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Cyclone is one of the most popular skills in the POE history and capable for doing all content in the game. You will be using Duelist ascendancy called Slayer which will give access to the powerful Life Leech ascendancy nodes and make it your strongest defensive layer.

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Cyclone Slayer build guide 5.0


  • Good clear speed
  • Excellent build from the league start to the end game
  • High damage on all stages of the game
  • Can run all map mods. BUT watch out for the Cannot Leech map mod
  • Good defences


  • Not that bad but still you will be playing melee skill
  • Need to get used to playstyle
  • Can be expensive

Mechanics and Playstyle

Cyclone utilizes a lot of tags like Attack, AoE, Channelling, Physical, Melee. Which we will be using to scale our damage. For defensive layers, we look at Fortify, Overleech with 6k life pool and the CWDT Immortal Call setup. 

Playstyle will be very elementary, when you need to kill something simply pressing Cyclone and spin around, if there are no enemies use the Leap Slam to find another pack of monsters. For bosses or tankier enemies you will also be using the Vaal Double Strike.

Skill Tree, Bandits and Ascendancy points

Skill Tree

Skill tree at level 100. If you still leveling, consider the Cluster jewel removalCyclone Slayer build guide


For Bandits, help Alira for extra resists and crit multi.


For ascendancy points, build will look like in the picture below:Cyclone Slayer build guideConsider taking Endless Hunger instead of Impact if you get stunned often and can’t afford an elevated chest for stun resistance.


For Major Gods, I recommend using the Soul of Solaris as a defence choice or the Soul of Lunaris if you want to make everything a little faster.

For Minor Gods, take the Soul of Gruthkul or the Soul of Garukhan.


Main gem setup will include:

  1.  Cyclone 
  2.  Brutality 
  3.  Melee Physical Damage 
  4.  Impale 
  5.  Infused Channelling 
  6.  Fortify 

For movement setup:

  1.  Leap Slam
  2.  Faster Attacks 
  3.  Endurance Charge on Melee Stun 
  4.  Blood Magic

Vaal Double strike setup:

  1.  Vaal Double Strike
  2.  Brutality 
  3.  Impale
  4.  Melee Physical Damage 

CWDT Setup:

  1.  Cast When Damage Taken (gem lvl 10)
  2.  Immortal Call (gem lvl 12)
  3.  Increased Duration
  4.  Blood Rage (will not be supported by CWRT)

In second 6-link put your auras setup:

  1.  Enlighten
  2.  Pride
  3.  Dread Banner
  4.  Precision (u can keep it low lvl if you don’t have Enlighten)
  5.  Maim
  6.  Flesh and Stone

Gear & Jewels

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Use Starforge until you can afford the Exquisite Blade with 650+ dps, just compare Starforge and rare weapons in the Path of Building. 


Simple and effective Devoto’s Devotion Gives us everything we need. For enchants, look for the Blood Rage attack speed, Cyclone Attack Speed or Blood and Sand increased Buff Effect.

Body Armor

 Look for the double influenced Astral plate with Warlord and Crusader mods on it.

 The most affordable variant will be look like this 

  •  Socketed Attacks have -15 to Total Mana Cost
  •  Enemies you Kill Explode, dealing 3% of their Life as Physical Damage

 Rest of the mods can be Life and resists.

 If you have enough currency look for the same Astral plate but with Elevated mods.

 it will look like this:Cyclone Slayer build guide


Atziri’s Acuity Gives us int that we need and saves a lot of points by providing the Vaal Pact.


The dooble influenced Two-Toned boots with Tailwind and Elusive on crit.

Rest of the mods fill with movement speed and resists.Cyclone Slayer build guide


Look for these mods:

  •  Adds # to # physical damage to attacks
  •  Increased Global Critical Strike Chance
  •  Global critical strike multiplier
  •  Life

Last prefix fill out with crafted area of effect and damage

suffix can be resist or int

Anoint with Tenacity using 2 Golden oils and 1 CrimsonCyclone Slayer build guide


The best choice will be 2 Steel rings and one of them needs to be with the warlord’s influence and have these mods.

  •  Curse enemies with Vulnerability on hit, with #% increased effect
  •  Life
  •  Adds # to # physical damage to attacks
  •  Rest mods can be resists and bench crafted % Increased Damage

Remember only 1 ring needs to be influenced and have curse mod. If you struggle with resistances you can change the second Steel ring for a resistance ring.


The best choice is Headhunter.

For bosses or until you can afford Headhunter use the Ryslatha’s Coil 


Watcher’s eye With Impales you inflict last 2 additional Hits. All above will cost a lot of money. For an additional mod, you can pick the Double Damage while using Pride or one of the Precision mods.

Transcendent Flesh put this jewel on the left side of the tree

Lethal Pride you can’t buy a good one so you need to divine it. Put it into the jewel slot below the duelist and look for useful mods, if you find bad mods on nodes simply keep divining it till good mods appear.

Large cluster jewel with Two handed weapon damage and 8 passive skills, and following mods

  • Graceful Execution
  • Smite the Weak
  • Surefooted Striker

 One Murderous Eye Jewel with

  •  Life 
  •  Chance to gain onslaught on kill
  •  Fill the remained mods with damage modifiers

 If you can’t afford the Watcher’s eye or the Lethal Pride you can use regular jewels with the following mods:

  • Critical Strike Multiplier with Two Handed Melee Weapons
  • Global Critical Strike Multiplier
  • Life


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Cyclone Slayer build guide 5.0

 You can level with any melee skill. Duelist tree is very versatile. If you need, pick up axe or mace nodes to level with slams and regret them after leveling. 


  • Lion’s Roar insane flask for this build
  • Bottled Faith expensive flask that gives a LOT of damage
  • Rest fill with utility flasks like
  • Alchemist’s Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline 
  • Experimenter’s Diamond Flask of Warding 
  • Anti bleed Divine Life Flask of your choice 

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