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Destiny 2 Ghosts of the Deep is the latest dungeon introduced to the game in Season 21 and it’s sure to challenge even the most hardened Guardians.

This dungeon, located on Titan, takes players deep beneath the ocean surface of this old-new planet to confront an ancient enemy in a race against time. In this guide, we will provide loot tables, a walkthrough of this daunting dungeon, everything about rewards, some tips and how to cheese it.

Obtain new weapons and a chance to get The Navigator Exotic Trace Rifle and Artifice armor!
Destiny 2 Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon Guide

D2 Ghost of the Deep Dungeon Loot Table

Destiny 2 Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon Guide

Destiny 2 Ghosts of the Deep offers a variety of rewards. We can get some Legendary weapons, brand new Exotic Trace Rifle, the Navigator, the Taken King Armor sets, Recalcitrant Host Exotic Sparrow and two Emblems – Regicide and A Grave Matter. And don’t forget about the special Destiny 2 Ghost of the Deep Triumphs. Dive into loot tables and pick up what you’d like to get.

Ghost of the Deep Weapons

Destiny 2 Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon Guide

Take note, that you can obtain each of these Legendary weapons in the Final encounter.

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Ghost of the Deep Armor

Destiny 2 Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon Guide

Ghost of the Deep, as it always does with dungeons, will please the Guardians with special awesome-looking armor sets for each class.

HelmHelm of the Taken KingMask of the Taken KingHood of the Taken King
ArmsGauntlets of the Taken KingGrasps of the Taken KingGloves of the Taken King
ChestPlate of the Taken KingVest of the Taken KingVestment of the Taken King
LegsGreaves of the Taken KingStrides of the Taken KingBoots of the Taken King
Class ItemMark of the Taken KingCloak of the Taken KingBond of the Taken King

How to unlock the Ghosts of the Deep dungeon in Destiny 2

Entering the Destiny 2 Ghosts of the Deep dungeon is no easy task, as first you’ll need to pick up the Rise quest from Hawthorne at the Tower. The dungeon can be accessed via the H.E.L.M interface in the Director.

Note that it might not be a good idea to dive right in, since you should have 1790 Power level for Normal, and 1840 for Master difficulty runs. Not only that, but this dungeon isn’t included in any of the game’s Season Pass or content updates – players must own a Lightfall Dungeon Key (2,000 Silver) to unlock this area and start their adventures within.

Ghosts of the Deep Solo Dungeon Run

Ghosts of the Deep presents a higher level of difficulty for solo players, as bosses demand substantial damage to be defeated. We recommend to use Arbalest or Leviathan’s Breath for the final two bosses, if attempting to solo this dungeon. And if you still want to get a special Emblem for your collection, you can buy our Ghosts of the Deep Solo Flawless run.

Ghosts of the Deep Master Difficulty

Ghosts of the Deep Master Difficulty presents players with an even greater challenge. The minimum recommended Power level is 1840. Bring strong weapons and armor for tougher enemies and bosses. We’ll tell you more about the Master’s difficulty as soon as we know more details.

Ghosts of the Deep Tips and Tricks

This dungeon can be farmed for unlimited loot, requiring a dedicated Fireteam and a few hours of time. Similar to the Spire of the Watcher dungeon, there are no limitations on how many times it can be run in a week.

But, there is a limit of one visit per week for players to farm The Dungeon Exotic, per character.

Here are the steps to successfully farm the Ghost of the Deep dungeon:

  1. To farm a specific encounter in a dungeon, first complete it on your main character.
  2. Then, intentionally wipe and ask your team to wait.
  3. Switch to another character who hasn’t done the dungeon that week and join your Fireteam again.
  4. Wipe again to set the checkpoint for the second character.

From there, you can repeat the encounter as many times as you want until the weekly reset.

To continue and obtain loot, players may launch the dungeon with their second character holding the checkpoint, switch to their first character, complete the encounter, and then switch back to their second character to repeat the process.

How to Cheese in D2 Ghosts Of The Deep

Destiny 2 players keep finding new ways to beat bosses, such as the latest cheese method. Cheese in Destiny 2 Ghost of the Deep is an easy way to get weapons and armor without much effort. You won’t run out of ammo and there won’t be team wipes. Use these steps to succeed:

Bring a friend:

  • To activate the cheese in Destiny 2, players must bring a fellow Guardian and die to damage the boss.
  • Having another Guardian in Ghosts of the Deep prevents wipes, so it’s important to find someone to cheese the dungeon with.

