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Best new and old weapons for the Witch Queen expansion 

The expansion of the Witch Queen and the Season of the Risen brought many new and interesting weapons to the game, which is exactly what we love the most. In this article, we’ll tell you about the new weapons and their features, as well as what weapons we think are now in the meta and worth the most attention, even if they don’t belong to the new Season.

Best new weapons of the Witch Queen and the Season of the Risen

Changes in the Void subclass created a stir around trying to collect new cool builds, and the possibility of crafting and subsequent improvement of the weapon even became a new passion for many players. As a reminder, players can currently craft 25 variations of legendary weapons and 4 exotic weapons. Furthermore, new weapons now have 5 perks instead of 4, and these perks are tied to a certain type of weapon. Despite this, the meta hasn’t settled yet, and there are sure to be many changes as the Season progresses.

So, let’s start with the new weapons, which seemed to us the most worthy of your attention.

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Ogma PR6 (Solar pulse rifle)

Destiny2: The Witch Queen Best Weapons

Perks: Heating Up, Dragonfly, Omolon Fluid Dynamics foundry, Turnabout (PvP)

This basic solar pulse rifle, which is suitable for the energy slot, is definitely suitable for PvE, although it can be universal with the Turnabout perk for PvP activities.

Syncopation-53 (Pulse Rifle)

Destiny2: The Witch Queen Best Weapons

Perks: Outlaw, Rangefinder, Headstone, Headseeker, Moving Target

Syncopation-53 PvP pulse rifle proves to us that Stasis builds still can compete with Void builds. It is suitable for the kinetic weapon slot. It is also a good alternative to the Messenger or other powerful but hard to obtain rifles, when using Headstone, Outlaw and Rangefinder perks.

Under Your Skin (Combat Bow)

Destiny2: The Witch Queen Best Weapons

Perks: Archer’s Tempo, Successful Warm-Up, Explosive Head

Bows are now in the meta, though not everyone likes them because of their slowness, but this handsome representative of the Void subclass boasts new perks Successful Warm-Up and Archer’s Tempo that offset the disadvantages of bows per se. It’s a seasonal weapon with the Land Tank perk, which boosts resilience after taking the last hits, making it stunning in difficult PVE encounters.

Snorri FR5 (Fusion Rifle)

Destiny2: The Witch Queen Best Weapons

Perks: Heating Up, Successful Warm-Up, Reservoir Burst, High Impact Reserves, Liquid Coils, Accelerated Coils

Seasonal fusion rifle of the Void subclass. While this type of rifle may seem outdated for this Season to many, this little baby is great even in PvP. You get it with the Omolon Fluid Dynamics foundry perk and Reservoir Burst will work for all Void rifles.  And you can also choose one of two perks depending on your preferences in the game: Liquid Coils for better damage but slower charge time, or Accelerated Coils for a faster charge but lower damage.

Palmyra-B (Rocket Launcher)

Destiny2: The Witch Queen Best Weapons

Perks: Auto-Loading Holster, Impulse Amplifier, Lasting Impression, Explosive Light

This Stasis rocket launcher in the Heavy slot works great in tandem with Gjallarhorn when attacking bosses. Its autoloading holster makes battles against high-damage bosses much easier and the Impulse Amplifier and Lasting Impression perks increase its blast radius and rocket speed.

Glaives (Blade and Projectile Launcher)

Destiny2: The Witch Queen Best Weapons

Perks: Psychohack (innate perk)

This new melee weapon is unique because of its versatility: it deals projectile damage and has a shield. Here’s a good time to think about the mods that will make your glaives a truly powerful weapon. The seasonal Suppressive Glaive mod prevents enemies from using their abilities, and the Psychohack innate perk reduces damage from enemies when they are hit by the glaive. This is a craftable weapon so you can be imaginative and achieve very decent results. There are 3 exotic glaives right now: Edge of Concurrence, Edge of Action, Edge of Intent.

Collective Obligation (Pulse Rifle)


Perks: Arrowhead Brake, Flared Magwell, Umbral Sustenance, Hand-Laid Stock

It’s a new exotic Void subclass pulse rifle for the energy slot, which you can get with some luck for defeating the Rhulk boss in the new Vow of the Disciple raid.  Its peculiarity is that it can accumulate any Void debuffs and then release them all at once, making it probably the most promising endgame weapon of the Season.

Just like in the previous case, perks don’t matter much because of the basic features of these weapons.

Funnelweb (Submachine Gun)

Destiny2: The Witch Queen Best Weapons

Perks: Feeding Frenzy, Frenzy, Adrenaline Junkie

This is another Void weapon, popular due to the change in the subclass meta. Many players chose it as their primary weapon and the basis of different builds. 

