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Jewelcrafting is a new profession for Burning Crusade. It allows you to craft rings, amulets, trinkets, healing statues, and gems for equipment. Rings, amulets and trinkets are very popular, as they are rarely found in loot and as rewards for quests, especially at the beginning of the expansion. Jewelers make good money on this. Also, jewelers have recipes for making cloth hats and gems, which are inserted into special slots on equipment and give characters additional characteristics. Jewelry is also used to fine-tune the characteristics of your character, which gives a slight advantage. This guide will tell you all the intricacies of jewelcrafting.

The basics

Jewelcrafting is pumped according to the recipes for the Classic (1-300) and The Burning Crusade (300-375). To gain access to recipes from TBC, you need to collect classic materials and pump the profession to level 300

Prospecting is a bread and butter for jeweler. Prospecting allows you to turn 5 pieces of ore into materials for jewelcrafting. As a result, the ore is destroyed, and the jeweler receives gems and other useful items.

In Burning Crusade, prospecting can be used to obtain uncommon and rare gems and powders (for example Adamantite Powder and Fel Iron Powder)

The best profession sets and the best classes and races

Because prospecting is our best ability, no wonder we need a lot of ore. This is why all jewelers want to be mining. Alchemy is also good because it allows you to craft diamonds.

Character class and race can be any, but draenei have a small bonus to jewelry (Gemcutting + 5)

Differences between TBC and the current version of the game.

In a nutshell, jewelry making has become much easier. Let’s take a look at examples:

  • In Shadowlands, skills from different expansions are available to players immediately. In TBC, a player who wants to access the recipes from the new expansion (300-375) must upgrade the classic skill (1-300).
  • In Shadowlands, an item can only have one stone slot. The slots themselves are universal, and stones of any color can be inserted into them. In WoW Burning Crusade, an item can have several slots at once, and the slots themselves come in different colors, and stones for them must be selected.
  • There are three types of base stones in Shadowlands. They can be obtained by processing veins or prospecting, and can also be found in a chest or a monster’s corpse. At TBC, stones come in unusual, rare and excellent quality, in six colors (plus special helmet stones). Stones can be obtained in different ways – for example, some base stones are created only through alchemical transmutations, and some are found in the list of loot from high-level monsters, and nowhere else.
  • In Shadowlands, Inscriptions are responsible for crafting accessories (this profession appeared in the game in the WotLK expansion). In TBC Classic, recipes for making accessories are available from jewelers.
  • In Shadowlands, Jewelry Crafting Teachers can be found in every major city. In TBC, Azerothian Jewelers can only be found in Silvermoon City and the Exodar, while Outland Jewelers can be found in Honor Hold, Thrallmar, and Shattrath City.

Burning Crusade Jewelcrafting Trainer

Jewelcrafting Trainer of Azeroth (1-300)

The Jewelcrafting trainers in Azeroth are located in The Exodar (Farii) and Silvermoon City ( Kalinda). Also, skill 1-300 can be learned from Outland jewelers.

Burning Crusade Classic Jewelcrafting Guide Burning Crusade Classic Jewelcrafting Guide

Outland Teachers (300-375)

Outland teachers teach skill 1-375. To train skill 300-375, you need to have level 50 and skill level 275.

  • Tatiana can be found in Hellfire Peninsula
    Burning Crusade Classic Jewelcrafting Guide
  • Kalaen can be found in Hellfire Peninsula
    Burning Crusade Classic Jewelcrafting Guide
  • Jazdalaad can be found in Netherstorm .
    Burning Crusade Classic Jewelcrafting Guide
  • Hamanar can be found in Shattrath City
    Burning Crusade Classic Jewelcrafting Guide

Reputation for Jewelers in WoW Burning Crusade

There are several factions in Burning Crusade, from which you can buy jewelry recipes. Below is a list of factions selling recipes for jewelers, with the maximum reputation level required to purchase all of the recipes.

FactionNumber of recipesMaximum reputation level
Honor Hold/ Thrallmar2Revered
Cenarion Expedition2Exalted
The Violet Eye1Honored
The Sha’tar3Revered
The Scryers3Revered
The Consortium9Revered
The Aldor4Revered
Lower City3Revered
Keepers of Time3Revered

How to craft items in Burning Crusade

Jewelers do not need workshops and stationary premises (with the exception of furnaces in which ore ingots are melted).