Loadout Witherhoard:

  • Get the Witherhoard from the Monument to Lost Lights vendor at the Tower for 1 Exotic Cipher, 100,000 Glimmer, 150 Legendary Shards, and 1 Ascendant Shard. It’s the only weapon you need for cheese.
  • To use the Witherhoard for cheese, focus on the Exotic Perks that damage enemies over time with Taken Blight projectiles. No need to worry about the Catalyst.
  • Get Witherhoard ammo with these steps. Players may wonder how to defeat the Ghosts of the Deep bosses without ammo bricks, but luckily there’s a way to get infinite ammo. Equip two Special Ammo weapons, keep ammo low, get 3 Special Ammo every 30 secs. Low ammo reserves = infinite Witherhoard ammo for continuous damage.

Speed up damage:

  • Using only one Witherhoard to damage both bosses may take some time, but it’s a safe way to win Ghosts of the Deep on Master difficulty and gain loot. Players can also find ways to speed up damage phases.
  • Use a Solar Warlock or Void Titan for more damage. Build Supers by doing passive damage. Warlocks use Empowering Rift or Well of Radiance for damage boost, and Void Titans use Ward of Dawn for Weapons of Light.

First boss Ecthar, the Shield of Savathun:

To beat Ecthar, players need to use Witherhoard and kill 4 Acolytes.

  • To defeat Echtar, players should shoot him with Witherhoard and die. When revived, the damage will deal damage numbers instead of “Immune”. Players can re-apply the Witherhoard damage repeatedly, but if they get “Immune” again, they should die again. No need for Raid Exotics to complete this strategy.
  • Ads will appear during the fight with Ecthar, who is tough. Kill Acolytes and use damage-resistant mods. Do not kill all three Blistered Knights, or Ecthar will go underwater and delay the fight.
  • Players should prepare to defeat the Hive ghost shell after Ecthar’s kill in order to prevent his respawn. The Witherhoard cheese in Ghosts of the Deep is a safe method to reach DPS phases for Ecthar, despite the presence of ads shooting at the player during consistent Witherhoard shots.

Second boss Simmumah Ur-Nokru, Lucent Necromancer:

  • A Lucent Necromancer named Simmumah is the final boss in Ghosts of the Deep. And he is trying to revive Oryx, the Taken King. Simmumah is the most easily defeated boss using the Witherhoard cheese method. Players only need to shoot the Wizard with the Witherhoard and avoid using a Finisher on Oryx’s Hive ghost shell. This will prevent the boss room from activating and spawning numerous ads and arc attacks from Simmumah.
  • To defeat the Simmumah in Ghosts of the Deep, players should use the same strategy as against Ecthar, the Shield of Savathun. Shoot Simmumah with the Witherhoard, then die and keep shooting to deal damage. The boss fight won’t start, so there won’t be a health bar. Players can wait for the boss to drop or use the D.A.R.C.I. sniper rifle to check its health and other information.
  • Defeating Simmumah Ur-Nokru using the Witherhoard method requires approximately 20 minutes, depending on the weapon buffs obtained through co-op plays. This method is effective and secure in obtaining Master or Normal Ghosts of the Deep dungeon loot. Destroying Simmumah Ur-Nokru’s Hive Ghost shell is essential to prevent the boss from respawning and resulting in wasted time.

Pros and Cons:

  • Players have the option to repeatedly farm the third and final encounter, despite the time it takes to kill Simmumah Ur-Nokru with the Witherhoard and complete the ritual to kill three Lucent Hive Light Bearers. While there is a risk of reaching the damage phase, the cheese method may be more efficient in terms of time and without the risk of a wipe.


Destiny 2 Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon Guide

  • After defeating Simmumah Ur-Nokru, players can access a chest located at Oryx’s heart, which may contain two Legendary items. In Master Difficulty, you can obtain additional materials such as Legendary Shards or Enhancement Prisms. But the legendary loot, which could include a weapon from Ghosts of the Deep or a piece of Artifice Armor, is the highlight of the rewards.
  • Completing the dungeon on Master Difficulty you can benefit in bringing youself closer towards completing the Ghoul title Triumph. For the first completion of this dungeon on Master Difficulty you will get the Sovereign Triumph for the Ghoul title. And also it grants the Recalcitrant Host Sparrow.  Additionally, completing the cheese increases the Exotic drop rate for the new Exotic Trace Rifle, The Navigator.
  • You can farm the Ghosts of the Deep encounter using Witherhoard cheese every 20 minutes to get 2 pieces of great loot. Get as much Artifice Armor as possible for high stat rolls and triple-100 stats with the best mods. Also, you can put 3 levels into any stat without costing a single mod level. Hurry up, Bungie will likely patch this soon.

