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At long last, the Warriors of Light would be able to witness the end of the story which started with the release of the first Expansion. The rivalry of Hydaelyn and Zodiark is coming to its end, and it surely marks the beginning of a new era for Final Fantasy XIV.  

Scheduled for the December 7 (or 2 for the players who have pre-ordered the game and had the luck to actually log in), the newest Endwalker expansion will bring a massive amount of content including the story progression, new classes, long-awaited races, different utility features, etc.  

Not everything will be available straight away – some parts of the content would be added to the game later with the patches to come. 

New locations

Following the main story progression coming with patch 6.0 players will finally have the chance to visit those well-known locations like Sharlayan, Garlemald, and Thavnair.

New dungeons and side-quests will also be implemented, as well as the new role quests and crafting quests.

New classes: Sage and Reaper

What’s new in the Endwalker

The previous expansions had always been bringing some new classes with them, and the Endwalker isn’t an exception. So, this time we are welcoming to the class roster Sage and Reaper – the new healer and the new DPS respectively.  

Sage is the magician, whose unique curative technique originates in Sharlayan. With the help of nouliths, stones impregnated with ether moving freely in the air, they channel their vital energy to heal or attack. Thus, the sages are pretty mobile on the field and have an interesting playstyle based on the varied shield usage and the numerous healing spells demanding to take into account the gimmicks of the new Eukrasia gauge as well as the mana management.

The sage starts at level 70 and can be unlocked in Limsa Lominsa.

Reaper is the close-range DPS who is sharing the gear with the Dragoon.

Since they are from Garlemald and can’t handle the aether, the Reapers entered into the pact with the void creature, therefore, creating a unique battle technique. Armed with a scythe, they can perform the heavy damaging combos weaving special abilities into them.

The starting level for the class is 70, and it can be unlocked in Ul’dah.

What’s new in the Endwalker

New feature: cross-data traveling system

The Moon isn’t the only “long distanced” location that the players will be able to visit. Now the fellow warriors of light will get the chance to make a party with their colleagues from the other data centres across the Eorzea. Due to this new option, the ordeal of finding a team should become a bit more doable, and the chance to unite with friends from the other worlds is also quite tempting. The cross-data centre traveling is surely one of the best options which are to be implemented in-game with the Endwalker expansion.

New races and customization features

Naoki Yoshida and the team indeed hearkened to the prayers of their fanbase and the long-awaited male bunnies are finally coming to the game. Now along with the existing races, it would be possible to choose and customize your own male Viera.

What’s new in the Endwalker

The bunny ladies also would be pleased to know, that in the upcoming patch they’d be getting more hairstyle options.

It had also been announced that Square Enix is going to add the Hrothgar female counterparts as well, but it won’t happen immediately after the release. The players need to be patient and wait for the patches to come to be able to play as a female Hrothgar.

Glamour hunters would also be happy to know that some items like Maid Dress are losing their gender unicity, so now the Praetorium runs will become even spicier.

New housing district – Ishgard

Another long-awaited addition to the game – Ishgard housing district – is coming with patch 6.0. 

The purchasing process will also be changed to even the chances of acquiring the fresh new plot in the frozen lands among all players. The instant relocation of the existing house would no longer be possible, so everyone would now be participating in the lottery procedure.


Removed belts

Starting from patch 6.0 the belts would be completely removed meaning it would no longer be possible to equip or buy them.

However, they are not disappeared entirely: any belts that the character had in their Armory Chest could be found at the Calamity Salvager and then desynched, sold, or exchanged for the seals in the Grand Company. 


Increased level cap and the squished stats 

Following the increased level cap (now it’s 90), Endwalker also brings with it the miniaturizing of the stats. The amount of HP and the damage numbers would be lowered, and the enemies would be scaled accordingly to fit the new order. It was noted earlier by the SE team that these huge numbers could eventually break the game, so they decided to address the problem as soon as possible.


New beast tribes

With the continuation of an epic story the new beast tribes will also be introduced – Larkasodara and Loporits. 


New feature: Island Sanctuary

The official Endwalker website also contains information about another tempting for the veterans feature – Island Sanctuary. It is said that the player will now be able to relax somewhere in the personal paradise with the whole collection of minions running around. 

Unlike the Ishgardian Restoration, it would be a solo activity, and it is meant to be slow and peaceful like Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley.


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