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The long-awaited event starting on February 22, 2022 marks not only the new Season of the Risen, but also the release of the Witch Queen expansion. That’s why we’ve prepared for you a checklist of things to do before it starts. 

We are promised a bunch of content, plus new mods, mechanics and weapons, so it’s a lot to think about.

About what you can and should do before the beginning of the Witch Queen and the old content is going to the vault, we wrote in detail in our article Destiny 2: What gets vaulted with the Witch Queen? 

Complete all seasonal challenges 

Destiny 2: How to prepare for The Witch Queen?

Getting more bright dust and XP before the new season starts is the best thing you can do. The Season Pass, if you haven’t already completed it, will allow you to complete at least 75 seasonal challenges. Completing seasonal challenges is the best source of Bright Dust in addition to ritual vendor weeklies. Completing 75 seasonal challenges will give you 4,000 Bright Dust in addition to what is given as a reward for each quest.

Below is a table of the seasonal challenges for the last three weeks of Season of the Lost


Week 8 Challenge name Description Rewards
Aggressive Cartography Complete a Legendary branch of the Shattered Realm. Challenger XP++, Wayfinder’s Compass Calibration Level
Ruthless Ley Liner Complete the Astral Alignment activity and destroy Ether. Challenger XP+, Wayfinder’s Compass Calibration Level
Shattered Blademaster Defeat combatants with Swords in the Shattered Realm activity. Defeating powerful combatants grants bonus progress. Challenger XP+, Wayfinder’s Compass Calibration Level
Display of Authority Acquire the Gambit ornament for Ascendancy. Challenger XP+++, Bright Dust
Pinnacle Reach Power Level 1330 by earning powerful rewards and Prime Engrams. Challenger XP+++, Bright Dust
Fusion Rifle and Sword Calibration Calibrate Fusion Rifles and Swords. Earn bonus progress against opposing Guardians. Challenger XP++, Bright Dust
Week 9 Challenge name Description Rewards
Legendary Ley Liner Complete the Astral Alignment activity at Legendary difficulty. Challenger XP++, Wayfinder’s Compass Calibration Level
Astral Assault Defeat combatants with Auto Rifles and melee attacks. Defeating combatants in the Astral Alignment activity grants bonus progress. Challenger XP+, Wayfinder’s Compass Calibration Level
Trial by Firing Squad Win multiple rounds in the Trials of Osiris. Challenger XP+++, Bright Dust
Elemental Gambit Complete Gambit matches with each elemental subclass. Challenger XP++, Bright Dust
Armory-Wide Calibration Calibrate Kinetic, Energy, and Power weapons. Bonus progress against Champions. Challenger XP+++, Bright Dust
Elemental Splicing Complete strikes as each elemental subclass. Challenger XP++, Bright Dust, Mantle of Duty
Week 10 Challenge name Description Rewards
Ascendant Quickening Complete the Legendary Shattered Realm activity in under 25 minutes. Challenger XP+, Wayfinder’s Compass Calibration Level
Techeun’s Cunning Fully upgrade the Barrier Breach, True Sight, and Safe Passage abilities. Challenger XP++, Wayfinder’s Compass Calibration Level
Cold Light of Day Defeat combatants with Solar abilities, Stasis abilities, or shatter damage. Rapidly defeating combatants with Supers grants bonus progress. Challenger XP++, Wayfinder’s Compass Calibration Level
Dreaming City Defense Repel Xivu Arath’s footholds in the Dreaming City by completing bounties, patrols, public events, and Lost Sectors. Challenger XP+, Bright Dust
Display of Supremacy Acquire the Vanguard ornament for Ascendancy. Challenger XP+++, Bright Dust, Planestrider


Save bounties 

Destiny 2: How to prepare for The Witch Queen?

With the start of a new season, the Guardians receive a new Artifact and a Season Pass. These are two essential elements of character progression to get the most out of the new expansion. To get an advantage when purchasing an Artifact and Season Pass, it makes sense to accumulate bounties in advance and turn them in after the start of the season. Although this will bring you a lot of XP, it’s quite tedious, so it’s worth choosing which ones you’ll go for beforehand. Basically, you should save up seven bounties each from the Tower’s ritual vendors-Zavala, Shaxx, the Drifter, and Banshee-44, and exchange the rest for daily bounties from planetary vendors-Eris, Devrim K, Failsafe, etc.

