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Crafting in PoE is an essential element of gameplay that helps to strengthen your hero in the end-game, facilitate the passage of some stages in the midgame, or make money. For successful crafting, you need to know by what currency you can craft, methods of crafting, what to craft from and what to craft. In this guide, I will try to outline the PoE crafting system in general.

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Crafting in PoE 5.0

The basic knowledge

There are four types of item rarity in the game:

  • Normal (no mods)
  • Magic (from 1 to 2 mods)
  • Rare (from 1 to 6 mods)
  • Unique (specific mode)

Normal items, ironically, are the most necessary for crafting. They are called Bases. Bases, most of them, have the mod that is tied to this base and can’t be replaced, unless you corrupt this item. This property is called Implicit Modifier. But there are also Explicit modifiers, thanks to which the whole craft is possible. Explicit modifiers aka Affixes or Prefixes and Suffixes are modifiers that can be removed, changed, and added.

To interact with magic items, you can use:

  • Orb of Transmutation — changes a white item to a magic item. Adds one random affix.
  • Orb of Augmentation — adds a mod to a magic item with only 1 mod.
  • Regal Orb — adds one random affix to a magic item, causing the item to become rare.
  • Orb of Scouring — removes all affixes from magic item, turning it into a white item.

To interact with rare items, you can use:

  • Exalted Orb — adds one random affix to a rare item.
  • Orb of Annulment — removes one random affix from a rare item.
  • Orb of Scouring — removes all affixes from a rare item, turning it into a white item.

Each item has an ilvl. Ilvl shows what modifications and modification tier an item can have. Mods belong to a specific group. An item can only have one mod from a group. Mods can be Global and Local. What does it mean? Global mod affects your character’s stats directly, but Local mod affects item or gems. Check out the full mods list on wiki or PoEDB.

Another important parameter of an item is its quality. Quality affects the characteristics of an item. The better the quality, the higher the stats. Quality also improves the chance to link sockets.

The best final item and choosing the base

Before crafting something, you need to decide what we want to do and why. Is it a weapon or armor, for yourself or for sale? The POE market is volatile – what was the best yesterday may be average today. But some items generally give the best results:

  • Thicket Bow
    Crafting in PoE
  • Imperial Bow
    Crafting in PoE
  • Stygian Vise
    Crafting in PoE
  •  Vaal Regalia
    Crafting in PoE
  • Shaped and Elder items (depending on the slot)

If for some reason you want to take another item for crafting, then look at the following parameters: Base value and Item Level. With the base value, everything is clear — you need a crit — we are looking for a weapon with a maximum crit strike chance, we need AS — we are looking for a maximum AS, etc. By the way, this is a good choice to take the second fastest item if that item has any powerful implicit

Item level is kinda tricky thing. Not always max ilvl means best profit. Some affixes appear on items from a certain level. It means we can use Item level for blocking some affixes. Thus, we must find a middle ground: we need an ilvl that includes all the affixes and its tiers we need and blocks all unnecessary ones. Yes, it’s complicated, but this resource will help you a lot with finding middle ground for any item

Basic Crafting method

There are several types of crafting: from basic to advanced. Let’s start with the basic option.

Part 1

In this part, our main task is to turn a white item into a magic one and add two GOOD affixes on it.

Step 1

Take a base ( white item ) and use an Orb of Transmutation on it. Done. Now it’s a magic item with 1 or 2 random mods. 

Step 2

If you got  bad mods, use Orb of Alteration to reforge your magic item, until you get desired mods. If you have only 1 mod,you can use Orb of Augmentation to add an extra one. As you can guess, this gambler’s game takes a lot of time and orbs. So roll over and over, however, it’s a cheap part of crafting.

Part 2

At this stage, our task is to make our magic item a perfect rare item with at least three good mods.

Step 1

We already have a magic item with two good mods. Use the Regal Orb on it to add a third mod. This will automatically turn the item into a rare item. The extra mod is random, so if you get trash, use Orb of Scouring and start over.


When you get a good third mod, you can stop and decide what to do next:

  1. You can stop crafting. We already have a rare item with three good mods. This item costs a lot, but further crafting is risky
  2. We do not have enough thrills, we want to continue and make the perfect item at any cost.

Step 2

We need a lot of Exalted orbs for this improvement. By the way you can buy cheap Exalted orbs on Overgear. So, we have rare item with 3 mods. By Exalted orbs we can set three good mods in one affix group. In case if, new mod is bad, we are blocking useful affixe group (if we have bad prefix – we craft “Suffixes cannot be changed” – that is prefix – and vice versa). After this we can use Orb of Annulment to remove bad mod. In case you are unlucky and you removed a good mod, go back to the first step. 

