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Abyssos is the second wing of Pandaemonium Raid for the Endwalker expansion released in patch 6.2. The raid features a continuation of Pandaemonium Raid story quests, as well as the next tier of raid content.

Pandaemonium: Abyssos Savage Raid Overview

There are new achievements to earn, as well as new BiS gear and exclusive mounts to obtain.

What is Savage Raids?

Savage Raids are hard difficulty raids for 8 players that consist of four instanced bosses on each raid tier. With the release of each new raid wing during the expansion’s life cycle, a new raid tier begins, introducing new gear for players to obtain.

Completing Savage Raids awards players with coffers and upgrade materials that are used to obtain BiS Gear for any job of your choice. Final bosses of each Savage Raid tier additionally drop exclusive rewards like mounts.

Pandaemonium: Abyssos Savage unlock requirements and preparation

To unlock Pandaemonium: Abyssos (Savage), you must first clear Normal Raid by completing a new quest line that starts with An Unwelcome Visitor quest from Claudien in Labyrinthos (X: 8.6; Y: 27.5). Once cleared, you can talk to Nemiji in Labyrinthos (X: 8.4; Y: 27.4) to unlock the Savage Raid. You can access the raid via the Duty Finder on the High-end Duty setting.

Pandaemonium: Abyssos Savage Raid Overview

The minimum gear requirements vary between bosses (between ilvl 600 and ilvl 610), but these requirements can be easily covered by getting new gear from various sources:

  • ilvl 610 Normal Raid Gear – Each Normal Raid boss drops gear tokens that can be exchanged from Mylenie in Labyrinthos (X: 8.3; Y: 27.6) or Djole in Radz-at-Han (X: 10.3; Y: 9.6) for gear. The costs are as follows:

    SlotToken cost
    Earring, Necklace, Bracelet, Ring1x Unsung Ring of Abyssos
    Head, Arms, Feet2x Unsung Helm/Gauntlet/Greaves of Abyssos
    Body, Legs4x Unsung Armor/Chausses of Abyssos
  • ilvl 610 High-Quality Crafted Gear that allows overmelding substats – for comfortable crafting, crafters require BiS crafting gear;
  • ilvl 620 Tomestone Gear – You can only get 450 Tomestones of Causality per week, which convert into 1 piece of gear per week or 2 weeks for chest, leg pieces, and a weapon. Additionally, Tomestone weapon requires an Ultralight Tomestone, that is available as a guaranteed drop from Abyssos: The Sixth Circle (Savage) or bought with 7 Unsung Blades of Abyssos, making it 7 weeks of clearing Normal Abyssos: The Eighth Circle to obtain the Tomestone Weapon without clearing Savage Raids;
  • ilvl 615 Windswept Weapon – obtained from Storm’s Crown (Extreme) as a natural drop, weapon coffer or bought with 10 Windswept Archfiend Totems from Nesvaaz in Radz-at-Han (X:10.6, Y:10.0). Due to the length and difficulty of this Extreme Trial, each clear awards 2 totems that allows you to buy a weapon in 5 clears if you won’t get any luck with drops and weapon coffer rolls.

Communication is important. Most of the mechanics require strict positioning and understanding of what you and your party members should do, so it will become easier if party members communicate with each other.

Pandaemonium: Abyssos Savage Bosses

Abyssos: The Fifth Circle – Proto-Carbuncle

Compared to the Normal counterpart, the fight with Proto-Carbucle begins straight below the cages, so you won’t have to worry about transitional cutscenes.

Pandaemonium: Abyssos Savage Raid Overview

Fight Notes:

  • Venomous Mass is a tank swap and is followed up with Toxic Crunch tankbuster;
  • Try to stand at poison puddles as late as possible to minimize DoTs while preventing Lively Bait adds from spawning;
  • Venom Squall pattern order is different from the Normal version: Spread – Bait AoEs – 2 Stacks. Venom Surge pattern order is reversed: 2 Stacks – Bait AoEs – Spread;
  • Tail to Claw / Claw to Tail determines the order in which half of the arena will be cleaved, watch it’s facing and dodge accordingly;
  • Once Satiety hits 0, Carbuncle begins his Devour pattern. Watch the first 3 marker movements to determine if it will jump in a Circle or Zigzag pattern;
  • After evading the Devour attacks, ignore one puddle to spawn a Lively Bait add to feed the Carbuncle and prevent early enrage. The ignored puddle also deals massive damage to the closest player;
  • Venom Pool can be landed on Topaz Stones to corrupt them into venom stones and is required to create a safe zone in patterns where stones would explode on both sides of Ruby Glow’s walls;
  • As Searing Ray behaves the same way as in Normal Mode, Carbuncle can mix up Raging Claw instead, this attack will not reflect from the wall. Be aware;
  • Final 10 Satiety after feeding serves as an enrage timer.