Ghosts of the Deep — Hive Ritual Disrupted

Upon entering the dungeon, your team should follow the hidden path until reaching a ritual site. The goal of this area is to dunk Vestiges of Light into each of the four Hive statues to disrupt their ritual.

  • You can obtain these Vestiges by eliminating Ogres and unveiling a pathway marked by a green substance, similar to what has been seen in the Wrathborn Hunts of Season 17.
  • The trail will lead you to a rune with a symbol. Remember this symbol as it is necessary to dunk the Vestige of Light earned in the Hive statue with the corresponding symbol. Then continue following the trail.

Destiny 2 Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon Guide

  • To progress, defeat a Lightbearer Knight or Wizard.
  • The player that defeats the Ghost earns the Vestige of Light buff. And then they must hurry back to the ritual site.
  • Defeat a yellow-bar Veil Weaver Wizard next. It will grant you Deepsight and reveal the statues’ runes.
  • After that you need to remember the symbol to dunk the Vestige into the statue with the corresponding symbol.
  • Keep one player at the ritual site for the Veil Weaver Wizard. It will help to dispatch the Veil Weaver Wizard faster.
  • Repeat this process until done to move forward to the next encounter.

Once you’re done with statues, you will navigate through a jumping puzzle that will lead you to your subsequent location.

Ghosts of the Deep — Ecthar, the Shield of Savathun

The main goal is to defeat Ecthar.

  • To achieve victory over Ecthar, it is necessary to summon a Keeper of the Deep ogre by defeating three Blistered Knights.
  • Then memorize three symbols on the wall.
  • After that jump into the water through small pools.
  • Move as fast as you can, as underwater the boss will chase you, and locate the runes on the walls. Activate the symbols that were seen above water. This will activate the next phase.

Destiny 2 Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon Guide

  • While doing this, two over players should also defeat the Lucent Hive enemies above water. They will spawn after the activation of each rune symbol.
  • To obtain the Vestige of Light, first defeat a Lucent Hive enemy and destroy its Hive Ghost.
  • Then, dunk the Vestige into a Hive statue twice.
  • You must also quickly kill the spawned Wellkeeper Knight. Then you stand in its place to lower the boss’s shield.
  • Attack with full power Ecthar with depleted shield.
  • And repeat it until the boss is defeated.

Following that, you’ll need to navigate through the second jumping puzzle to reach the final chamber.

Ghosts of the Deep — Simmumah ur-Nokru

This time Simmumah Ur-Nokru, a menacing Lucent Necromancer, awaits adventurers who enter this haunted realm. You will fight the boss in the main room and enter some others passing through the waterways. You’ll find body parts of Oryx that have been scattered throughout in the necromancer’s attempt to resurrect a fallen god. Halt the boss’s evil plan before it’s too late!

  • Activating Deepsight will reveal the targeted parts of Oryx to reach the damage phase. To damage the appearing Knights, one must locate and stand within the green circles.
  • Small green circles will appear one at a time. Align these circles with the small Oryx symbol by looking through them. To complete the task, repeat it three times, resulting in three runes above each point on the triangle.
  • Following this, the fireteam should spread out on different sides of the room.
  • To obtain the Vestige, you must defeat the Lucent Hive and find the symbol above their Ghost.
  • Afterwards, return to the main room, activate Deepsight, and place the Vestige in the corresponding rune symbol.

Destiny 2 Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon Guide

  • To deal damage to the boss’s shields, stand in the marked areas. Once the boss’s shield is down, it is no longer necessary to stand in the marked areas to inflict damage.

Several tries may be required to fully deplete its health bar as the boss teleports between Oryx’s body parts. We recommend taking Leviathan’s Breath, as it is a powerful weapon that can deal significant damage in this dungeon.

Well done, brave Guardian! You have successfully conquered the treacherous depths of the Ghosts of the Deep dungeon.

Ghosts of the Deep Secret Chests Locations

The first Ghosts of the Deep secret chest is located between the first and second encounters. To find it, complete the turbine section and descend to the ocean sand. Follow the path to the second encounter. Enter the first cave and proceed forward, then turn back. Look for a ravine on the right, where the first chest can be found.

The second chest, located between the second and third encounters. Upon defeating the ogre boss, ascend the building beneath it. At the highest point, you will locate the last chest.

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Destiny 2 Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon Guide

So, now you’re ready to dive into this dungeon and our Ghosts of the Deep Boosting services provides an easy way to obtain a specific god roll or desired loot quickly, without the need to farm it so hard.

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