Experienced crafters can block unwanted affixes or suffixes.For example, we can increase the chances of a good affix appearing. First, we create a suffix for the unwanted mod group, thereby blocking this group for the affix. And vice versa.

Step 3

Our goal is to get as many good mods as possible. We saving good mods, reroll bad ( freeze Suffix or Prefix → use Orb of Annulment → block → gamble again). You will need hundreds of currencies for this.

Advanced Crafting methods

Often, advanced crafting methods minimize risks, but require rare resources.

Essence Craft

Essence Crafting requires essences. An essence is part of a complex group of currency. There are 25 different types of essences. Essence Craft guarantees one modification and randomizes the next ( sometimes unique).
Crafting in PoEThis is a good way to craft because it is more or less predictable.

Fossil Crafting

Fossil crafting is another one good method with great degree of control over what the results are. Fossil crafting requires a Resonator and Fossil(s). Unfortunately, Fossils can only be found in the Azurite Mine in small quantities, which makes this crafting method expensive. Perfect Fossil can raise an item’s quality to 30%. By the way Fossil crafting ignores «mods cannot be changed».


Beastcrafting is an interesting crafting method that involves killing animals at the blood altar in the Menagerie to complete the ritual.  Each beastcrafing recipe requires four beasts to be sacrificed, with most of them requiring one specific Red Beast and three Rare Beasts. So what Beastcrafting can do?


Imprint allows you to create a save copy of your magic item stored in Imprint. An imprint can be used to return an item to its previous state after it has been altered by other currency items. In this state, you can do whatever you want with the item, and if it didn’t work out, then return it to its previous state. Be careful, imprint does not clear corruption and can be a donor to another item.

Corrupt an Item to Have 30% Quality

It just corrupts an item and adds to it 30% quality.

 Split an Item Into Two

This is a powerful method of crafting. In some cases, it works like a Mirror of Kalandra. This is due to the fact that some things cannot be splitted, so they are duplicated. For example, if you split a 6-linked item, the outcome will be two 6-linked items. This method is also used to remove bad mods and keep good ones.

  • Does not work on influenced items
  • Does not work on items with enchant or catalyst quality

Add a Prefix, Remove a Random Suffix and Add a Suffix, Remove a Random Prefix 

Works like Orb of Annulment. Obviously, the element must initially have both a suffix and a prefix. So in the end, if an item had 2 Suffix or 2 Affix, the result will have 3 Prefixes or 3 Suffixes and vice versa.

Also Beastcrafting can add some unique mod to a Flask.

 Syndicate Craft

Syndicate crafting benches can also provide you some useful tools:

  • Hillock. Provides up to 28% quality to weapons and armour and up to 26% to flasks.
  • Aisling can add 2 Veiled mods to rare item
  • Jorgin can turn your amulet into Talisman. 
  • Vorici can turn 1-3 sockets into white sockets. 
  • Leo can provide you with free Exalted Orb Exalted Orb for craft. But you can’t keep it.

Currency aka crafting materials

Any of the crafting methods require a lot of currency, especially the Exalted Orb. You need hundreds of different currencies for one good craft. Of course, you can spend weeks farming these currencies, or you can use trading markets. You can search some currency on poe.trade or buy the cheapest currency on Overgear. Overgear is a reliable and respectable platform for trading. We have a top rating on Trustpilot, so people trust us for a reason. Moreover we have a special offer: every ten Exalted orbs will give you a 1% discount up to 10%.

Unsuccessful craft. Solutions

Everything is relative, any unsuccessful craft can be an BiS (Best Item in Slot) for another class / build. If you find some good mods, but not quite suitable for you, it is better to stop gambling and sell the item. And with the money raised to buy a new base and materials. Either way, know your limits and don’t take too much risk. Remember that the game is not worth the candle if the crafted item is worth less resources spent on it. 

Useful addons

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Crafting in PoE 5.0

NeverSink’s Filter

NeverSink’s Filter allows you to hide unnecessary items and highlight the ones you need.
Crafting in PoE

PoE Overlay

Very useful for trading and farming.

Trade macro

Trade macro will show you the entire market price history of your item and you will approximately understand its value at the market.

AHK Client and PoEasyTrade.ahk

AHK Client and PoEasyTrade.ahk will allow you to trade currencies faster

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