Abyssos: The Sixth Circle – Hegemone

Pandaemonium: Abyssos Savage Raid Overview

Fight Notes:

  • Compared to Normal, Exocleaver and Choros Ixou will be cast twice, and the second cast will cleave the spots that were safe on the first cast. Keep that in mind during other mechanics to avoid the second cast properly;
  • Chelic Synergy is a shared tankbuster, while Synergy is a tank swap. While the pull starts with Chelic Synergy, further tankbusters during the fight are in random order;
  • Pathogenic Cells is a Limit Cut mechanic, that assigns the spots for cleaves and swaps according to numerical order;
  • Polynominoids explode in a cross-shaped pattern, unlike the Normal version;
  • Don’t get fooled when Polyominoids are swapping with Aetherical Exchange, as well as when players are swapping markers during Exchange of Agonies;
  • Transmission can give a Chelomorph debuff (Wing) instead of Normal’s Glossomorph debuff (Snake), it will cleave from the player’s back instead of the front when it expires;
  • During the first Cachexia mechanic, determine the order and positioning by the duration of the Aetheronecrosis debuff and the type of Chelic/Glossal Resistance Down debuff. Ptera Ixou ends the mechanic with cleaves of according damage type on both sides;
  • Second Cachexia will only determine the positioning for the final combination of Polyominoids, Transmission, and markers mechanics.

Abyssos: The Seventh Circle – Agdistis

Pandaemonium: Abyssos Savage Raid Overview

Fight Notes:

  • Just like in Normal, Spark of Life raid-wide applies DoT;
  • Dispersed/Condensed Aero II is a tankbuster that must be either taken by each tank alone or shared;
  • Blades of Attis marks the start of Exaflare patterns;
  • Roots of Attis will break the bridges between the platforms, and make sure the party is positioned right for further mechanics;
  • Determine the order of debuffs during Inviolate Bonds and Inviolate Purgation to stack and spread damage accordingly.

During Forbidden Fruit and other Harvest mechanics further into the fight, the beasts change their behavior according to the pattern:

  • Minotaurs will appear that either have a proximity damage tether on players or will cleave 2 closest players if they’re not tethered;
  • Bulls will target players with tethers instead and will cleave with line AoE instead of cleaving the platform;
  • Birds will target players with tethers that deal damage in a line and do a heavy knockback.

Abyssos: The Eighth Circle – Hephaistos

Pandaemonium: Abyssos Savage Raid Overview

Fight Notes:

  • Hephaistos will stock Conceptual Tetraflare/Octaflare that will go off later, dealing damage that must be shared or spread out;
  • Flameviper is a double-swap tankbuster, main tank should pick up the boss aggro back after the second cast;
  • Most of the mechanics involve resolving Volcanic Torches, limiting the safe zone for resolving the fight.

At the beginning of Reforged Reflection transformation, Hephaistos will perform either hitbox AoE (Arms mechanic) or knockback (Legs mechanic). Mechanics will differ if it occurs on the first time or the second time:

  • If the first mechanic is Arms, players receive either Eye or Blood of the Gorgon debuff, which will resolve in either a petrifying cleave in front of the player or a heavy damage puddle. Use these debuffs to safely kill Gorgon adds. Don’t forget to avoid Gorgons’ gaze when they pop up;
  • If the first mechanic is Legs, the pairs of Rearing Rampage spreaded AoEs determine the order on which pairs should take the Stomp Dead, to prevent deaths by Earth Vulnerability Up debuff;
  • If the second mechanic is Arms, all players receive both Gorgon debuffs with different duration, while 2 players additionally receive the Cursed Shriek debuff that will cast Petrification from these players and other 2 receive Purple-Colored Blood debuff that will cast a shared AoE, which is able to kill Gorgons the same way Blood of the Gorgon does;
  • If the second mechanic is Legs, Hephaistos will perform a harder version of Normal mode’s Blazing Footfalls pattern, as well as additional AoEs like Quadrupedal Crush/Impact (Out/In the boss’ hitbox), Conceptual Diflare/Tetraflare (Diflare is shared by 4 players) and Volcanic Torches.

The fight has a very tight DPS check, players must reach below 50% HP after resolving second Reforged Reflection to activate the checkpoint and proceed to the second phase.