To maximize the benefits of this submachine gun you should pay attention to Feeding Frenzy, Frenzy, Adrenaline Junkie perks and do not forget about the seasonal Volatile Overflow mod and Void weapon damage boost.

Parasite (Grenade Launcher)

Destiny2: The Witch Queen Best Weapons

Perks: Volatile Launch, High-Explosive Ordinance, Worm Byproduct, Composite Stock

This weapon has an interesting history: it is literally the Savathun’s Worm, which after a long quest the guardians were able to turn into a deadly grenade launcher. This weapon is definitely in the meta now and is the subject of most guards’ tender fantasies. And here’s the reason why: its effectiveness doesn’t depend on Void, though the buffs will definitely benefit it, for example Worm By-Product will increase its damage. He also accumulates damage from other weapons with Worm’s Hunger (maximum 20 stacks) and then releases them in a huge blast of damage.

Osteo Striga (Submachine Gun)

Destiny2: The Witch Queen Best Weapons

  • Perks: Polygonal Rifling, Steady Rounds, Toxic Overload, Hand-Laid Stock 
  • This is probably the most desirable  craftable weapon at this point, but is only available to Deluxe Edition players. After completing the Witch Queen’s Campaign, this unique and exotic submachine gun can be crafted in the Enclave. Even at the entry level this weapon will tear everyone in PvE and PvP, and after leveling it up you probably won’t even dream of much more.
  • So, we have considered the gifts of the new season, so now we can move on to the list of weapons, which, although partly not new, but can give you confidence in any type of activity this season at the moment.

What are the best weapons in our opinion? – Definitely raid weapons, that’s what you need. 

Best raid weapons

As before, raid weapons in the Witch Queen expansion are represented by a variety of weapon types and combinations of killer perks, which, one way or another, will suit the taste of every player. In addition to the weapons many of us already know, the new raid Vow of the Disciple has given us something interesting, but first things first.

Corrective Measure (Machine Gun)

Destiny2: The Witch Queen Best Weapons

Perks: Subsistence, Demolitionist (column one); One for All, Firefly, Adrenaline Junkie (only use with Demolitionist) (column two)

How to obtain: Vault of Glass raid (Conflux, Templar, and Atheon encounters)

Machine guns are not in the meta, but having this one in your collection will be extremely useful even now, especially if you like to clear locations with a machine gun. What makes Corrective Measure unique is that, unlike other machine guns, it works great with the Subsistence perk, which gives you a partial magazine reload after a kill. Firefly allows you to combine Void and Solar damage, and Demolitionist and Adrenaline Junkie make it a murderous weapon in a redesigned Void 3.0.

Insidious (Pulse Rifle)

Destiny2: The Witch Queen Best Weapons

Perks: Dragonfly, Rapid Hit, Demolitionist (column one); Rampage, Adrenaline Junkie, One for All (PvE) (column two)

How to obtain: Vow of the Disciple raid

This is a gorgeous arc pulse rifle that is good in both PvE and PvP. As one of the two non-sunset Aggressive Frame Pulse Rifles, it is fast enough to succeed in PvP, and the Rampage or Adrenaline Junkie perks give it the power it needs.

As for PvE, her basic stats already make her worthy of our attention, and with the right combination of perks, like Dragonfly and One for All, make her battlefield damage fantastic. Let me explain. First, it shoots 4 bullets instead of 3. Second, the last accurate shot blows up the target and damages the enemies around it. Finally, if Dragonfly hits three targets, One for All increases the power of that blast. The effect of this combo of perks is awesome.

Found Verdict (Shotgun)

Destiny2: The Witch Queen Best Weapons

Perks: Rewind Rounds (PvE), Vorpal Weapon (PvE), Slideshot (PvP), Surplus (PvP), Auto-Loading Holster (column one); Full Choke, Opening Shot (PvP), Vorpal Weapon (column two)

How to obtain: Vault of Glass raid (Conflux, Oracle, and Gatekeeper encounters)

Another old guy whose brethren have been severely downgraded. However, the Found Verdict has a great characteristic on its own, and its perks are good.  Ideal for PvP, but also in PvE it shows only the best side. Don’t forget that as a Vault of Glass raid weapon it has a Timelost version, which is undoubtedly even cooler and more powerful.

Vex Mythoclast (Exotic Fusion Rifle)

Destiny2: The Witch Queen Best Weapons

Perks: Timeless Mythoclast, Arrowhead Brake, Volatile Battery, Temporal Unlimiter, Hand-Laid Stock

How to obtain: Vault of Glass raid

The return of this revamped exotic may be the best thing Bungie could have given its fans. It’s essentially an automatic linear fusion rifle, not just a fusion rifle. The ability to use the Quick Charge mod, the 20 % bonus to High-Energy Fire damage on double kills, the 35 % damage bonus on Titans with Path of Burning Steps, the use of the Font of Might mod in PvE, plus infinite ammo, all make the Vex Mythoclast one of the strongest primary weapons in the game. 

