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Nowadays, FFXIV houses are a wide part of social side activity where you can purchase a private room or a whole plot of land for decorating it to your personal preferences and inviting your friends over, hosting various public social events, as well as providing some useful features for the owner and its tenants. In this guide, we’ll get an overview of all details of Housing in Final Fantasy XIV.

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FFXIV: Housing Guide 5.0

Housing Overview

Housing Districts

There are five housing districts available in the game, which are accessible after completing their corresponding blue sidequests:

  • Mist (Limsa Lominsa) – Where the Heart Is (Mist)
  • Goblet (Ul’Dah) – Where the Heart Is (Goblet)
  • Lavender Beds (Gridania) – Where the Heart Is (Lavender Beds)
  • Empyreum (Ishgard) – Ascending to Empyreum
  • Shirogane (Kugane) – I Dream of Shirogane

Only three main city-state housing districts are available to visit early on after completing the quests at level 5. Access to the Empyreum and Shirogane unlock quests will be available during MSQ progression. Once unlocked, players may visit these districts via the city’s aetheryte or by talking to NPC near the entrance to the district.

Housing District Structure

Each housing district is divided into 24 instances called Wards, which are also split up into two divisions: main division and subdivision. Each division holds 30 housing plots available for players to purchase and own, thus making 1440 unique housing plots in a single district and limiting the housing up to 7200 plots per world.

Each ward has a specific housing reservation: in some wards, only Free Companies may purchase plots, while other wards are reserved for private owners. The types of reservations between wards may change during patch cycles based on housing demands.

Housing Benefits

Housing offers various in-game benefits as well:

  • Players are able to teleport to their house as long as the Miniature Aetheryte is placed on the plot;
  • Housing wards are populated with Summoning Bells and Marketboards, granting easy access to retainers and markets;
  • Chocobo Stables can be set up in the plot for increasing your chocobo companion experience and leveling it up beyond the Rank 10 cap up to Rank 20;
  • Garden Patches can be set up for growing various exclusive materials and items;
  • Free Companies can set up a Company Workshop where they can build and dispatch airships and submarines into voyages for exclusive materials and rewards;
  • Furthermore, voyage materials may provide materials for crafting an Aetherial Wheel Stand which allows charging Aetherial Wheels containing more potent Free Company Actions.

FFXIV: Housing Guide

Housing Management

Purchasing a Plot

Due to changes in Patch 6.1, housing plot acquisition has been changed into a lottery system. But before participating in the lottery, some requirements must be met:

  • At least one level 50 job;
  • The rank of Second Lieutenant or higher in the Grand Company;
  • If the plot is purchased for the Free Company, it must have at least four members in it and it must be at least level 6, which grants the Land Acquisition Entitlement for the FC;
  • All characters must be in their home world.

The lottery system has a shared schedule across worlds and districts, which consists of the Lottery Period and Land Acquisition Period. Both can be reviewed and participated by accessing the available plot’s Placard.

FFXIV: Housing Guide

During the Lottery Period, players must make a full gil deposit to participate. The price may vary between plots of the same size. Once the Land Acquisition Period starts, the winner must confirm the purchase during the period, lest the plot will be forfeit and the winner will get a partial refund of 50% of the plot’s price. Other participants can get a full refund during this period.

After the plot purchasing, players must also build an estate by purchasing a construction permit via the housing menu. There are standard FFXIV house prices:

  • Small plot: 300 000 gil;
  • Medium plot: 1 000 000 gil;
  • Large plot: 3 000 000 gil.

Housing Relocation

Free Companies and players are limited to one Free Company housing and one personal housing plot. If the player or a Free Company decides to purchase another plot, they are able to relocate their previous plot.

In that case, the same lottery system rules apply, players must win a bid on a plot to relocate. All the placed furnishings are moved in storerooms and storeroom size is temporarily increased to accommodate relocation. Chocobo Stables and Miniature Aetheryte do not count for relocation furnishing limits. Exterior fixtures are altered to match the size of a new plot and architectural style of the new district, except specialty fixtures crafted in Company Workshop.

FFXIV: Housing Guide

All private chambers, Chocobo Stables, gardens, and Company Workshop settings are retained during relocation.

Housing Access

Housing owners can share their house for public visitation, invite tenants over and manage their housing feature rights:

  • Free Company owners and officers can manage roles in their Free Company screen to set up members’ housing access rights;
  • Private owners can invite up to three players as tenants of their housing plot where they can additionally manage their access rights, by selecting Shared Estate Settings from Private Estate Settings.

