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Finally, you have bought and downloaded the New World game, and are ready to start your journey around the world of Aeternum. But no one said that the trip would be an easy walk. As they say among MMORPG gamers – “you came here for GRIND” and that is why this guide will help you to take the first steps correctly, save you from wasting time and give you pleasure from the gameplay.

So let’s get started.

Choose the server right

There are several game servers in New World, which are divided into regions. Choose the server you need, suitable for the time zone. It’s very important to look at the server’s population parameter,  if the server is densely populated, you may be faced with the fact that you want to participate in a PVP war against a hostile faction, but all the free spots will already be taken. And vice versa, if there are few people on the server, then if you need a party to complete a certain quest, you can wait more than one hour trying to gather a group of players. Surely you can find a company on Overgear!

Try and choose weapons

In New World, there is no division into classes, while the player can simultaneously use two slots for weapons. For example, the shield/sword combination is the first slot, and Life staff is the second slot. One of the good tips is to choose a weapon that suits your playing style and fits your weapon combo.

There are many ways and options for weapon builds, like DD (musket/rapier), wizard (fire staff/ice gauntlet), DPS (bow/spear), and different varieties, that’s important to remember and always bear in your mind, that you can use our coaching offer and the best players will show you the greatest combos of weapons and secrets of weapon’s build to make you undefeated PvP/PvE warrior. 

Watch gear durability

In the process of using weapons or gathering tools, sooner or later they lose their durability. It is very important to keep track of this parameter so that at the right moment the weapon does not break and let you down. To do this, you can salvage those items that you don’t need and get repair parts along with the gold. This will allow you to repair your items! You should use “R” + click on the item.
Another good tip is to buy or craft repairing kits (at least 15 levels of engineering needed), that will sufficiently save your money.


The repair can be carried out anywhere; you do not need to look for a merchant or a workshop.

Beginner’s tips and tricks for New World

Control the weight of your inventory

Your inventory is limited to a certain weight. If the character is encumbered, then he will not be able to move quickly or dodge attacks.
The weight carried by the character depends on the chosen playstyle, if you want to wear heavy armor, then be prepared for the fact that this will reduce the capacity of your inventory.

Beginner’s tips and tricks for New World


Of course, you will be able to equip special satchels afterward that increase the weight you carry on a permanent basis. If you need some Coins or Faction Tokens – you know where to get them!
For a short boost of your encumbrance, you can use an encumbrance potion which could be crafted or bought.

Use fast travel opportunities

New World has no mounts, you need to be prepared that you often have to run a lot in forests, fields, and mountains. But you need to be curious and it will be rewarded!
Aeternum has Fast Travel Shrines that will allow you to move between locations. If you have enough Azoth for traveling, of course. Such a shrine is easy to see from afar – a blue-ray directed high into the sky.

Beginner’s tips and tricks for New World


On the other hand, searching of the Fast Travel Shrines quite difficult and tediously, just imagine the whole Aeternum map you need to go through, fighting, walking – we are here to save tons of your time, our offer for Fast Travel Shrines searching is approaching.

There are some nice tricks here – traveling is much cheaper if you have empty Bags. The second one – you can save some Azoth with several teleports. Sometimes it’s cheaper if that zone is conquered by your faction.

Inn recall and camps as a good trick for re-spawn and traveling

You can check in the Inn in every city. This will allow you to move to the Inn from any location for free. Although you can do this once an hour, you can check in only in one city, so if you are going to complete quests in a certain location, it is better not to forget to do this.

Beginner’s tips and tricks for New World


Good trick before every serious fight – to build your camp nearby, because you can be killed, and running a few kilometers to the place of death is very tiring.
Do not forget to build your camp, moreover, all the items needed for this are located at hand (flint and wood).

Also in the camp, you can craft basic items – meals to heal your character and so on.

Choose your side

As soon as you reach the first town, you can choose a faction to join. There are three factions in the game – The Maradeurs, The Covenant, and The Syndicate. As people say, The Maradeurs make war, The Syndicate make money, and The Covenants just chill! So make your choice according to your preferences and choose the faction that suits you. To be honest, that’s only cosmetical differences between them, but, for example, if you love green, join The Marauders!

The most important part – if you play with friends, join one faction, since you can change it only after 120 days. Otherwise, you will not be able to participate in joint PvP and will have to fight each other.

Faction quests and town missions

Joining a faction will allow you to complete faction quests as well as participate in faction wars.

Beginner’s tips and tricks for New World

Completing faction quests allows you to earn special tokens, for which you can buy various items from a representative of the faction.

Faction quests are divided into PvE and PvP events, as a rule, you cannot earn a lot of XP on them, but you can significantly increase your gear score, faction reputation, and territory standing.

Faction store items you can buy depending on your faction reputation level. The higher one you got, the better stuff you can purchase. Some of the items are extremely needed for your crafting and upgrade of trade skills. Any expedition needs to have a special key – Tuning Orb, which can be crafted only with a Chisel from faction store.

One of the best tips for beginners – make Town missions which could be picked up from Town Board. Missions can range from cooking recipes to killing creatures, gathering some materials, and so on. By completing only Town missions, you can get a character level 50 in a day or two! If you will need coins for this, we have stacks!

Beginner’s tips and tricks for New World

These tricks must not be underestimated by beginners.

Level gathering and trading skills early

Gathering skills are a very important part of the game. It is better to start increasing them from the very beginning. For sure, this is a rather monotonous process, but it pays off very quickly and will give you plenty of benefits. The gathering will allow you to earn materials that cost a fair amount of gold.

Beginner’s tips and tricks for New World


If you do not want to waste your time on the boring grind – logging trees, gathering herbs, or mining, trust us and take advantage of the hot offer – boost any profession you want.

Increase your territory standing


Beginner’s tips and tricks for New World

The more activity you show in a certain area, the more opportunities it will allow you to get later – completing quests, killing mobs, etc., all this allows you to increase your territory standing.

Receive benefits in the form of Trading tax decrease, gathering speed increase, increased XP gain, and other pleasant bonuses.
Upon reaching level 15, as well as a certain territory standing level (10), you can purchase your own house in one of the cities of Aeternum! You can own only three houses in New world (they are purchasable at level 15, 35, 55). Buying a house will allow you to fast travel to it every 2-4 hours for free, has storage, and has room for your trophies which boosts your luck, character, and crafting.

As a first-time purchasing the house, you will have a discount of 50%. That’s working only once, so take care of buying a house in the location you need. Definitely, that could be Everfall as the capital of Aeternum and trading center of the New World.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, and these tips and tricks will make this step proper and right. Become the most experienced and professional player in the charming world of Aeternum!

Author – Kanavnik

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