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Professions in classic wow are designed so that every player could become important whatever game aspect they prefer. There are nine primary and three additional professions in classic, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the biggest challenges you will face is the very process of leveling a selected profession. You will need lots of time, effort, gold, and materials to level the chosen skill. But all your hard work will be properly rewarded in the end.

WoW Professions state

As it was mentioned, there are only twelve professions in classic wow; Inscription, Jewelcrafting, and Archaeology are not present. First Aid, on the opposite, is alive and well.

Different professions are good for different game aspects. The best choice for PvE constituent is Alchemy, for example. A very helpful hint is the knowledge of racial or item bonuses, which provide faster leveling of professions.

Types of Professions

Professions in classic wow are divided into two groups – main (crafting and collecting) and secondary. A player may learn any combination of two main professions and all secondary altogether. However, some pairs correlate better than other ones. Below we will talk about each profession in detail.

Crafting Professions

Crafting professions are a great part of every in-game aspect in classic wow, as they help players to gear while leveling and to make extremely rare or custom but necessary items. There are six crafting skills and here they are.


Blacksmithing is used to create weapons and armor for plate and mail wearers, with some excellent late-game options for Warriors and Paladins. But here, unfortunately, hides the worst part as well – Blacksmithing must be leveled very quickly. A tank with all the opportunities to have the best gear but without any piece of it is a thoughtless tank that may be replaced very fast. We are sure you do not want to find yourself in a situation like this. Overgear recommends the usage of the boosting service, because this way you will master your Blacksmith profession in no time and will be ready to face all the difficulties in any raid as a reliable and highly responsible player.


This profession allows players to create Leather and Mail gear for them to equip. Leatherworking may seem to be one of the easiest crafting professions to level as materials may be easily found while leveling your character. But have you seen many mobs to skin in the Stonetalon Mountains zone, for example? Right, almost none. This is the greatest difficulty – no mobs to skin – no progress in a profession.

Overgear can help you to raise your Leatherworking skill. Choose the time, the booster, settle all the details, and relax while we do our job. Visit only the locations you like and do only the quests you want.


Alchemy is one of the most essential professions in wow, as it allows players to mix herbs with other reagents to create a huge variety of potions, flasks, and other consumables for all classes and all occasions. Every PvPing and raiding party needs an advanced alchemist, meaning, you may easily become the one.

Leveling, though, is, as always, the biggest challenge. Not only will you be obliged to collect herbs, but to visit high level dungeons as alchemic labs are located only there. There is an easier way out. Offer an Alchemy boosting service and let Overgear do the dirty job for you. We will raise your skill in no time, so you could become an expert alchemist.


Engineering is the funniest profession of all since it allows crafting not only useful but silly gadgets and gizmos. Engineering is a good choice for PvP purposes with special value for PvP twinks.

Unfortunately, Engineering is one of the most expensive professions to level, for you will need almost all types of reagents available in the game. We know how to make your in-game experience easier – order an Engineering profession boost from Overgear and waste no time on boring fuss. We work with pro players only, so all your recommendations will be kept.


Another wow profession of a high-usage is Tailoring. It is a mistake to think that this profession is good only for making bags. Tailors craft very powerful cloaks and cloth armor, such as Robe of the Void.

Even though this profession looks easy to level, we assure you, it is not. You will be obliged to grind extra on all types of humanoids, or visit AH quite often. Save gold coins and order a Tailoring profession boost from Overgear. Don’t waste any more time or effort – we grant you the final result right away.


Enchanting is one of the primary professions as it gives players a perfect opportunity to apply permanent enchants to almost all weapons and gear in the game. Enchanting items may sound easy but you will never have enough reagents, besides, new crafting formulas drop in raids with low frequency. Overgear offers you another option – order wow classic Enchanting power leveling and save time and gold for more important things. We work with professionals, who know all the nuances and will translate your ideas into reality.

