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    Complete all Diablo Immortal Raids with us. Any difficulty level is available! Save your free time by getting our boosting services. Get powerful Legendary items for your characters.

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    About Diablo Immortal Raids

    How do you get access to raids?

    There is a unique system called Hellquary in Diablo Immortal. Using it, you'll be able to complete various raids and gain all possible rewards. To be able to use it, You'll need to complete the main storyline in Bilefen, which will end with the player being sent to Westmarch. Then you'll need to visit Deckard Cain's Workshop and find Rayek near the Einfrinn Tree within the city. Speaking to him will reveal all the details about the Helliquary and also assign you on your first Helliquary raid, called Chaos Herald Pyl. Players then need to complete each Helliqaury raid, and they will receive a unique reward called a Demoni Remain for doing so. If you want to skip all pointless activities, we suggest you get our Diablo Immortal raids boost!

    Why do you need to complete raids?

    There are plenty of reasons to go through the Raids in Diablo immortal. One of them is to gain powerful legendary items, which will be given to you after the first Raid completion. Not to mention all of the Gold and experience you'll get after the Raid. And you'll be able to upgrade the Hellquary to higher levels for better rewards and more challenging fights. So keep in mind our special Diablo Immortal raids boosting service.

    How many raids in Diablo Immortal?

    There're three raids in total in this game. Here you can find a short list of available raids:

    • Chaos Herald Pyl
    • Lassal the Flame-spun
    • Vitaath the Shivering Death

    If you don't want to spend any time in these raids, you can get our Diablo Immortal raids run services right now!