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Gil is the main currency in FF14, which is used to pay for most in-game items: from equipment to the game house. And if equipment does not require the greatest expenditure, then to buy a house you need to spend a fortune. So how can you earn Gil quickly and in large quantities? In this guide, we will answer this question and give the most useful tips, except for the most obvious one, which you probably already know: buy Gil on Overgear!

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How to Farm Gil in FF14

How do you get Gil fast?

Endwalker expansion, like any other addon, makes its own adjustments to the game and its economy, so the best farming method is changing. Not to mention tradable commodities: what is a profitable item today may be worthless tomorrow. However, there are constants that do not change. We will consider all Gil-making methods, sources of income, and valuable items below.

What is the easiest way to make Gil FF14?

Crafting and Gathering is probably one of the most effective ways to earn FFXIV Gil. Having the highest level of crafting in the profession, you will be one of the first to make things for sale. And since there are not so many such things on the server yet, you will receive a lot of money for selling them. And it doesn’t matter what it will be: special gear, consumables, quality items, or even basic items. Collect high-demand materials that crafters need. Items like rare ores, logs, and other resources can be quite valuable.

What can I sell to make Gil?

Earning sizable amounts of gil in FFXIV primarily revolves around trading. By creating the latest gear, food and potions with your own hands, you can earn millions of gold, so don’t ignore professions: the best craftsman can earn tens of millions of Gil.

Glamour Gear is your Goldmine

Being fashionable is expensive, and Final Fantasy 14 is no exception. Rare or popular glamour items can cost millions of Gil, and the craftsman who can create these unique items becomes a millionaire. However, you should keep an eye on updates, especially those that bring new casual outfits to the game and have a high-level craft ability.

How to Farm Gil in FF14

Sell Boss Themed Weapons

This is very similar to glamor because it affects your character’s prestige on the server, but it’s a little different. Weapons inspired by bosses frequently top the market board’s demand list. Yet, it’s wise to monitor their prices daily as they can fluctuate dramatically. Their allure is understandable, given their impressive appearance. Many bosses nod to previous Final Fantasy editions, endearing them to long-time fans. Typically, the harder the boss, the higher the potential Gil from the weapon sale.

What is the best crafting job to make Gil?

True style aficionados understand that fashion isn’t limited to attire; it also extends to one’s abode. What’s a chic house without opulent decor? The Carpenter class shines in this realm, offering the most extensive array of housing items. Players can identify and craft in-demand items by keeping a keen eye on the market board and tracking Housing section trends, turning a tidy profit.

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Market Board Flipping

Market Board flipping is a method used by many MMORPG players, including those in Final Fantasy XIV, to earn in-game currency. The concept revolves around buying items at a low price and selling them at a higher price, capitalizing on market trends, supply and demand fluctuations, and player behaviors.

Before diving into flipping, spend time observing the Market Board to understand the prices of items, their fluctuations, and demand. Familiarize yourself with high-demand items, such as crafting materials, raid consumables, and popular gear or glamour pieces.

To start flipping, you’ll need some Gil to invest. The more you have, the bigger the flips you can aim for, but even small investments can lead to decent profits if done right.

Successful flipping often requires patience. You might have to wait for the right opportunity to buy or for the market to shift in your favor when selling.

Don’t forget to buy items in bulk when they are priced low, and then sell them in smaller stacks at a higher unit price. Players often pay a premium for the convenience of buying exact quantities.

However, not every flip will be successful. If you made a bad investment, sometimes it’s better to sell at a loss and reinvest that Gil elsewhere instead of waiting indefinitely for a market rebound.

Treasure Hunt

In FFXIV treasure maps are a unique form of content that allows players to embark on treasure hunts. These hunts lead to caches of riches and, occasionally, special encounters with powerful enemies. There are two ways to get Treasure Maps:

  • Disciples of the Land (Miners, Botanists, and Fisherfolk) can find treasure maps when gathering at level-specific nodes. The type of map you can get depends on the level of the node you’re gathering from.
  • Players often sell treasure maps on the Market Board.

The treasure map will lead you to a treasure that is guarded by a boss. By defeating him, you can get Gil, crafting materials, equipment and glamor items, minions and mounts, and special encounters. Special encounters consist of several levels and stages, each of which offers increasing rewards but also higher risks.

While some maps are soloable, many are designed for groups. Teaming up makes battles easier and can lead to more lucrative rewards when higher-tier maps are used.

Daily and Weekly Tasks

Daily and weekly tasks provide players with structured, repeatable content that can be completed from time to time for various rewards. These tasks are designed to offer both progression for characters and incentives for players to log in regularly.

Duty Roulettes and tribal missions offer opportunities to accumulate Gil or even obtain valuable materials. On a weekly basis, an activity checklist rewards players with a decent sum of Gil for accomplishing diverse tasks. Some of these are as simple as engaging in mini-games, while others are accomplished effortlessly during regular gameplay.

