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Greetings, Guardians! Season of the Chosen is in full swing, and it brought us new activities, new gear, and a new Season Pass, which contains fresh cosmetics, weapons, high-quality armor pieces, useful materials, and lots of Bright Dust. Season Pass Leveling GuideAlso, Weekly Bounties related to the Bright Dust were removed from the game with the launch of Season of the Chosen, but developers took care of us and put a lot of Bright Dust as a reward for Seasonal levels and Seasonal Challenges

But to grab the desired rewards, you have to level up your Seasonal Rank, so if you want to reach level 100 and above in the fastest way, here is a short guide for you!

Seasonal Artifact

First of all, you must complete a short quest for Seasonal Artifact. In Season of the Chosen, once you logged on to the character, you will appear on Nessus with a mission launched. Complete it and visit a War Table in the H.E.L.M. to acquire the Artifact — Bell of Conquests.Season Pass Leveling Guide

Ghost XP Mod

Also, we highly recommend you to modify your Ghost with XP mod, it can increase your experience gain up to 12%, which is a decent number. Spare no resources for upgrading the Ghost if you have to —  it will save you a lot of time.Season Pass Leveling Guide

Weekly Challenges

The Weekly Challenges system is a new feature presented in Season of the Chosen. Once you purchase a Season Pass, you’ll get access to a set of simple challenges. Starting with ten challenges, an additional ten will be added to a Seasonal Challenges menu in its week respective section at the start of the next week. Don’t worry if you missed some challenges, you can do them anytime during the season (but with a few restrictions: some challenges require specific game modes that may be unavailable at the current week, like eliminating 20 Guardians with your Super in Mayhem game mode).Season Pass Leveling GuideCompleting the challenge rewards you with an incredibly large number of XP and additional sweets like Bright Dust or War Reputation. Since most challenges are really easy to do and their contribution to your Season Pass is comparatively high, focus on completing them first.

Daily Bounties 

Picking up bounties and completing them is a good source of XP as well. If you have an extra glimmer and time to play, feel free to pick up repeatable bounties. Besides experience, bounties are often rewarding you with additional goods like materials, tokens, reputation, but most important, completing bounties is a necessary step to reach certain weekly Milestones.Season Pass Leveling Guide

Weekly Milestones

Have you ever noticed these yellow circles in the Director? For sure you are. In addition to Powerful gear rewards, completing them also grants you huge chunks of experience. Plan your gaming sessions so you can complete bounties, weekly challenges, and milestones at the same time. Heading to the Crucible? Read the challenge requirement, pick up bounties and enjoy the game. Heading to the Gambit? Do up the same!Season Pass Leveling Guide

Other activities

In Destiny 2 you gain experience almost for every action you do. Killing the enemies, defeating the bosses in raids, looting the chests, completing the Strikes, participating at public events, clearing up the Lost Sectors — all of this and much more grants you an experience. If you’re out of bounties or milestones or even the challenges but you still want more XP, you may consider doing all the things listed above (except weekly challenges) with the alternative characters or farming the Lost Sectors with Banshee’s repeatable bounties, but if none of this doesn’t suit you, just play the game most enjoyably for you.

Have a good time, Guardian!

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