Housing Demolition

If players become inactive for a prolonged period of time, the auto-demolition system automatically relinquishes inactive plots.

  • After 30 days of inactivity, the demolition timer notification appears on the Timers menu;
  • At 35 days of inactivity, the system sends a notification email from an official Square Enix domain to all Free Company members’ or estate owners’ registered email addresses;
  • After 45 days of inactivity, the estate will be demolished and the plot will become available for purchase. The previous owner may take reimbursement of furniture and 80% of the plot’s price by talking to the Resident Caretaker NPC in the district. Everything else: fixtures, private chambers, company workshops (including airships), and certain furniture are permanently lost.

At any time, the owner of the plot may relinquish their claim by removing an estate hall and all the furnishings from the plot. The gil spent on housing will not be reimbursed at this method.

Private Chambers and Apartments

Besides housing plots, players are also able to purchase a small-sized private room for their own use.

FFXIV: Housing Guide

Free Company members may purchase their Private Chambers in their Free Company house for 300 000 gil. Be aware that members must reclaim furniture and vacate their private chambers to leave the Free Company and if the member gets kicked, their private chambers and furniture inside get deleted permanently.

Each housing district features an apartment block where anyone can purchase their own Apartment for 500 000 gil, offering an option of having a private room for players who can’t purchase a plot and/or don’t want to join a Free Company.

Housing Customization

The housing system offers a multitude of various customization options for your housing:

  • Exterior fixtures come as separate options (walls, roofs, fences, placards) and also as full sets;
  • Interior fixtures (Walls, flooring, lights);
  • A wide selection of exterior and interior furniture;
  • Some furniture also offers some functionality, such as orchestrions, placeable foods, vendor NPCs, summoning bells, game machines, etc;
  • Some furniture, such as functional furniture and “boss trophies”, have a designated limit of “one per estate”.

FFXIV: Housing Guide

There are many various sources to obtain furniture to decorate and add functions to your house:

  • Vendor NPCs in residential districts are selling some basic furniture as well as orchestrions, chocobo stables, gardens, etc;
  • Beast Tribes, once their reputation is high enough, may also offer exclusive furniture, available by their currency vendor;
  • Gold Saucer vendors offer game machines and some other exclusive pieces for earned MGP.

FFXIV: Housing Guide

Also, most of the fixtures and furniture are craftable. Each crafting profession has its own collection of craftable items, thus making it profitable to level each crafting job:

  • Most of the crafting materials for the furniture are gathered in the open world;
  • Some exclusive furniture materials can be dropped from some dungeons. There are also dungeons that have furniture as a loot drop;
  • Extreme Trials may drop materials for crafting the trial trophies;
  • Treasure Hunts can also offer exclusive materials for some furnishing.

Housing Functional Features


Once Garden Patches are set up on the plot, residents are able to use the gardening system to grow and cross-breed plants for various uses: some can be used as crafting materials (like Cloudsbreath, crafting material for some mounts), chocobo food (chocobo recoloring food and Thavnairian Onion are only available by gardening) and some exclusive items like the Allagan Melon minion.

FFXIV: Housing Guide

Chocobo Stables

You can place Chocobo Stables outside your estate or accessed near your apartment block where you can stable your chocobo companion and perform various actions requiring chocobo food:

  • Training, which, based on food type, increases chocobo XP, may offer increased training effects, or increase chocobo’s maximum rank;
  • Feeding, where you can offer some food grown from gardens to alter your chocobo’s color.

FFXIV: Housing Guide

Company Workshop

This feature offers the Free Company the ability to construct parts for airships and submarines to dispatch to voyages, as well as housing features (like exterior sets and aetherial wheels). Company crafting projects consist of multiple stages, where any member of FC may contribute materials to build a part and the airship/submarine. It also offers some experience on contribution, making it an extra option for crafter job leveling.

FFXIV: Housing Guide

You can dispatch completed airships and submarines for aerial and underwater voyages to gather and discover various normal materials, good-selling junk items, and some exclusive materials used to prototype better airship and submarine parts.

Aetherial Wheels

Free Companies may use crafted aetherial wheels at their wheel stand to prepare company actions without spending company points. Level 1 Wheel Stand is available for purchase at housing district vendors, better wheels are prototyped and constructed at Company Workshop. At Level 3, Wheel Stand can hold one grade 3 aetherial wheel, where you can prepare more potent company actions than you can purchase from a Free Company officer.

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FFXIV: Housing Guide 5.0

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