Collecting professions

Collecting professions are perfect pairs to crafting ones but may be used separately as well. You might think there is nothing easier than gathering herbs, ores, or hides while wandering the locations. Well, you are wrong, and below we will tell you why.


Ore is the main crafting material for Engineering and Blacksmithing professions and is also used in almost every other skill in wow. That’s why Mining is probably the most popular choice in the game, which means, you will face lots of other miners across Azeroth. Here lies the biggest problem of choosing this profession – the chances to find the ore you want in the needed quantity tent to zero.

We know how to help you. Get the leveling service from Overgear. Choose the booster you like and save efforts and nerves for other things in your life.


Skinning may seem one of the easiest professions at first sight – you do your daily routine and skin the corpses. Nope. You will never have enough hides so welcome to the world of endless farm. Besides, you cannot come to a random zone – not every location is inhabited by skinnable creatures. These limitations lead to multiple impediments on the way to mastering the Skinning profession.

There is an easier way – order a boosting service from Overgear and avoid the hours spent on exhausting and boring processes. Let our pro-players do all the work while you enjoy the game.


Herbalism is a very common skill that may be combined with many other professions as well as used singly. The main difficulty in leveling Herbalism is that there are always dozens of competitors around you, so constant world PvP is guaranteed. Another severe necessity is a fast mount.

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Secondary professions

Secondary professions may not be as material as crafting or gathering ones, but they surely may save your life multiple times; besides, you can learn all of them altogether. However, it takes even more time to master, even though the ingredients are somewhat easier to obtain.


Cooking allows players to create an enormous variety of food and drinks that not only restore health and Mana but give you unique buffs and stat bonuses. However, all interesting recipes drop in instances, where there is always a tough competition for every piece of loot. Order a Cooking boosting service, tell us your wishes and get everything you wanted in the shortest possible time. Classic professions boosting from Overgear is the best way to get a perfect result without time and effort expenses.


Fishing considers being one of the most relaxing professions in classic wow. Hundreds of players love spending days fishing in still waters across Azeroth. But here hides the biggest challenge – fishing is so insufferable and boring. Only the meditation fans may endure the most monotonous process in the game. We recommend ordering a leveling service – thus you will be released from the necessity of spending hours doing practically nothing. Plan your favorite in-game activities, while we do WoW Classic boost professions for you!

First aid

Even though First Aid is placed among secondary professions, it is extremely useful for all classes and all specs, as it saves lives when nothing else can. First Aid allows you to heal your character, as well as remove poison effects, which is quite useful on PvP. The only difficulty in leveling First Aid is that it requires an incredible amount of cloth of all types. Overgear recommends the usage of the boosting service to skip the irritating grind. We will make sure your character will be ready to use the most effective bandages the next time you enter the game.

Professions That Pair Well Together

You may choose any two main professions to master at the same time, and quite obviously they’d better match, because it will make the leveling process easier, cheaper and faster. Here are the most preferable pairs of professions:

Alchemy pairs with Herbalism;

Skinning with Leatherworking;

Engineering and Blacksmithing with Mining;

Enchanting with Tailoring.

An unusual pair of Herbalism and Mining is good for making gold.

Best Professions For Each Class and Role

Each class and spec in wow classic is designed to wear a certain type of gear and to play a certain role in in-game activities. All the professions are created in consideration of these classes and roles. Here are the most common pairs of professions for each class:

Druids and Shamans – Alchemy + Herbalism OR Skinning + Leatherworking;

Hunters and Rogues – Engineering + Mining OR Skinning + Leatherworking;

Mages, Priests, and Warlocks – Alchemy + Herbalism OR Enchanting + Tailoring;

Paladins and Warriors – Blacksmithing + Mining.

Furthermore, Engineering, Alchemy, and First Aid considered being the best choices for PvP battles.

When speaking of roles, Tanks would prefer leveling Blacksmithing; MDD classes – Engineering; RDD, and Healers – Alchemy.

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