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Makoa Gibraltar is easily one of the most positive characters in Apex Legends: a lively guy with a big heart. He is one of the oldest characters in the game, and also one of the fans’ favorites. His charming and friendly personality makes him extremely likable, and his tragic backstory makes people get attached to this amazing legend even more. 

How to play Gibraltar

In one of our previous guides, we talked about general tips on how to improve your playstyle and rank up in Apex Legends. In one of the paragraphs, we talked about Season 11 meta, specifically the legends – one of which was our boy Gibraltar. This guide will help you master Gibby and his abilities.

Let’s start by looking into his abilities.

Gibraltar’s Passive: Gun Shield

Aiming down sights deploys a gun shield that blocks incoming fire.

His passive really is that simple, it doesn’t require much mastery or precision. Basically, every time you aim down sights as Gibraltar, a personal shield will appear in front of you. That shield covers a large section of your upper body from the front, which can help you in a 1v1 situation. The shield has 50 HP, so, of course, it can be destroyed.

How to play Gibraltar

Gibraltar’s Tactical: Dome of Protection

Gibby’s [Q] lets you throw down a Dome Shield that blocks incoming attacks. 

Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection is one of those abilities that lets you turn around a fight in seconds. His trusty dome shield will absorb any kind of ability damage or gunfire, whether you are standing outside of it and the damage is coming from inside the shield, or the other way around. There is no way to destroy it either, though it will disappear after 12 seconds.

How to play Gibraltar

Gibraltar’s Ultimate: Defensive Bombardment

After pressing [Z] and choosing a direction, Gibraltar will call in a concentrated mortar strike on a marked position.

At first glance, Gibraltar’s ultimate looks a lot like Bangalore’s. Although both ults deal the same amount of damage per missile, Gibraltar’s Defensive Bombardment is a more efficient one out of the two. It operates in a smaller circular area, it’s also much faster and, ironically, can be way more oppressive.

Tips for Gibraltar’s abilities

Gibraltar’s Passive: Gun Shield

  • There’s a tiny delay before the shield gets deployed. Be careful with that;
  •  Be aware, that once the shield has been broken, there’s a cooldown for when it can be deployed again;
  •  If you are crouching – The Gun Shield will cover most of Gibraltar’s body. It can come in handy in fights;
  • The shield is very bright, so it can easily be spotted by enemies, make sure to temporarily disable it from time to time.


Gibraltar’s Tactical: Dome of Protection

  • While inside his Dome, Gibby revives his teammates 33% faster. It goes from around 6 seconds to almost 4;
  •  If you’re caught somewhere with no cover, use the Dome to safely rotate behind a crate or a box. Be sure to act quickly!
  • Combining his tactical and ultimate abilities is a great way to keep the enemies off of your team, while you are trying to heal or recharge your shields. You can easily revive one of your downed teammates using this trick as well;
  •  Remember, the dome shield is not a sphere, it might not be very efficient in some of the terrains on the map;
  •  The dome is not a safe space, enemies can walk through it and shoot you. Be careful, and don’t get too relaxed;
  •  If there’s an active close-range fight going on – make sure to keep going in and out of the dome shield. It’s an easy way to bait out enemy shots. Shoot while enemies are reloading.


Gibraltar’s Ultimate: Defensive Bombardment: 

  • Your missiles affect everyone, even your own team. And while your teammates only get slowed by it, you will both get slowed and take damage from it. Be careful when placing it near you;
  • This ability is nice for support; if enemies are hiding, it can either force them out of their cover or down one of them;
  •  You can use this ultimate as a tool to initiate a fight. If even one enemy is downed by your Ultimate, it’s already helped you out a lot;
  • Don’t forget how useful it can be if you use it as a zoning tool! For example, you can throw it between you and the enemy to buy some time.


Some facts about Gibraltar and his gameplay

  • Gibby is a “Fortified” legend, which means he takes 15% less damage;
  •  This “Fortified” perk also makes him immune to slow effects from bullets;
  •  Makoa is a big boy: he is one of the tallest Legends, as well as the widest. His hitbox makes him an easy target, so be cautious;
  • Gibraltar is not a good solo Legend. His abilities were all made for protecting others. Look for any opportunity to help out your team.


The perfect team comp for Gibraltar

Gibraltar and Bangalore make a great combo. By combining their ultimates together, you can boost the effectiveness of their airstrikes. It can both be used for pushing an enemy team or zoning.

Caustic is also a good choice for that matter. Gibby’s and Caustic’s ultimate abilities are both great for luring squads out of their hiding spots.

Valkyrie is another meta character in season 11. Her tactical ability is a mini-missile attack, which can be paired with Gibraltar’s. Her ult is the best repositioning tool in Apex Legends: it can significantly help Gibraltar since he doesn’t have any mobile abilities.

It’s really worth mentioning that Gibraltar is generally an S-tier Legend. His purpose is to protect his teammates and make sure they are safe. You can put him in almost any team and be sure that he will work very well in it. Don’t be afraid to experiment – experience comes with time.  

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