Some Minions can cost a Millions

In Final Fantasy 14, minions are highly sought-after collectibles. Many players embark on a quest to amass these charming companions, which can be discovered through various means including dungeons, raids, crafting, and gathering. A considerable number of these minions can be traded on the market board. Astute players often scout for high-value minions, seeking them out to secure a profit. With every game update, it’s a good idea for players to investigate any new minions introduced and assess their market value. Those that are tradable and challenging to procure often become prime targets for dungeon runs, with the intent of gathering and selling.

How to Farm Gil in FF14

Sell Rewards From Eureka

The Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos, serves as a specialized instance accessible to players once they’ve accomplished the level 70 quest “And We Shall Call It Eureka,” handed out by Galiena in Rhalgr’s Reach (X:9.8, Y:12.5). This unique zone will resonate deeply with Final Fantasy 11 aficionados since it brings a wave of nostalgia with numerous nods to Square Enix’s preceding MMO.

Within Eureka’s confines, players can immerse themselves in a plethora of activities, many of which come with enticing rewards. Certain treasures, especially those reminiscent of Final Fantasy 11 like the minions obtained from Eureka’s FATEs, can fetch a handsome sum when listed on the market board.

Unique loot from Heaven On High and Palace Of The Dead

The Palace of the Dead and Heaven on High stand out as unique dungeons, ideal for rapid class progression, while also offering distinctive treasures. Among these two, Heaven on High boasts superior rewards, though it’s tailored for advanced players. The treasures unearthed from these dungeons typically fetch a good price, encompassing uncommon orchestrion tunes, companions, and beyond. Even the items that can’t be traded often have a charm, making them collectible items that many players might cherish (such as an exceptionally rare steed).

Gardening is a good way too

Earning Gil this way is a game of patience and demands some time investment. But the returns can be impressive for advanced players. However, one must have a space, either a Free Company abode or a private residence, to cultivate their garden. Among the most lucrative — yet time consumption — crops to cultivate are thavnairian onions, sought after by players to enhance their Chocobo allies.

The process involves intricate cross-breeding of various vegetables to obtain the desired seeds and a commitment to regular watering. But the payoff? A significant Gil inflow after some period of time.

Gambling in FF14

If you like gambling, you can try your luck with Khloe. Every week, gamers have the opportunity to receive a fresh logbook from Khloe in Idyllshire at coordinates X:5.7, Y:6.1. This system is reminiscent of bingo. By taking part in dungeons, raids, and trials, players can gather seals and aim to achieve one, two, or even three lines. Some of the prizes fetched can be traded for a respectable sum of Gil.

To take part in this game, the character must reach level 60 and talk to the NPC Unctuous Adventurer in Idyllshire (X:5.7, Y:6.1) and accept the quest “Keeping Up with the Aliapohs” to gain access to Wondrous Tails.

Farm Ventures with Retainers

Always seize the opportunity to dispatch retainers on Ventures. They might return bearing treasures that a player can trade. Certain treasures, influenced by the class and rank of the retainer, can fetch a high price. For instance, sought-after companions like the Chubby Feline or exceedingly rare ones can command prices in the millions of gil. To assign retainers on these missions, one would need a specific currency named “ventures.” These can be conveniently acquired through beast tribe missions or by using company points earned from FATEs and missions.

Play a Tank

In FFXIV, the “Adventurer in Need” bonus in Duty Roulette offers extra EXP, Gil, and Materia crafting items. This bonus targets players filling in-demand roles, often tanks, which varies based on server, time, and duty. While Alliance Raids yield high rewards, they can be time-consuming, especially with party wipes in recent raids like Dun Scaith. Trials, especially from A Realm Reborn, are shorter and grant 4,320 Gil for the bonus. The Leveling Roulette, though potentially longer, rewards 12,000 Gil, three Materia clusters, and Grand Company Seals, convertible to Ventures, Cordial, Dark Matter, and crafting materials, providing monetary value.

Save money – don’t repair

It sounds funny, but you really can save a lot of money, just don’t use menders. But how can you repair your equipment? It is enough to learn the crafting class that usually makes the item. To mend, you merely require a fragment of Dark Matter. Superior grades are capable of restoring more advanced armors.

Each fragment rejuvenates a single equipment piece to its full 100 percent durability and can even elevate its endurance beyond that. Consider this: mending an item at 50 percent durability with Dark Matter boosts its durability to 150 percent, surpassing the 100 percent limit achievable by Menders.

This implies that utilizing Dark Matter is always economically sound; there’s no need to be frugal or wait until your gear’s condition plummets to zero. When boosted to 150 percent, your equipment will simply last 50 percent longer before giving in.

Can I buy Gil with real money safely?

For some reason, many players forget that Gil can be bought for real money. And you won’t have to spend hours, or even weeks, leveling up your profession, getting rare items, or completing daily activities. All you need to do is use our Gil service and the required number of Gil will be in your account on any server.

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How to Farm Gil in FF14

In this guide, we have collected for you the best tips for earning Gil in FF14. Use them wisely and you will become the richest player on the server.

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