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Ash: How to Play

Ash is what has left from Dr. Ashly Reed – traitor of the legend that we already have met at season 7 – Horizon. Cruel and coldblood simulacrum with helpful abilities of scanning and fast portal has already got the recognition among Apex Legends’ players.

According to https://apexlegendsstatus.com/ сurrent Ash’s pick rate is 12.6% across all ranks. Ash has lost 31.52‰ from the very beginning but still leads the list.


Ash: How to Play

But why is Ash so popular among Apex Legends players’? Let’s figure this out! 


Passive Ability [H]: MARKED FOR DEATH

Ash: How to Play

This ability allows Ash to see deathboxes on the map and detect the players who felled them. They will be marked in your view for several seconds with an enemy marker. It will help you to understand how many enemy teams are still alive and how far they are.


Tips and tricks 

  1. It can be used only once per deathbox! Use it smartly, wait a bit between scans and get a general idea of where you are going to go with your team. 
  2. As you do, your team also sees the automatic pings when you use the ability.
  3. Icons of deathboxes marked by Ash stay on her map for 200 seconds.
  4. You can use it in order to find out where to go next for a fight or avoid it.

Ash: How to Play

Tactical Ability [Q]: ARC SNARE 

Ash throws a spinning snare that tethers and damages the first enemy that gets too close to the area. When the spinning snare meets a surface like a wall or door it continues to be activated for a few seconds. You can throw it for quite a distance.
If the trapped legend tries to run, he or she will get shocked and slowed down.


Tips and tricks

  1. The snare will deal 20 dmg if it tethers the enemy right when you throw it, and 10 dmg of it lands before tethering.
  2. Use it to slow down an enemy and deal damage with your weapon. Especially good for pining Pathfinder, Octane, Horizon, and Valkera, because they are too mobile.
  3. Toss it into the ground or a wall when you know the enemy squad is going to push. The snare will become a static trap for a while.
  4. Use nades when you have already stuck anyone with the snare. 
  5. Don’t be afraid to use it as they’re on low cooldown. The tactical ability has a quite short cooldown – 25 seconds.

Ash: How to Play


Ultimate Ability [Z]: Phase Breach 

Ash sets a one-way portal using her blade to a targeted location that’s also usable by allies and enemies. The distance it can be set is not as far as could be placed in Raif’s portal. The maximum horizontal range for Ash’s Phase Breach is 62.5 meters.
An interesting fact is that Ash’s ultimate ability reminds RoninTitan that Ash was piloting in Titanfall 2. 

Ash: How to Play


Tips and tricks 

  1. Use ultimate to push the enemy squad, but make sure you have the way back. 
  2. Use it to escape from the third party, but make sure nobody follows you. You can use tactical ability right after the escape or arc star to avoid the chance. Remember that enemies can use Ash’s phase too.
  3. Use in order to avoid a fight and just move your squad about the map.
  4. The sound of the ability is loud, so make sure you are not trying to attack in stealth, because you definitely will fail.
  5. Don’t hesitate, the phase is open only for 15 seconds.



Ash: How to Play


Let’s look closely at some facts about Ash’s gameplay. It’s not about how many pluses and minuses she has, but being aware of them can help you to get better.



  • A good tactical legend – passive ability helps to figure out where other fights are happening so you can third-party.
  • Ash is able to get out of the firefight to heal and attack again. 
  • Ash has one of the fastest cooldowns for her tactical ability, so don’t be afraid to use it just for a fast move through the map. 
  • Her passive ability works well in tandem with different legends. You will find more information below.
  • You can try different types of gameplay, as an aggressive pusher or play sniper and shotgun because your ultimate allows you to get fast to the target.



  • Even though Ash is an attacking type of legend, none of her abilities are geared towards dealing damage. 
  • It is easy to hear her ultimate which doesn’t allow to go back, so she can be easily punished by the whole squad.
  • Some players say that her abilities don’t make her a viable threat at mid and long range.
  • You need time to decide where to put the marker of Phace Breach. It can be worth you a win.



Ash: How to Play


Below, you will find several thoughts about the best pairing with Ash. I’m not claiming that these are the only best pairs, but still, it can work. Please, remember these are recommendations based on personal opinion. 

Ash with Revenant

  • Most expected tandem since the season announcement.
  • The ultimate abilities of both works good with each other. Aggressive movement with Revenant’s totem and Ash’s phase portal can be a good pushing tactic.
  • Their tactical abilities can disorient enemy legends at close range.


Ash with Bloodhound or Crypto

  • Ash’s passive ability and BH tactical ability are perfect for tracking down an enemy squad.


Ash with Legends who always run (Raif, Pathfinder, Octane)

  • You can use the ultimate in case you need to go back or push. At the same time, your teammate can do the same. So it is a more dynamic tandem.
  • Ash’s tactical ability can slow the enemy and it will help your faster teammate to knock them down.


Ash with Legends who damages (Caustic, Bangalore, Gibraltar, Fuse, Rampart)

  • Ash’s tactical ability can fail the try of enemies to avoid damage.


Ash: How to Play
Thus, Ash can be named a helpful legend whose abilities work well with other legends, which makes her a good team player. Moreover, she doesn’t replace Raif as many players thought.


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