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Dead Man’s Tale Exotic Scout Rifle

Greetings, Guardians! A few weeks ago the Destiny 2 community has discovered a secret that leads to the new Exotic Scout Rifle — Dead Man’s Tale. 

Dead Man’s Tale is the first and the only 120 RPM Scout Rifle in Destiny 2 and, like the Hawkmoon, it doesn’t have fixed perks.

The Dead Man’s Tale is fun and an effective weapon. Its unique perk named Cranial Spike increases damage and reload speed for each consecutive precision hit, which provides solid DPS in PvE activities, and even allows you to two-tap Guardians in the Crucible (with the right set of perks, of course).

The only way to obtain the Dead Man’s Tale is to unlock and complete the new Exotic mission — The Presage. Once you complete the mission the first time and get your first Dead Man’s Tale, it will have the Transformative perk, which says “Future drops of this weapon will have random rolls”. After that, you will be able to re-play The Presage to get another Dead Man’s Tale with random perk rolls, but you can only get one rifle per week. Also, you receive a Pinnacle gear reward for the first completion of The Presage each week. 

How to unlock The Presage mission

The Arms Dealer strikeHow to get the Dead Man’s Tale Exotic Scout Rifle

Launch The Arms Dealer strike on EDZ. Clear the first room, but instead of hacking the left door, pay attention to the door that is usually closed — it is now open. How to get the Dead Man’s Tale Exotic Scout RifleThere you will face a group of Scorpio Turrets and a mini-boss. On the second platform, walk inside the box and interact with the datapad to get the quest item. You can safely leave the strike and head to the next step.How to get the Dead Man’s Tale Exotic Scout Rifle

Visit Commander Zavala

Bring the item you just got to Commander Zavala in the Tower to get The Voice on the Other Side quest and unlock The Presage mission.

About the Presage How to get the Dead Man’s Tale Exotic Scout Rifle

Once you got the quest from Zavala, the mission will appear on the Tangled Shore. 

The Presage is an incredibly interesting mission with a lot of puzzles and some challenging fights. Unlike other Exotic missions like Whisper of the Worm or Zero Hour, in the Presage you are not limited in time, so feel free to enjoy exploring with no rush. 

We recommend that you spend some time on blind playthrough, this masterpiece really deserves it. Also, it is not necessary to face the dangers of the Glykon alone, so don’t forget to bring some friendly Guardians. 

But if you’ve got some difficulties during your walkthrough or want to save your time, here’s an Esoterikk’s solo flawless run to help you.

vid link – https://youtu.be/rBsNxI0ZSSM

Head to the next step when the mission is completed.

Return to the Tower

Visit Commander Zavala to finish the quest and get your first Dead Man’s Tale. From now you’re able to re-play The Presage for a weekly Pinnacle gear reward and another Dead Man’s Tale rifle, but with other perks. Good luck, Guardian!

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