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The Burning Crusade Classic is approaching, and with it a new raid on Karazhan — an abandoned ancient tower located at Deadwind Pass. The dark corridors of the mysterious castle hide 11 bosses that the player will have to fight with. But it is not that simple. To get into the castle, you need the key of its owner, Khadgar. This is another exciting journey that we will go through together in this guide.

Karazhan Attunement 

Attunement is a list of mandatory actions that a player must complete in order to get into a raid. Typically, this is a questline that can be completed in a group of five people. In the current version of World of Warcraft, this mechanic has been removed, but back in the day it was popular. For example, Onyxia’s Lair in WoW Classic also required an Attunement.

Karazhan Attunement requires the Master Key.  You will receive the Master Key from Khadgar when you collect 3 Key Fragments.

Archmage Alturus Quests

To complete the questline for the Karazhan, your character must be level 68+. The first quests are pretty simple, so you can complete them alone.

  1. First of all you should travel to Deadwind Pass.
    Karazhan attunement guide
  2. Near Karazhan Castle, you will find Archmage Alturus. ( By the way, Apprentice Tasserel in Shatrat can direct you to Archmage Alturus). Speak to him and accept the quests Arcane Disturbances and Restless Activity
  3. Complete quests by killing ghosts and using crystal in the nearby area. When the work is done, return to Alturus.
  4. Accept the next quest Contact from Dalaran and travel to Alterac Mountains. Here you should speak to Archmage Cedric, located on the north side of Dalaran and accept the quest Khadgar.
    Karazhan attunement guide
  5. Khadgar is in the centre of Shattrath City in Outland. He looks like an old man, but don’t be surprised, it’s him. Accept the quest Entry Into Karazhan and finish the introducing questline.
    Karazhan attunement guide

First Key Fragment

For the Entry Into Karazhan quest you need a group of five people. You need to complete the dungeon and pick up the key near the final boss. To get into the Shadow Labyrinth dungeon you need a key from a nearby dungeon — Sethekk Halls. Simply kill the end boss Talon King Ikiss and loot the key from the wooden chest behind him. But you can ignore Sethekk Halls key if your party has a rogue with 350+ Pick Lock.

Karazhan attunement guideAfter defeating the last boss Murmur, open the Arcane Container. This will spawn the First Fragment Guardian, which upon being killed will drop the First Key Fragment. After this return to Khadgar in Shattrath City and accept the quest The Second and Third Fragments.

Second Key Fragment

  1. Travel to the The Steamvault dungeon located in Zangarmarsh’s Coilfang Reservoir. This dungeon is underwater, so get some air and swim
    Karazhan attunement guide Karazhan attunement guide Karazhan attunement guide Karazhan attunement guide
  2. There is a lake next to the first boss, Hydromancer Thespia. At the bottom of the lake, you will find a second Arcane Container. Opening this container will spawn the Second Fragment Guardian, who will drop the Second Key Fragment.
    Karazhan attunement guide

Third Key Fragment

Our path leads to The Arcatraz dungeon. To get into The Arcatraz dungeon you need the Key to the Arcatraz and flying mount. Unfortunately you can’t cheat and use the warlock’s teleporter, it doesn’t work here.

Key to the Arcatraz

  1. To obtain the Key to the Arcatraz you should accept from Anchorite Karja (if you are an Aldor) or Spymaster Thalodien ( if you are an Scryers) in Zone 52 the quest Assisting the Consortium. Then speak to Nether-Stalker Khay’ji around the corner and accept the quest Consortium Crystal Collection. The Arklon Crystal Artifact drops from Pentatharon located at the Arklon Ruins.
  2. After this return to Anchorite Karja or Spymaster Thalodien to accept the next quest A Heap of Ethereals. Loot 10  Zaxxis Insignia from the Zaxxis Raiders and Stalkers at The Heap south of Area 52. Next step is the quest  Warp-Raider Nesaad. Accept this and return to the southwest area of The Heap to kill him.
  3. Accept the quest  Request for Assistance to meet Gahruj who is located in Eco-Dome Midrealm in the center of Netherstorm. Here you will find the quest Rightful Repossession, which leads to Manaforge Duro to the east. To complete this quest you will need the Box of Surveying Equipment.You can find it all around Manaforge Duro. Once that is complete, accept An Audience with the Prince and travel to Stormspire in Netherstorm.
  4. In Stormrise, find the Image of Nexus-Prince Haramad and accept the quest Triangulation Point One. To complete this use the Triangulation Device near Manaforge Ultris to the east, then return to Stormspire and accept the quest Triangulation Point Two. Do the same at Manaforge Ara to the west.
  5. Travel to Stormrise, accept Full Triangle. Kill Culuthas and loot the  Ata’mal Crystal. He’s located at north to the Ruins of Farahlon. After this return to Stormspire and accept the quest Special Delivery to Shattrath City.
  6. In Shattrath speak to A’dal for the last quest in this questline. It is called How to Break Into the Arcatraz. To complete this quest you need to find two shards of the key. The first one drops from Pathaleon the Calculator in The Mechanar dungeon, and the second one drops from Warp Splinter in The Botanica dungeon. 
  7. Return the shards to A’dal to receive the key
    Karazhan attunement guide

With the Key to the Arcatraz we can go into the Arcatraz dungeon and fight with the first boss, Zereketh the Unbound. The last Arcane Container located here, in the right corner of the room of voidwalkers.Karazhan attunement guide

Open the Arcane Container, defeat Third Fragment Guardian and loot theThird Key Fragment. After that, return to Khadgar in Shattrath City to show off and accept the final quest line.

The Master Key

Before completing the last quest, your group needs to get Black Morass attunement. 

  1. To do this travel to the Caverns of Time in Tanaris, then accept the quest To The Master’s Lair from Steward of Time. 
  2. Go further through the cave and find Andormu,then accept the quest The Caverns of Time.
    Karazhan attunement guide
  3. Find the Custodian of Time and follow him until the quest completes, then accept  Old Hillsbrad from Andormu, granting access to the Old Hillsbrad Foothills dungeon.
  4. Inside the Old Hillsbrad Foothills dungeon speak to Erozion to receive the quest Taretha’s Diversion. Set five buildings on fire with your incendiary bombs, then defeat  the first boss, Lieutenant Drake and speak to Thrall. 
  5. Accept the quest Escape from Durnholde and follow Thrall thought dungeon. Kill all the NPCs that spawn around him. Kill Epoch Hunter and turn in this quest to Erozion in the dungeon, who will give the quest Return to Andormu.
  6. Return to Andormu to get access to The Black Morass dungeon.

In the The Black Morass dungeon you will start your final questline. Here you can find Sa’at and complete the quest The Black Morass.

  1. Defend Medivh, open up the dark portal and complete the dungeon. After that speak to Medivh to and your current quest and start the new one — Return to Khadgar.
  2. Return to Khadgar in Shattrath City and speak to him. He will give you The Master’s Key, which grants access to the Karazhan raid.
  3. Accept the quest The Violet Eye and travel to Karazhan in Deadwind Pass.
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