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During the adventure in Path of Exile, there comes a time when one grinding becomes insufficient. A lot of unnecessary but expensive items have accumulated in the inventory, but the necessary ones do not drop.. How to make money selling unnecessary things, and at the same time catapult your character to new heights? This guide will open you up to a completely different aspect of the game — PoE trading.


The PoE’s economic system is reminiscent of the economy of antediluvian mankind, where no one heard of money, but was paid through barter. Path of Exile has no gold, instead there are varieties of currencies that are also doubled as crafting resources. Since PoE has a barter system with over 20 currencies, items do not have a unified price. Here, you can bargain and negotiate as at any market. You can negotiate with everyone, except the vendor – NPC, who gives for your loot exactly as much as it sees fit. Therefore, selling rare items to him is not a good idea. So, how to trade in POE to make profit?

Trading in Path of Exile

PoE loves everything outdated and antediluvian. This is probably why PoE does not have a common tool for convenient trading between players. No auctions or in-game mail.Thus, the only way to trade with people is to physically find a buyer and trade with them manually. I know that some people have problems with this at the first time, so I will describe the trading process step by step.

  1. You have to find a buyer, you know his in-game name → invite him into your party
  2. Find the right item in your stash. Usually the buyer whispers what he wants and where you have it in the your inventory . For example: « Hi, I would like to buy the Ashrend Buckskin Tunic for 1 Orb of Chance (stash tab “leg”; position: left 4, top 2)»
  3. Put the right item in your inventory
  4. Move the item into the trade window and check that the price they are offering is correct.
  5. Accept the trade

To find clients or find out what other players have for sale, use Poe.trade. This little tool on Path of Exile’s website helps you alot in your big business.

How to use Poe.trade:

  • Go to Poe.trade. Ensure your league is correctly selected before attempting to locate items for purchase.
  • When you find the desired item, click the «whisper» icon next to this item. By doing this, you copy a text that helps your salesperson find the right item.
    How to use Poe.trade
  • If this player is online, he will answer you and invite you into his hideout for an exchange
  • Make sure to bring the currency with you in your inventory.
  • In their hideout, complete the trade

PoE trade has a huge functionality for finding needed items. You can set either major parameters — type, base, number of sockets — or minor ones such as an item level, quality, and even the name of the seller and the currency for which you want to purchase an item. If you want to find some unique item, just enter its name in the search bar. Due to the large number of items in the search, you can narrow your search using the «Mods» button,
using the «Mods» button
Just click the button and select a characteristic you are interested in and specify minimum or maximum rolls on the right of the bar. In addition, you can add or remove additional affixes for a more precise search.
for a more precise search

How to sell items in Path of Exile

If you want to start selling items on Poe.trade, you will definitely need the Acquisition app and the premium stash tab. Premium tabs let you rename and color your tabs. Moreover, your tabs with premium status can be set «public» so Poe.trade can index the items stored there, it’ll show up in search results and other players can buy it from you. 

The Acquisition app

The Acquisition app will automate the process and make you more efficient.

  1. Download and install The Acquisition app
  2. Go to pathofexile.com/forum. Click «Trading» → choose your league → make a new thread ( give it a name and type some words about your inventory. It doesn’t really matter what you type, nobody read, we just need a thread)
    The Acquisition app
  3. Run The Acquisition app, choose your league and log in.
    choose your league and log in
  4. Click shop, forum shop thread. Go to your forum thread and copy the number from your URL. Paste this number into the app. 
  5. Go to pathofexile.com and compose the message to poexyzis, asking for your online URL. You will receive an automatic reply very soon. Copy the whole URL into Acquisition (the tab Auto online → control.poe.trade.URL)
  6. Check «autorefresh online status» and done.

Now, everyone can see your inventory and offer you deals. And you can set prices.

What items can you sell in Path of Exile? 

In PoE, you are allowed to sell literally every item, except quest items. The main thing is to understand whether the game is worth the candle and be able to separate the wheat from the chaff. For example, consumables will always sell but sometimes the prize difference isn’t worth it. To know the exact price of each item and not waste your time on trifles, use trade macro.
What items can you sell in Path of Exile
Trade macro will show you the entire market price history of your item and you will approximately understand its value at the market. Also use poe.ninja  to clearly understand a conversion rate of each currency.

Now, having dealt with the basics of the PoE’s currency and trading system, it’s time to put knowledge into practice. On Overgear, you can buy any currency for a little money and complete the perfect build.


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