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Apex Legends is an incredibly entertaining and unique battle royale with a variety of weapons and playable characters. It’s safe to say that anyone can find a certain loadout or legend that will suit their playstyle and make the game more enjoyable. However, besides the normal, casual mode, where people test out new things and mess around, Apex Legends has its own dedicated ranked mode, for those who fancy a bit of a challenge. Despite the game being fun, grinding ranked can get very frustrating. Constant failures, third-parties, unlucky drops, weird matchmaking – all those things tend to ruin the ranked experience for gamers. Even gaining RP in higher elo can be extremely difficult. Not to mention how sometimes you lose more RP than you gain, which demotivates many people from playing competitively. Reaching the desired Apex rank may be a difficult task, but it’s not impossible. Here are top 5 tips for ranking up in Season 11. 

Apex Legends – Tips and Tricks for Rank Climbing


Communicate with your teammates

Like in many other co-op games – communication is key. Whether you’re playing in a premade squad or with a group of complete strangers, you have to communicate with them. Apex has a very neat ping system, that has all sorts of shot-calls, use it! Remember to use the inbuilt voice chat as well, but use it wisely – don’t try to purposely annoy your teammates. If they mute you, you won’t be able to tell them any information you have on the enemies. Don’t be afraid to use voice comms and tell your teammates what you are thinking. Even the simplest calls can help you in the long run.

Don’t forget to stay cool and be kind to everyone. Being a positive influence on your team is important.  Players generally perform better when they feel good about what they’re doing. Verbally abusing and insulting your squad won’t win the game for you, vice versa, it will most likely pressure them and make them play worse. Instead, just let them know how impressive the kill they got was, or thank them for finding the weapon you needed. 

Apex Legends – Tips and Tricks for Rank Climbing


Choose your fights carefully

I’m sure we’ve all had games where we’re winning a fight, only for a third-party to come finish us off. Although killing every single team you come across may be fun, it can easily reveal your position to other enemies. A common mistake for many players is to unload everything they have when they find an enemy. As soon as you start firing your weapon, you may attract unwanted attention from nearby squads. It’s often best to only engage in fights when you have the obvious advantage, or if it’s possible to force the enemy squad into unfavourable situations. You have to understand when to fall back and when to fight. It’s also a bit pointless to go out of your way to fight everyone you see: kill and assist points are capped, you only get 175 RP – 25 for each kill or assist combined. 



You have to learn how to approach enemies and engage them. A shocking number of players will just stand out in the open or on top of a building. Even though high ground gives you an advantage, you still need to hide behind some kind of hard cover when fighting. Anything can work: crates, boxes, rocks, even slopes of roofs. The less of a target you are, the harder it is for them to kill you.

Rotating is important too. You will eventually have to move from cover to cover, sitting in the same spot can result in an enemy squad cornering you and eliminating your team. Don’t just run out into an open field in a straight line though. Try to sprint, slide, or jump between covers. Doing this will give you enough time to heal up and recharge your shields. 

If you hear someone inside a house, don’t go kicking the door open and rushing inside, there’s a chance they are waiting for you. They definitely heard you coming, they are superior. Instead, climb on top of the roof, and listen carefully: you will be able to determine when they are starting to climb by the sound of their footsteps. This gives you a brief advantage, use it! 


Learn the meta

I know this may sound a bit ridiculous, but the higher rank you get, the more what legend you play matters. Of course, just playing a strong meta character won’t carry you to high elo, but it will certainly help you out with your journey! You have to be aware of the nerfs and buffs, as well as general changes to the legends meta. It’s also essential you know how to counter meta characters. The best legends this season are Gibraltar, Ash and Valkyrie. 

Gibby has been the strongest defense character in the game for seasons now, his dome is an incredibly strong ability. It allows you to push up on someone, or protect yourself from a push. Furthermore, Gibraltar can revive his teammates faster while inside the dome, which can give your team a huge advantage, especially on the new map – Storm Point, where you are constantly being attacked by third-parties. 

Valkyrie is arguably one of the best mobile characters, and her ultimate is definitely the best rotation in the game, now that Octane’s ult got nerfed. Her ultimate ability is also a tool for finding other players, since Valk’s passive lets her see enemies in close proximity.
Brand-new legend Ash is a fine addition to the Apex Legends roster. Her abilities are aggressive, although they are a bit difficult to master. Her passive is perfect for map control, meanwhile her tactical is very oppressive. Ash’s ultimate can be used as both an engagement tool or a way to escape. Really versatile.

Mobility is really important in Season 11. It’s good news that legends, whose kits allow them to rotate and move around the map quickly, are still meta. So are the recon characters.

Apex Legends – Tips and Tricks for Rank Climbing


Take breaks

As silly as it seems, you have to take breaks from the grind. If you are feeling burnt out, tilted or upset – stop playing for the next couple hours. You might think you’re perfectly fine and far from being tilted, but as soon as you start thinking the classic “one more game to get my RP back” – close the game. It’s useful to accept that failing is a part of improving. It doesn’t matter how good someone is – everyone makes mistakes. Take a loss as a learning experience, reflect on it, think of how you could avoid making the same mistake in the future and use that to better yourself.

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