Hephaistos: Savage Phase

As the name suggests, further mechanics are Savage-exclusive, and progressing through this phase requires reliable clears of the first phase as it has a shared instance timer.

Fight Notes:

  • Aioniopyr raid-wide applies DoT;
  • Hephaistos’ basic attacks hit hard and must be shared by both tanks;
  • Tyrant’s Unholy Darkness is a spread tankbuster;
  • Players marked with Natural Alignment receive a long DoT and will detonate and wipe if they die. They won’t be targeted and don’t participate in Twist Nature mechanics.

On Twist Nature, two cast bars will become visible above one of the marked player’s heads, resolving mechanics shown on icons according to cast times:

  • Stack marker – single shared AoE
  • Purple Circle – spread AoE
  • Fire – 3 shared AoEs, targeting furthest players
  • Ice – 2 shared AoEs, targeting the closest players

High Concept:

Mechanics begins with a heavy raid-wide which will apply one of the debuffs:

  • 8-second/28-second Alpha/Beta/Gamma debuff – big-sized AoEs that will create different sets of elements for players;
  • 2-stack/3-stack debuff – small-sized shared AoEs

Stacking players having a same-colored element creates an elemental concept, it will help soak the tower of the same color

During Limitless Desolation, don’t rush to the tower to soak it, as Hephaistos will cast a burning puddle on players in order,

Inverse Magicks reverses the order of Twist Nature mechanics. It might be applied on either or both marked players, so don’t get fooled.

High Concept 2:

  • The goal of the mechanic is to create Phoenix Concept by combining 2 Fire Concepts with 2 Wind Concepts while resolving tower sets and adds;
  • Players holding Fire Concept are affected by DoT;
  • Intercept adds’ tethers to pull them away from the party;
  • Before creating a Phoenix Concept, players holding the Phoenix Plume must be in full health.

Further mechanics alternate and apply Damage Up to Hephaistos up until enrage at 5 stacks:

  • Aionagonia is a harder hitting raid-wide;
  • Dominion is a spread raid-wide that applies Earth Vulnerability Up debuff to 4 players. Players without debuff must soak earthen moving towers.

Pandaemonium: Abyssos Savage Loot Overview

You can only obtain loot once per boss per week. The number of reward coffers the raid boss drops depends on the amount of players that have already cleared the encounter this week:

  • 0 players: 2 chests
  • 1-4 players: 1 chest
  • 5+ players: No loot

Pandaemonium: Abyssos Savage Raid Overview

Each boss has its own loot table, dropping ilvl 630 gear coffers for their corresponding slots, as well as additional rewards like upgrade materials that will upgrade your Tomestone gear up to ilvl 630.

BossCoffer SlotExtra Loot
Proto-CarbuncleAccessory (Earring, Necklace, Bracelets, Ring)None
HegemoneHead, Feet, ArmsMoonshine Shine
Ultralight Tomestone
AgdistisHead, Feet, Arms, LegsMoonshine Brine
Moonshine Twine
HephaistosChest, Weapon*Job-specific Weapon*
Sunforged (Mount)
White Stone Black (Orchestrion Roll)

Additionally, each boss has a guaranteed drop of its boss token: Abyssos Mythos that can be used to purchase gear from Mylenie in Labyrinthos (X: 8.3, Y: 27.6) or Djole in Radz-at-Han (X: 10.3, Y: 9.6).

BossItem CostSlot
Proto-Carbuncle4x Abyssos Mythos IAccessory
(Earring, Necklace, Bracelets, Ring)
Hegemone4x Abyssos Mythos IIHead, Feet, Arms
Moonshine Shine (Accessory upgrade)
Agdistis8x Abyssos Mythos IIILegs
4x Abyssos Mythos IIIMoonshine Twine (Armor upgrade)
Moonshine Brine (Weapon upgrade)
Hephaistos8x Abyssos Mythos IVChest, Weapon*

*Defeating Hephaistos is the only option to obtain BiS ilvl 635 Abyssos Weapons.

Abyssos Bastard SwordPLD
Abyssos Shield
Abyssos War AxeWAR
Abyssos GuillotineDRK
Abyssos SawbackGNB
Abyssos BaghnakhsMNK
Abyssos PartisanDRG
Abyssos CleaversNIN
Abyssos BladeSAM
Abyssos SickleRPR
Abyssos Compound BowBRD
Abyssos PistolMCH
Abyssos ChakramsDNC
Abyssos RodBLM
Abyssos DegenRDM
Abyssos StaffWHM
Call of the AbyssSCH
Abyssos OrreryAST
Abyssos WingsSGE
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Pandaemonium: Abyssos Savage Raid Overview

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