The weekly bounties that give the most XP and are labeled XP++, and are available now:

  • Six Iron Banner bounties
  • Eight Weekly Clan bounties
  • Four Europa Weekly bounties
  • Two Weekly Moon bounties
  • Two Nightmare Hunt bounties
  • Two Cosmodrome bounties
  • Three Starhourse Bounties

The first three are on rotation, so not all of them are available at the same time. 

Note that because you’re getting ready for the new expansion, there are bounties that won’t be available to turn in when the Witch Queen starts. These bounties include some content from past seasons (more about past seasons in our article Destiny 2: What gets vaulted with the Witch Queen?), from Tangled Shores and anything from events such as the Dawning or the Festival of the Lost. All bounties from these sources will be removed from your inventory before you enter the Witch Queen expansion.

Also, it should be noted that you don’t need to turn in bounties until after you get a seasonal Artifact, which usually requires a story quest to obtain. Before you turn in the bounties, equip a Ghost Shell with an XP mod to get maximum reward.

Save Resources and Materials 

We’ve already talked about bounties, which will be a source of Artifact and Season Pass progression, now it’s time for resources and materials. So make sure your Guardian has enough Upgrade Modules, Glimmer, and Masterwork materials. You’ll need Upgrade Modules to level up items throughout the campaign, Glimmer to reset the Seasonal Artifact, and Masterwork materials to masterwork new weapons or exotic items. By the way, the Destiny 2 community has developed a useful Destiny Recipes tool that will show all your supplies and what to aim for.


Materials or Planetary Materials are obviously mined on planets and they are different for each planet. The materials can save you if you run out of Glimmer. For materials you can buy certain resources from vendors. For example, Banshee-44 and Ada-1 sell Upgrade Modules, Enhancement Prisms, and Ascendant Shards for a variety of resources and materials, and Spider has a rotating inventory where you can spend or purchase materials for Glimmer or Legendary Shards depending on the day. Note that after the start of the Witch Queen, the Spider will no longer sell materials, they will now be sold by Master Rahool, as well as some materials will be moved from Banshee-44 and Ada-1.


Resources are very important in Destiny 2, because for them you can buy and upgrade weapons and armor. That’s why Destiny Recipes has prepared an optimal list of the amount of resources to start the new season:

  • Legendary Shards: 3,000
  • Upgrade Modules: 25 (a full inventory)
  • Ascendant Shards: 10 (a full inventory)
  • Enhancement Prisms: 50 (a full inventory)
  • Enhancement Cores: 200
  • Spoils of Conquest: 240 (a full inventory)
  • Glimmer: 200,000

Once you fill out your inventory, don’t forget that you can keep an equivalent amount of Upgrade Modules, Ascendant Shards, Enhancement Prisms and Spoils of Conquest in each of your three postmasters. This means that you can have 40 Ascendant Shards or 200 Enhancement Prisms at a time, for example. The excess is sent to the postmaster automatically.

There’s an interesting tip with Glimmer, too. It can be accumulated and stored in hard currency so to speak, by buying ships. You can buy a sparrow for 7,500 Glimmer and 5 Legendary Shards. When you break it out, you will get back 5,000 Glimmer and 5 Legendary Shards. Thus, having 20 of these sparrows across your inventory and vault, you have an extra 100,000 Glimmer that you can get when you need to.


And last but not least – it is time to clean your vault.

Clean Your Vault

The new expansion obviously brings us new weapons and armor, and we just need to have room in the vault for all the new and shiny stuff. If you’ve been playing Destiny 2 for a few seasons now, there’s a good chance that your vault is almost full. Parting with your goodies is always hard, but remember – you’re making room for new even better ones.

Figuring out what’s worth keeping and what should have been trashed right away will help Destiny Item Manager (DIM). This tool allows you to organize your inventory outside of the game. DIM is a very useful thing, you will probably want to use it on a regular basis, not just when you are preparing for the new season.  The main function of DIM is to move items between characters and the vault, but it can do more. You can use it to search for items by a particular tag, and you can also label items: save, junk, use, favorites, and archive. Plus, it highlights items that are definitely worth keeping because of their characteristics.

There are other tools that can help you organize your storage, such as the D2 Armor Picker, which helps you create the best armor loadouts by using many controllable variables.

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