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What is the Destiny 2 Lament Exotic?

When the Guardians defeated the Invaders of Deep Stone Crypt, more mysteries of Europa were revealed. One of them is the Lost Lament exotic quest, for the completion of which you will be rewarded with the Lament exotic sword.

The Lament is the very best sword that Destiny can offer at the moment and one of the best exotic weapons as well. If used properly, the Lament outperforms any other weapon’s DPS with deadly combo-strikes and provides healing that keeps your Guardian alive at the toughest situations. But more than that, it has an innate anti-barrier mod, which allows you to equip other Anti-Champion mods and have more options in choosing weapons.

All this makes the Lament an invaluable asset almost for every high-end activity like Raids (especially the second stage of the Deep Stone Crypt), the Nightfall strikes, and the Guardian Wielding — it will be more than welcome in any fireteam.

In order to obtain the Lament exotic sword, you have to own the Beyond Light expansion and finish its story first. Also, we strongly recommend completing the Variks’ post-campaign including the Empire Hunts, because some of the Lost Lament quest steps require its completion as well as completion of the Exo Challenge, which becomes available only after the last Empire Hunt has been done.

Lost Lament quest requires some effort as well as your time. It consists of 11 steps that are described in detail in a special guide we made for you.


To start the quest for that fancy exotic sword, head to the Tower and speak to the Banshee-44 gunsmith. There you will find an exotic quest called Lost Lament. Be sure to pick it up.

Step 1 – Locate Dead Exos

How to get Lament Exotic SwordBanshee asks you to locate and scan 3 dead Exo bodies on Europa. There are 9 dead Exo bodies in total and you may be interested to find them all to earn the Salvage the Past triumph.

Here is a short breakdown on how to find the easiest ones:

Cadmus Ridge

How to get Lament Exotic SwordJump on a snow cliff in that location and you will see a yellow dead Exo. Interact with it to proceed with the questHow to get Lament Exotic Sword

Asterion Abyss

How to get Lament Exotic SwordBlue dead Exo can be found under the cliff, near the Vex tunnel leading to Nexus. Get close to the tunnel entrance but do not enter, turn around and move to the left until you find a body. How to get Lament Exotic Sword

Bray Exoscience

How to get Lament Exotic SwordEnter the Bray Exoscience facility in the Cadmus Ridge, go to the right and move up the stairs, in the first room deal with the enemies, get to the far right corner, there you will find the last Exo body required for the next quest step.How to get Lament Exotic Sword

Step 2 – Locate the Giant Exo

How to get Lament Exotic SwordThe next objective is not far from the last dead Exo body you found if you followed our guide. Now, you have to find the Giant Exo hidden deep inside the Bray Exoscience facility. Be sure to open the quest menu and enable the Lost Lament tracking by clicking on it. From where you are, get to the next room, enter the right door and follow the quest markers — they will guide you to the objective.

After you find the Giant Exo, interact with it to get to the next quest step.

Step 3 – Giant Expectations pt. 1

How to get Lament Exotic SwordClovis AI tasks you to kill 100 Vex and 20 non-elite Minotaurs/Hydras/Cyclops with the sword on Europa. The most efficient way to do this step is to participate at the Vex Public Events or to farm the Perdition Lost Sector. After you kill the boss, walk out until the “Cadmus Ridge” caption pops out, and just re-enter the Lost Sector with the enemies inside respawned. If you’re out of the sword ammo, find a public event banner or think about using the Sword Ammo Finder mod that can be inserted into the helmet. You might lack Minotaurs/Hydras/Cyclops, but it still can be done within the same Lost Sector by killing the first Hydra and Minotaur, and re-enter it just like you did before.

Step 4 – Giant Expectations pt. 2

Clovis will ask you to finish The Dark Priestess — the final Empire Hunt.

As mentioned above, the Beyond Light post-campaign needs to be completed to do this step. If you have already finished The Dark Priestess Empire Hunt — head to the next step, otherwise, you have to focus on the Variks’ story quests.

Step 5 – Giant Expectations pt. 3

Prove your worth to the Clovis AI by completing the Exo Challenge — a new activity that rotates weekly and offers powerful gear reward for the first completion each week.

If you have already unlocked the Exo Challenge you can start it from the Europa’s map, otherwise, you need to pick up the Old Secrets,  New Challenges quest from Variks — and complete it in order to unlock the Challenge.

Step 6 – Giant Expectations pt. 4

Here comes a grind. Your objective is to kill 60 Vex with finishers. Gimli would oppose, but the big ones count as 3. To do this step quickly, let’s get back to our precious Perdition Lost Sector. Don’t forget that the sword is no longer necessary, so it would be better to use high RPM weapons like SMGs or Auto Rifles to lower the Vex hit points to a finisher activation range without any risks you kill it with a weapon instead of a finisher.

Step 7 – Rescue the Past

The Giant Exo will tell you where to get a broken blade of the Lament.

Launch the Glassway strike from the Europa’s map and fight your way to the final boss. As the boss arrives you will encounter a special Harpy with a yellow HP bar, kill it to get the quest item and the next quest step. You may either be polite to the fellow guardians and finish the strike or leave it.

Step 8 – Blade of the Broken Dreams pt.1

Return to the Tower and speak to Banshee-44 about the Lament fragments you just found

Step 9 – Blade of the Broken Dreams pt.2

How to get Lament Exotic SwordOnce again, Banshee will send you to Europa. To the Bunker E15 Lost Sector, to be precise. Nothing special in there, finish the Lost Sector normally by defeating the boss and loot a chest where you will find the quest item – the Lament blueprint and the next quest step. Leave the Lost Sector by walking out.

Step 10 – Reforging the Past

How to get Lament Exotic SwordAfter you leave the Lost Sector, a new mission called “Reforging the Past” appears nearby. Make sure you have a free item slot for a heavy weapon and start the mission. Do objectives and follow the quest markers if you have to. In the middle of the mission the Lament exotic sword will be granted to you as well as the possibility to enjoy its power and get some practice with its movesets. No more spoilers from us, just finish the mission. If you really enjoyed the mission you can replay it any moment. There’s a banner starting the mission near the Charon’s Crossing travel point so you won’t miss it.

Step 11 – Last Stop

As a proud wielder of the Lament, return to the place where it all has started, to Banshee-44. There’s something he wants to tell you about himself and about the sword you brought to him. The quest is over, congratulations! 

The Lament Perks

The Lament has 2 unique perks worth talking about:

“Banshee’s wail” allows your attacks to pierce shields, break barriers of the Barrier Champions, and perform decimating combo-attacks. Holding a block button and striking with the light attack will unleash a series of three hits, each hit applies a stacking buff called “Banshee’s wail” on you. Each stack increases damage of the next attack with the Lament. After you reach 8-9 stacks of the buff, strike with a heavy attack — ultimate finishing move — that ends the series with one annihilative hit.

In addition to ammo, each combo strike consumes the sword energy. To perform the combination with maximum efficiency you must have the sword charged up, so watch the energy indicator that replaces your melee ability while wielding the swords.

Since the Lament is a melee weapon and puts you in more danger than using guns, “Revved consumption” provides self-healing for attacks as compensation. 

Combination of these both perks makes the Lament an extremely efficient tool that gives you an edge at high-end activities and in your attempts to get desired triumphs.

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