Heritage (Shotgun)

Destiny2: The Witch Queen Best Weapons

Perks: Reconstruction, Slideshot (PvP) (column one); Recombination (PvE), Killing Wind (PvP) (column two)

How to obtain: Deep Stone Crypt raid (Atraks-1 and Descent encounters)

A great Precision Frame Shotgun with a range of up to 12 meters with the right perks, easy to control and accurate, making it perfect for PvP, Reconstruction and Recombination help it in PvE, and oddly enough it is almost essential in the Deep Stone Crypt raid when killing the last boss Taniks, The Abomination.

Divinity (Exotic Trace Rifle)

Destiny2: The Witch Queen Best Weapons

Perks:  Judgment, Penance (innate)

How to obtain: Garden of Salvation raid (requires the Divine Fragmentation quest)

​​An irreplaceable rifle for any raid and Grandmaster Nightfalls. While its net damage is relatively low, on hit it casts a debuff that increases with exposure time on the target, turning it into one solid zone of critical damage, allowing teammates to deal a massive +30% damage. So it’s a must in any raid. It’s also good for those looking for an alternative to Sunbreaker Titans or Nightstalker Hunters.

Deliverance (Fusion Rifle)

Destiny2: The Witch Queen Best Weapons

Perks: Demolitionist, Cornered (column one); Chill Clip, Successful Warm-Up, Tap the Trigger (PvP) (column two)

How to obtain: Vow of the Disciple raid

Deliverance – Stasis Precision Frame Fusion Rifle for the kinetic slot. That’s basically what makes it so great – it’s the only fusion rifle you can put in the kinetic slot. It’s perfect in PvP when combined with primary weapons like Palindrome; it works great with Stasis Aspects and Fragments making it excellent in PvE as well, and if you want you can use Successful Warm-Up perk, which will greatly increase its rate of fire, making it a good competitor to almost any Rapid-Fire Frames. 

Forbearance (Grenade Launcher)

Destiny2: The Witch Queen Best Weapons

Perks: Ambitious Assassin, Unrelenting, Surplus (column one); Chain Reaction, Golden Tricorn, One for All (column two)

How to obtain: Vow of the Disciple raid

Unlike some other weapons listed in this article whose effectiveness is not particularly dependent on perks, Forbearance is so good because of them.  It’s a Wave Frame Grenade Launcher that deals Arc damage, which is unique to Destiny 2 in a way. It’s also specifically a PvE weapon, which is also not typical of anything on the list. And here’s why – its Chain Reaction ability helps to effectively clean up the area, and Unrelenting and Golden Tricorn give +50% damage buff and make you almost a god of the location.

Succession (Sniper Rifle)

Destiny2: The Witch Queen Best Weapons

Perks: Reconstruction, Killing Wind (PvP) (column one); Vorpal Weapon, Snapshot Sights (PvP) (column two)

How to obtain: Deep Stone Crypt raid (Atraks – 1 encounter)

Insanely powerful rifle in PvP, which with +20% damage buff kills enemies with a single shot. At the same time it’s pretty versatile, as we all love it – the combination of Reconstruction and Vorpal Weapon makes it a great PvE rifle for Nightfalls and Master Lost Sectors. Its power and accuracy is mind blowing.

Fatebringer (Hand Cannon)

Destiny2: The Witch Queen Best Weapons

Perks: Explosive Payload, Killing Wind, Osmosis (PvE) (column one); Firefly (PvE), Eye of the Storm (PvP), Opening Shot (PvP) (column two)

How to obtain: Vault of Glass raid (Templar and Gatekeeper encounters)

The Legendary Kinetic 140 is back with us and better than ever. The one and only Hand Cannon from the original Destiny is gorgeous in PvP and PvE. His Explosive Payload and Eye of the Storm PvP perks make him so consistent that you can only compare it to exotic hand cannons. Incredibly accurate in dueling, with terrific stats, paired with Palindrome – you can’t imagine a better one.

As for PvE, the Explosive Payload and Firefly perks just eliminate everything around you.  Explosive ammo will suit even strong enemies, and a headshot will destroy a whole group of opponents. With it you can make Elemental Well builds, which means you can get Volatile Rounds. Surely it`s the crown of creation. For now.


Now you see it’s not the time to forget about old good raids, especially the Vault of Glass, they can still give us a lot of interesting and necessary things; and Overgear, as always, is ready to help you with that.


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