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“You think you do, but you don’t” – J. Allen Brack,
the president of Blizzard Entertainment.

WoW Classic Exact Release Date

Greetings, Heroes of Azeroth! We have been waiting for this for a long time now and finally, it is here! The World of Warcraft: Classic has been officially announced! Congratulations to all of us! There had been lots of questions and doubts concerning the release of Legacy servers, but all the uncertainties have gone and now we have the exact release date which is August 26 or 27, 2019. The release time will be the same all around the world and will be the following:

WoW Classic: Release Date and Beta Access
  • August 26, 2019, Monday
  • Los Angeles – 3 PM PDT
  • New York – 6 PM EDT
  • Sao Paulo – 7 PM BRT
  • London – 11 PM BST
  • August 27, 2019, Tuesday
  • Paris – 12 AM CEST
  • Moscow – 1 AM MSK
  • İstanbul – 1 AM TRT
  • Abu Dhabi – 2 AM GST
  • Taipei – 6 AM CST
  • Seoul – 7 AM KST
  • Sydney – 8 AM AEST


How to Start the Wow: Classic

There are a few steps that one should make to start playing World of Warcraft: Classic.

Renew your account or create a new one – both are quite simple to do.

Renew your subscription. There must be an active subscription or at least there must be some playable time left on your current account. No separate box prices and no additional sub fees are needed.

Open or download the Blizzard Battle.net App, choose the WoW Classic option in a Region/Account menu and push the Download button to install the game.

Now you are more than ready to start the new game adventure!

What Patch Will WoW Classic be?

Technically it will be Patch 1.12: Drums of War, but according to the obvious distinctions, the new Patch will have an ordinal number 1.13.

WoW: Classic Beta Latest News

The World of Warcraft: Classic beta has started on May 15 and the criteria for participating in it are quite challenging. The developers choose dedicated players who meet certain requirements from both the WoW Classic beta opt-in and the current version beta opt-in. Those who want to participate also need to have an active subscription or active game time on their Battle.net Account. While opting-in to the beta is the primary way to make sure a player will have an opportunity to join the test, it doesn’t guarantee an invitation to the closed beta test though. Blizzard may also consider additional factors such as how long a player has been subscribed to the game so that they could have the right mix of players to ensure better feedback toward making WoW Classic the very best experience for the community.

There are, of course, some limitations to the beta test. The Characters’ experience is capped at level 30 with plans to increase the level cap as time goes on. Also, there happens to be only the first phase right now on the beta servers. It is said, that the mobs are already tougher to deal with and the leveling process is a way more challenging than players had expected.

But everyone still has a chance to participate in this event and be among the first players in the world to touch the game by themselves. There will be three opportunities given to help developers put their servers and technology through the number of stress tests running from May through July. To join stress tests players can opt-in now through Account Management and select the WoW Classic beta. Subsequent stress tests will extend the opportunity to even larger number of players. Level caps will also be in place to examine the system in a really stressful situation. It was said that Blizzard wants to push their tech to the limit which means a critical mass of players in small areas. The more stressful situation they want to create, the more chances we have to take part in it.

This is a stress test approximate schedule. Please note that the dates of each stress test are subject to change.

  • Stress Test 1: Wednesday, May 22–Thursday, May 23*;
  • Stress Test 2: Wednesday, June 19– Thursday, June 20;
  • Stress Test 3: Thursday, July 18– Friday, July 19.
WoW Classic: Release Date and Beta Access

*This concrete stress test is over now, but we can state that it took more time than it was announced and the test servers were available for about 48 hours total, so, maybe, the same situation will happen with the last two stress tests.

Unfortunately, the invitation to any of the stress tests does not guarantee access to the beta test in the future.

Other great news for those who worry about their favorite nicknames to be unexpectedly occupied. Blizzard will open Character creation on Tuesday, August 13 (to align with other regions, the Americas’ character creation will occur slightly ahead of August 13). Players with an active subscription or game time on their account will be able to create up to three Characters per World of Warcraft account. Though there will be more information on realm names closer to launch, there is no need to worry – everybody will have plenty of time to figure out the plans for realm domination!


Classic WoW Content Release Schedule

Classic World of Warcraft content will release in six phases, to mimic the content experience in original WoW. The content plan has been changed since BlizzCon 2018, which proposed a schedule with four phases, not six. There isn’t any and there won’t be any dates given as to when each Classic WoW phase starts. The schedule will be community-driven, which will give Players enough time to admire the world around them and to get the original game experience. There are, although, settled encounters distributions – here they are:

Molten CorePhase 1
OnyxiaPhase 1
MaraudonPhase 1
Dire MaulPhase 2
AzuregosPhase 2
KazzakPhase 2
Honor SystemPhase 2
PvP Rank RewardsPhase 2
Blackwing LairPhase 3
Darkmoon FairePhase 3
Darkmoon Faire DecksPhase 3
Alterac ValleyPhase 3
Warsong GulchPhase 3
Arathi BasinPhase 4
Zul’GurubPhase 4
Green DragonsPhase 4
AQ War EffortPhase 5
AQ RaidsPhase 5
Tier 0.5Phase 5
Loot RevampPhase 5
World PvP in Silithus/EPLPhase 6
NaxxramasPhase 6
Scourge InvasionPhase 6

World of Warcraft 15 Years Anniversary Collector’s Edition

For those who wish to bring more of Azeroth home with them, Blizzard has also unveiled a limited-time Collector’s Edition in celebration of Classic World of Warcraft and 15 years of the WoW franchise. Each box contains a treasure trove of collectible items celebrating the history of Azeroth, including:

  • Ragnaros Statue. Behold Ragnaros, he who is ancient when this world was young! Bow, mortals, before this 10+ inch immortalization of the Firelord himself;
  • Onyxia Pin;
  • Map of Azeroth Mouse Pad;
  • Fine Art Prints;
  • 30 Days of Game Time;
  • Two faction Alabaster Mounts (not usable in World of Warcraft Classic).
WoW Classic: Release Date and Beta AccessWoW Classic: Release Date and Beta Access

The Collector’s Edition set will be available October 8, 2019.



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