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What are Enhancement Cores

Buy Enhancement Prisms and get a chance to obtain Ascendant Shards and Exotic Gear!
How to Get Enhancement Cores

A rich equipment customization system is one of the best features of Destiny 2. Whether you are a casual or hardcore player, you will need to spend some time optimizing your gear for different activities not only in term of stats but on mods as well. Experimenting with builds and mods is always fun and interesting, and, if you want to maximize your Guardian’s possibilities, it is necessary to upgrade or even masterwork your equipment. But nothing worthwhile ever comes easy: to increase your gear quality, you need special materials and the most essential ones are Enhancement Cores.How to Get Enhancement Cores

Enhancement Cores in Destiny 2 are mostly used as a currency for purchasing theUpgrade Modules and more complex materials such as the Enhancement Prisms, which can be exchanged for the Ascendant Shards needed to fully masterwork your armor.

Ways to get Enhancement Cores

After reading this, you may ask “Where and how to get Enhancement Cores?” and the good news is we made a guide on obtaining Enhancement Cores in Destiny 2: Beyond Light describing that every method is possible.

Dismantle Legendary gear

This is not a secret that sometimes you get loot that you don’t really need and that you dismantle. Keep it up! Starting with the Tier 4 for weapons and the Tier 7 for armor, the dismantling grants you one Enhancement Core, and their number grows with each consecutive Tier of the item dismantled (i.e. for dismantling a Tier 7 weapon you will get 4 Cores and for dismantling Tier 10 armor you will get 6 Enhancement Prisms and 6 Cores).

Finest Matterweave 

Sometimes, when dismantling  items, you can obtain a strange item named Finest Matterweave . You can use it from your inventory screen and get the buff, which grants a high chance to get Enhancement Core for killing a powerful enemy. The buff lasts for 3 hours and expires when you get an Enhancement Core, so feel free to use all the Matterweaves you have while doing playlist activities.

Banshee-44’s bounties

Gunsmith Banshee-44 offers 4 bounties every day, and each of them rewards you with 1 Enhancement Core and 2 Mod Parts. Since Banshee’s bounties are easy to do and provide useful materials, we recommend you to visit the gunsmith regularly. Also, Banshee is the only vendor of Enhancement prisms and Ascendant Shards for further gear upgrades. And don’t forget to buy the mods you are missing!How to Get Enhancement Cores

Spider, the Shore’s Only LawHow to Get Enhancement Cores

However, there’s another vendor in Destiny 2 that can help you in obtaining Enhancement Cores and his name is Spider. If you have extra Legendary Shards you can trade them for Enhancement Cores at a 30:1 exchange rate, but you can only purchase 5 cores per day (The limit is account-shared). Also, if you have Dead Ghost Fragments, you can get Wanted bounties on rare High-Value targets, Spider will gladly pay you 1 Enhancement core for each bounty done.How to Get Enhancement Cores

Hawthorne’s Weekly Clan Challenges

Once your Clan reached level 4, completing the clan vendor challenge awards Enhancement Cores in addition to the sweet Pinnacle Gear.
How to Get Enhancement Cores

Activity Ghost mods

This method requires some investments, but stocks are popular now, aren’t they? Once you masterworked your favorite Ghost Shell, you will get access to Harvest mods. These mods allow you to get Enhancement Cores by playing a certain activity, which depends on the mod chosen.How to Get Enhancement Cores

Crucible and Gambit reputation

With the rework of the reputation system, you may now farm Crucible and Gambit, where, in addition to regular drop, you can also get many rewards, including Enhancement Cores, Enhancement Prisms and even Ascendant Shards. Once you reach Valor or Infamy rank maximum, pick up all the rewards from the respective vendor and reset your rank to refresh the reward list.How to Get Enhancement Cores

Elected Difficulty Empire Hunts

Another source of Enhancement Cores is Elective Difficulty Empire Hunts. Important to note that Enhancement Cores can be obtained only from Adept (Uncommon drop chance) and Hero (Common drop chanсe) difficulties. We recommend you to play the Hero difficulty if your Power Level is high enough, but don’t forget to check the mission modifiers and install respective Anti-Champion mods to make the runs faster. As a bonus, you will have a chance to get the Cloudstrike Exotic Sniper Rifle while farming Empire Hunts.How to Get Enhancement Cores

Legend and Master Lost Sectors

Legendary and Master Lost Sectors can be called high-end activities that require good knowledge of their interiors and enemy spawns, and a proper loadout to deal with negative modifiers as well. Since there is no matchmaking for the Lost Sectors and an incredibly high Power Level is required to farm them without troubles, we can’t say it is worth the time, especially with the fact that Enhancement Cores have an Uncommon drop chance. But if your Guardian is well-geared and you perfectly know the Lost Sector you want to farm, you may try your luck.How to Get Enhancement Cores

Nightfall: The Ordeal

Chance to get the ultimate Adept version of weapons and Exotic Gear!
How to Get Enhancement Cores

We have come to the most time-efficient and reliable way to farm Enhancement Cores – Nightfalls. Rules are the same as they were for Empire Hunts — Enhancement Cores still only drop from Adept and Hero difficulties, but farming Nightfalls is slightly faster and easier. Insert the Lesser Core Harvest mod into your Ghost — as we still recommend you to pick a Hero difficulty – check and insert respective Anti-Champion mods into your armor (the more Champions your Fireteam kills the better rewards you will get) and play the Nightfalls. Best of luck, Guardian!How to Get Enhancement Cores


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