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Cloudstrike Exotic Sniper Rifle

Alongside the content to explore, The Beyond Light brought us a new exotic weapon.

Cloudstrike is an exotic sniper rifle that creates devastating storms on rapid precision hits and invokes lightning strikes on precision final blows. In addition to being a powerful single-target weapon, the Cloudstrike perks provide sufficient area of effect damage that wipes out Guardians in the crucible matches and enemies in PvE activities, which allows you to focus on high-priority targets and save valuable ammo. Also, the Cloudstrike has a Rapid-Fire Frame that offers both high magazine capacity and a high rate of fire, which perfectly suits the current PvE meta and allows the Cloudstrike to compete with other popular exotic sniper rifles such as Izanagi’s Burden or Whisper of the Worm.

The Cloudstrike exotic sniper rifle drops with a very low chance upon completion of Elective Difficulty Empire Hunt.

The Elective Difficulty Empire Hunts are available for owners of the Beyond Light expansion only and require completion of the Beyond Light story, Variks’ post-campaign,  Europan Explorer I, and Europan Explorer II quests that you can find in the Variks’ sabotage menu.

Generally, obtaining the Cloudstrike takes a lot of effort and attempts, but you can save your time by purchasing it from us *here*.

But if you are determined and ready to farm, here is a step-by-step guide on how to get the Cloudstrike.

Empire Hunts

The Empire hunts are a part of the Variks’ post-campaign that becomes available after the Beyond Light main story has been done. Its purpose is to deal with the remaining Eramis lieutenants and put an end to the House Salvation. 

Unlock repeatable Empire Hunts and complete the Variks’ sabotage missions

Once you finish the post-campaign, you can purchase repeatable Empire Hunts and sabotage missions from Variks’ sabotage menu, but you are not able to purchase the ones you need yet. We strongly recommend you consider purchasing the missions in the first column, so you will have enough Herealways Pieces in the future. From here, you have to complete two quests: “Old Secrets, New Challenges” from Variks and “A Hard Rain Falls” from Exo-Stranger.
How to get the Cloudstrike Exotic Sniper Rifle

Old Secrets, New Challenges

Variks will task you to visit the Braytech Exoscience Facility and complete a short mission. After that, you will get permanent access to the Exo Challenge a new activity that rotates weekly and offers a powerful gear reward for the first completion each week. 

A Hard Rain Falls

If you succeed with the Exo Challenge, it’s time to visit the Exo-Stranger and pick up a quest. A quest goal is to fill up the progress bar by doing various activities in the Eclipsed Zones. The Eclipsed Zones are changing each week, so you can check a current one by opening the Europa map and reading the caption in the bottom right.

The fastest way to finish the quest is to do the patrol missions and participate at public events.How to get the Cloudstrike Exotic Sniper Rifle

Variks’ Sabotage

With both quests completed, you have to return to Variks. Now, you’re able to get the Europan Explorer I. If you lack the Herealways Pieces, focus on completing the quests from the first column or participate at public events. 

Europan Explorer I

To complete the quest you have to slay enemies with the different weapon types:

  • Power weapon: 25 enemies
  • Energy weapon: 50 enemies
  • Kinetic weapon: 50 enemies

Return to Variks once the quest is done.

Europan Explorer II

The last step to unlock the Elective Hunts is at hand.

Your objective is to kill 30 powerful enemies in the Empire Hunts. Don’t be scared, you can do it in a single — but specific — empire hunt run. Get the Dark Priestess Empire Hunt from Variks. After a small random attunement task —like gathering 20 resources in a specific area and freeing the Ketch in the Eventide Ruins — a banner to start the mission will appear.

Launch the mission and slay everyone on your way. Normally, you reach the quest goal before the 3rd stage of Kridis’ encounter, but if you don’t, you have to abandon an activity and relaunch it with the enemies respawned, and replay it. Return to Variks once the quest goal is completed.How to get the Cloudstrike Exotic Sniper Rifle

Farm the Elective Empire Hunts

If you’ve got Europan Explorer II you’re now able to launch the Elective Empire Hunts from the map of Europa. There are 4 difficulties of the Empire Hunts. As was mentioned above, the Cloudstrike drops randomly with a low chance, and, sadly, a difficulty does not affect this chance in any way, thus we recommend you to team up with the fellow Guardians and farm the Empire Hunts at the lowest difficulty. Best of luck, Guardian, the Cloudstrike awaits!

How to get the Cloudstrike Exotic Sniper Rifle

How To Acquire The Adored Sniper Rifle In Destiny 2

Another decent sniper rifle introduced in the Beyond Light release is Adored.

As it should be with pinnacle weapons, you have to complete one of three challenging quests on your choice, which we can help you with here. 

Visit Banshee-44 in the tower, and check up the quests under the Materials Exchange menu, and choose one that determines the way you’re going to acquire the weapon, there’s three of them:

Strikes in Your Sights:

Step 1 – Strikes and Strife

  • Earn 300 points by defeating combatants in Strikes while using Sniper Rifles
  • Defeat 40 bosses in Strikes while using Sniper Rifles
  • Defeat 1000 combatants in Strikes while using Sniper Rifles

Step 2 – Eyes of the Enemies

  • Defeat 20 enemies in Strikes with Sniper Rifle precision final blows
  • Defeat 35 enemies in Strikes without dying

Step 3 – One Way, Many Paths

  • Speak with Banshee-44 to get the Adored

Gambit in Your Sights:

Step 1 – Infamy and Invasions

  • Earn 3 Infamy ranks
  • Defeat 300 enemies in Gambit with Sniper Rifle precision final blows
  • Earn 250 points with Sniper Rifles

Step 2 – Eyes of the Bank

  • Defeat 20 Blockers with Sniper Rifle
  • Defeat 5 Guardians with Sniper Rifle

Step 3 – One Way, Many Paths

  • Speak with Banshee-44 to get the Adored

Crucible in Your Sights:

Step 1 – Valor and Victory

  • Earn 3 Valor ranks
  • Defeat 500 Guardians
  • Earn 200 points with Sniper Rifles

Step 2 – Eyes Downrange

  • Defeat 5 Guardians with Long-range Sniper Rifle final blows 
  • Defeat 5 Guardians with Sniper Rifle precision final blows

Step 3 – One Way, Many Paths

  • Speak with Banshee-44 to get the Adored

After you have completed any of these quests and acquired your new masterworked sniper rifle, you can get additional activity-themed ornaments for it by picking up a quest from respective activity vendors.

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