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Deceptively simple, incredibly interesting – that’s another game’s slogan, but it’s also perfect for Apex Legends! If you are ready to drive deeper into this game, but have no idea what to start with, this guide is for you!

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Apex Legends Beginner’s guide 5.0

Apex Legends Beginner’s guide

What is Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a free-to-play first-person shooter with Battle Royale as the main game mode – players in squads of two or three select a character with pre-set abilities, referred to as a Legend, and battle against other players to be the last squad standing. It’s a really beginner-friendly game as it doesn’t require any preparation for it, but basic mechanics might seem hard to learn for the first time, and this guide is created to help you with this task.

Apex Legends Beginner’s guide

First steps in Apex Legends

So, you saw this game and liked it, but have no idea how to play it? Best way to learn new game is playing it, but these five steps will help you to settle in much faster even if you are running the game for the first time:

  1. Click on the “Legends” tab and check out the legends you obtain. Read about their abilities and choose the one you like the most. Below you can check the best legend for beginners in our opinion.
  2. As the match starts, listen to your teammates and stick with them. Remember: good team coordination is a key to victory! You can buy our coaching with 2 pros to dive into good teamwork.
  3. Pick up the weapons and throwables you are pleased to play with. You can read about the best weapons for beginners below.
  4. Don’t be shy to use your abilities. They could be very useful in any situation. For example, the scanning ability of the Bloodhound can detect enemies hiding nearby!
  5. Use our gameplay tips and tricks to keep up with your teammates and to push your enemies well.

Apex Legends basic mechanics

There are lots of mechanics in this game, but these are the only ones you need to know as a beginner:

  • After you get knocked out and then finished up, your banner will be available to be picked up by your teammates. After that, they will be able to use the respawn beacon to revive you.
  • All new characters cost 12000 Legend tokens, which you gain while leveling up (600 LT per level).
  • Besides the health bar, each player has an armor bar. To restore it you need to use the consumables such as shield cells, syringes or med kits.
  • All attachments and gear have different rarity (levels). Every level is better than the previous one, except the Level 4. It has unique properties and is most often much better than the Level 5.

Level 1 is Common;

Level 2 is Rare;

Level 3 is Epic;

Level 4 is Legendary;

Level 5 is Mythic.

Best characters for beginners in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Beginner’s guide

When you run the game for the first time, you will have only 6 legends:

  • Bangalore – Assault
  • Bloodhound – Recon
  • Pathfinder – Skirmisher
  • Wraith – Skirmisher
  • Gibraltar – Support
  • Lifeline – Support

As you can see, legends are divided into several classes:

  • Assault – perfect class for combat. It has access to the weapon supply bins and can carry extra ammunition;
  • Skirmisher – helps the team to be more mobile and to escape from fight. Also, this class can track dropping Care Packages and spot the most valuable loot they carry;
  • Recon – can track opponents with abilities and survey beacons;
  • Support – has access to the extended supply bins and can craft ally banners after their death;
  • Controller – can interact with Ring Consoles and use it to locate other such Consoles.

Best weapons for beginners in Apex Legends

You can carry two weapons at once during the matches, it allows you to combine guns for melee fights and medium-range. And you can boost your Weapon Mastery level to develop your skills and experience with each weapon. As guns are always matter of taste, we highlighted the best weapons of each type:

ARR-301It has very easy recoil and good pattern of spray, so it feels like a laser after you play with it a few times.
SMGVoltIt has a big damage per bullet for SMGs, in addition, its recoil much easier than the other guns of this type.
LMGL-StarYou don’t even need to ADS with it! High DPS in close-range will make you love it.
Marksman30-30 RepeaterGood choice as it can charge and since that you will have no need in taking the preemptive action on mid-range.
SnipersLongbowThere we recommend to pick a Longbow as it has very good damage and temp of fire for sniper rifles.


Both are equally good, so our advice is to try them both and then choose one you liked more.
PistolsWingmanYes, lots of players use it even in the end-game because it’s as powerful as marksman rifles. It even uses sniper ammo! But you can’t use any scope above 2x on it, so think twice before using it!

Pro-players and experienced players advise using Volt and 30-30 Repeater combination as it’s well balanced in close or mid range fights.

Apex Legends Beginner’s guide
Apex Legends Volt
Apex Legends Beginner’s guide
30-30 Repeater

Apex Legends tips and tricks for beginners

Pro players have shared with us many pieces of advice since the game was released, and we want to introduce them to you!

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Apex Legends Beginner’s guide 5.0
  • Use slide (crouching while dashing) to bridge inclined surfaces, that’s much faster than the usual running;
  • To climb on the high hurdles, press and hold the jump button (space by default);
  • Be careful while reviving the teammate. It’s very easy to get killed while doing it, and that won’t help you or your fallen comrade;
  • Don’t use finisher moves at all. Just finish up your knocked enemy via your gun, so you will not have active frames of instability, and your enemies will not have an opportunity to kill you easily;
  • Learn how to loot fast. It’s one of the biggest advantages in the game. Who loots fast, joins the fight fast!

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