exile players are able to do many things. One of them is buying and selling items that are needed for your character or even trade one currency for another.

But there is no auction house for it, all trades are processed manually from one player to another. The community of players created a trading platform for it a long time ago, but things have changed and now there is an official trade site. This guide can be used as an instruction on how the official PoE trade site works.

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How to buy items from players

When you just enter the trade site you will see all kinds of filters and options for your search, but don’t be scared — it’s easy to use.

Simple search

How to trade in Path of Exile

First, choose where you want to buy items: in the current challenge league (Ultimatum) or in the Standard leagues of the game.

After you have it done, let’s try to search for a unique item called Tabula Rasa. Type the item name in the search bar and the site will find all players who sell it.

How to trade in Path of Exile

There will be shown the status of the players who are selling the item (Online, AFK, Offline), properties of the item (Corrupted or no, quality, and other stats). From that point, you need to choose items that suit your requests and click the whisper button. The site will copy a message that you should send to players in the game.

To whisper to players, take the message that you copied from the trade site and paste it into the chat, and then press enter.

The result should look like this.

How to trade in Path of Exile

After receiving the message, the player will invite you, but there is a possibility that the seller has already sold the item or lost interest in selling it and you need to choose a different person to buy from.

Acceptance of an invite means that you’re ready to pick up an item. You will need to visit sellers’ hideout with the needed currency in your inventory.

After right-clicking on their party frame click “visit hideout”.

How to trade in Path of Exile

When you get there, a player will offer you to start trading. When you press accept, the trade window will open. Put currency that you have to pay in the window and wait for the item to show up there too.

Make sure that you put the correct amount of currency and the item that you are getting is the one that you wanted.

How to trade in Path of Exile

After confirming that everything is okay, you can accept the trade and the item will appear in your inventory.

You can also show good etiquette and say thanks to players after buying an item.

Advanced search

This time let’s use some filters to find rare items with stats that we need. Suppose, you look for Boots with movement speed, life, and resistances.

For a base item, we need two-toned boots without corruption, then we add life, movement speed, and resistances that you need in stat filters. Then, Search will look like this:

How to trade in Path of Exile

After you finished filling out necessary stats in filters, press search and follow the instructions on how to buy items above. If no results were found you can lower requirements or confirm that stat combination is even possible — you can use the Path of Exile database for that. We advise the Craft of Exile. Simply choose, for example, boots and see all possible stats that they can have, remember rare items can have 3 prefixes and 3 suffixes. When you confirm that the item exists and there are still no results, then you can try to use PoE live search.

Live search

When a league starts, people are not able to have all the items for sale and, if you are interested in getting browser notification when this item appears on the trade site, use live search. For using this function you need to be logged into the PoE website. This tool can be used not only for items that don’t exist at the moment but also for items that are already there. It’s very useful to keep an eye on new items and their prices.

How to trade in Path of Exile

Currency trading

On the same site, you can click on “bulk item exchange” and you will see all possible types of currencies and other things like fragments and other stuff that you may need.

How to trade in Path of Exile

For example, let’s buy Chaos orbs for Exalted orbs. On the left side you need to choose Chaos orb (use search for better highlighting) and on the right side choose Exalted orb.

The site will show you all available offers for trading your currency for the desired one.

How to trade in Path of Exile

After that, click the contact button and paste this text in the game like you pretend to buy an item and follow steps from the guide on how to buy items above.

How to sell items in Path of Exile

To sell items you should have one premium stash tab that can be bought in the official game store, you can buy a new one or upgrade your current normal tab. After acquiring premium tabs, turn it to public and rename or change the tab color if you want.

How to trade in Path of Exile

After making it public, you have 2 options for setting a price for items in it.

Firstly, all added items will be available for trade at the same price that you choose for the whole tab.

Secondly, each item requires a price to set by right-clicking on the item in that tab.

How to price your items

You can start with researching prices on the trade site by finding similar items but there is a better way to do it  — Awakened PoE trade.

Start with installing the app and choosing the league which you are playing in.

How to trade in Path of Exile

Then, open the settings of key hotkeys that you will be using for a price check. By default, the binds for a simple price check is be Ctrl+D and Ctrl+Alt+D for an advanced.

When all steps are done you are ready to use trade macro in the game.

Simply use the keybind that you have set while the mouse is on item and window with possible price and sellers will be shown.  

How to trade in Path of Exile

That example was on a unique item without many variables, but what about rare items with many mod rolls?

Use trade macro hotkey to open advanced search for rare items (can be used on any item).

How to trade in Path of Exile

Trade macro will give you an estimated price of your rare item and give you the option to fill the stats of your item in the window. Now search for similar items and their price from other players.


What are the best items to sell in Path of Exile

Best way to know what to trade you need to try to learn how much something sells. The easiest way to start is to sell unique items you find, for a price that macro will show you, and if you find a rare item that you think can worth something don’t be afraid to check the price and learn the value of different stats on different items and become a money-making machine.

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