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In the journey through Path of Exile, you may reach a point where simply grinding no longer cuts it. You’ve amassed a collection of valuable yet unneeded items in your inventory, while the essential ones remain elusive. Fear not, as this guide will introduce you to a whole new facet of the game — PoE trading — enabling you to profit from your surplus items and propel your character to unprecedented levels.

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How to sell on PoE trade

In PoE, the economic structure harkens back to the barter systems of ancient civilizations, where currency as we know it was nonexistent and trade was conducted through direct exchange. Path of Exile lacks traditional gold, opting instead for a diverse range of currencies that also serve as crafting materials. With over 20 currencies in play, item values are not standardized, and the game allows for haggling and negotiation reminiscent of a bustling marketplace. The only exception is with vendor NPCs, who offer fixed rates for your loot – often making it unwise to sell rare items to them. So, how can you effectively engage in PoE trading to maximize your profits?

Trading in Path of Exile

In keeping with its affinity for the antiquated and ancient, PoE lacks a unified system for seamless player-to-player trading. The game does not feature auctions or in-game mail, so the only way to trade with others is to locate a buyer and engage in a manual transaction. This process may be challenging for first-timers, so here’s a step-by-step guide to facilitate trading in PoE:

  • Identify a buyer and obtain their in-game name, then invite them to join your party;
  • Locate the desired item in your stash. Usually, the buyer will send a whisper specifying the item they want and its position in your inventory. For example: “Hi, I’d like to buy your Hate Coil, Sapphire Ring listed for 30 chaos (stash tab”~price 30 chaos”; position: left 1, top 12);

How to sell on PoE trade

  • Transfer the specified item to your inventory;
  • Place the item in the trade window and verify that the offered price is accurate;
  • Complete the transaction by accepting the trade;

Buying on Path of Exile Trade Site

  • Go to Path of Exile Trade;
  • Ensure your league is correctly selected before attempting to locate items for purchase;
  • When you find the desired item, click the «Direct whisper» button;
    How to sell on PoE trade
  • If this player is online, he will answer you and invite you into his hideout for an exchange;
  • Make sure to bring the currency with you in your inventory;
  • In their hideout, complete the trade.

The PoE trade website boasts extensive functionality for locating desired items. You can specify major attributes like item type, base, and socket count, or focus on finer details such as item level, quality, or even the currency you wish to use for the transaction. To locate a specific unique item, simply input its name in the search bar. Given the vast array of items available, you can refine your search using the “Display filters” button. Click on it and choose the attribute you’d like to focus on. Moreover, you can include or exclude specific affixes to further hone your search results.

Selling on Path of Exile Trade Site

To start selling items on the Path of Exile Trade Website, you’ll first need to acquire a premium stash tab. Premium stash tabs provide numerous benefits over regular stash tabs, including the ability to customize tab names and colors, making organization easier for you. In order to make your items visible to other players, you’ll need to set your premium stash tab to “public.” Doing so ensures that your items will appear in search results on the Path of Exile Trade Website, allowing other players to view and potentially purchase your items. To set your premium stash tab to “public,” follow these steps:
  • Open your stash in-game by interacting with it in your hideout or any town.
  • Click on the premium stash tab that you want to set to “public.”
  • In the tab settings menu, toggle the “public” option to enable it.
  • Optionally, you can set custom prices for your items, or choose to use a default price for all items within the tab. To do so, select the appropriate option under the “Price Items” dropdown menu.
  • Click “Save” to finalize your changes and make your tab public.

How to sell on PoE trade

Once your tab is public, the Path of Exile Trade Website will automatically index your items, and they will appear in search results for other players. When a player is interested in purchasing one of your items, they’ll send you a whisper in-game to initiate the trade. Remember to keep your in-game status set to “online” and be responsive to trade requests to ensure a smooth trading experience. Maintaining a good reputation among the trading community is essential for successful transactions and repeat customers.

PoE Trade Tools 

In Path of Exile, the ability to sell nearly any item except for quest-related ones presents players with numerous opportunities to acquire currency and valuable resources. The challenge lies in distinguishing between high-value items and those that may not be worth the effort to trade. For example, while consumables consistently sell, the price difference between various consumables might not justify the time and effort spent trading them.

To make informed decisions about trading and ensure you’re focusing on worthwhile transactions, it’s essential to leverage tools that provide accurate information on item values and currency conversion rates. One such tool is poe.ninja, a website that helps players gain a comprehensive understanding of the current market trends and conversion rates for different in-game currencies.

How to sell on PoE trade

Another valuable resource is the Awakened POE Trade tool, which provides detailed in-game information about your items, including their value and potential demand in the market. By using this tool, you can quickly assess the worth of your items without needing to leave the game or consult external sources.

How to sell on PoE trade

Moreover, participating in the Path of Exile community, such as forums and social media groups, can provide insights into popular items, builds, and strategies that may affect the demand and value of certain items. By staying informed and utilizing these resources, you can optimize your trading experience, ensuring that you invest your time and effort in transactions that offer the most significant returns.

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How to sell on PoE trade

In conclusion, trading in Path of Exile is an essential aspect of the game that allows players to obtain valuable items, enhance their characters, and contribute to the in-game economy. By understanding the intricacies of the buying and selling process, players can make informed decisions, maximize their returns, and ultimately have a more enjoyable gaming experience.

This article was carefully prepared by the dedicated team at Overgear, who are committed to providing insightful and accurate information to our readers. We hope that this guide has been valuable to you, and we appreciate your continued support. As always, thank you for reading, and we wish you success in your Path of Exile trading endeavors!

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