They use Jeweler’s Kit and Simple Grinder as a tool, which are sold from merchants. After studying jewelry, buy tools and carry them with you (they are not consumed in the manufacture of items). You will not be able to craft items if you do not have tools in your inventory.

  • Jeweler’s Kit is required to create rings, amulets, accessories and hats.
  • Simple Grinder is used to cut stones.

1-300 Classic Jewelcrafting Leveling Path

This is the cheapest and most effective way to upgrade your jewelcrafting

To upgrade Jewelry Crafting from 1 to 300 you will need materials:


  • 100x Copper Bar
  • 100x Bronze Bar
  • 80x Mithril Bar
  • 15x Truesilver Bar
  • 50x Thorium Bar


  • 160 Heavy Stone
  • 50x Solid Stone


  • 20x Tigerseye or Malachite, or mix of both
  • 20 Small Lustrous Pearl
  • 20 Shadowgem
  • 20 Moss Agate
  • 10x Citrine
  • 45x Aquamarine
  • 10x Star Ruby
  • 5x Large Opal
  • 15x Azerothian Diamond and/or 5x Blue Sapphire & 5x Essence of Undeath
  • 15x Large Opal and/or Azerothian Diamond
  • 20x Huge Emerald


  • 20x Elemental Water
  • 60x Flask of Mojo

Now you just have to buy the last recipe and you can pump the Jewelcrafting. Travel to Neal Allen, Menethil Harbor, Wetlands /way 10.6 56.8 ( Alliance) or Jandia, Freewind Post, Thousand Needles, /way 46.0 51.6 ( Horde) and buy Design: Pendant of the Agate Shield.
Now we are ready to craft.

Level RangeItemMaterials
1-30Delicate Copper Wire2x  Copper Bar
30-50 Tigerseye Band

Malachite Pendant

1x  Tigerseye, 1x  Delicate Copper Wire

1x  Malachite, 1x  Delicate Copper Wire

50-75Bronze Setting2x  Bronze Bar
75-80Bronze Setting2x  Bronze Bar (make 15)
80-100Simple Pearl Ring1x  Small Lustrous Pearl, 1x  Bronze Setting, 2x  Copper Bar
100-110Ring of Twilight Shadows1x Small Lustrous Pearl, 1x Bronze Setting, 2x Copper Bar
110-130Heavy Stone Statue8x Heavy Stone
130-150Pendant of the Agate Shield1x Moss Agate, 1x Bronze Setting
150-180Mithril Filigree2x Mithril Bar
180-185Solid Stone Statue10x Solid Stone
185-200Engraved Truesilver Ring1x Truesilver Bar, 2x Mithril Filigree
200-210Citrine Ring of Rapid Healing1x Citrine, 2x Mithril Bar, 2x  Elemental Water
210-225Aquamarine Signet3x Aquamarine, 4x Flask of Mojo
225-250Thorium Setting1x Thorium Bar
250-260Ruby Pendant of Fire1x Star Ruby, 1x Thorium Setting
260-280Simple Opal Ring1x Large Opal, 1x Thorium Setting
280-285Diamond Focus Ring1x Azerothian Diamond, 1x Thorium Setting
285-290Glowing Thorium Band

Sapphire Pendant of Winter Night

2x Azerothian Diamond, 1x Thorium Setting

1x Blue Sapphire, 1x Essence of Undeath, 1x Thorium Setting

290-300Emerald Lion Ring2x Huge Emerald, 1x Thorium Setting

Jewelcrafting 300-375

We have come to the most difficult part. Upgrading jewelcrafting from 300 to 375 can take weeks for an inexperienced player. This is because such a high level of skill requires a lot of gold, efforts and a high reputation with all factions. If you do not want to spend weeks on pumping the necessary profession, but want to immediately break into the raid or sell jewelry at the auction — the Overgear will help you with this. Overgear can pump any profession in one day. Just check out our Jewelcrafting offer for the long-awaited WotLK Classic expansion!

If you are not scared yet and want to start leveling your profession on your own, then we dive further.

300-310 Jewelcrafting

A friendly reputation is enough for you to buy your first recipes. Travel to Thrallmar/Honor Hold and buy any of the recipes below:

Craft until 320 or until the recipe is greyed out

310-315 Jewelcrafting

  • Design: Sparkling Azure Moonstone – 1x Azure Moonstone
  • Design: Bold Blood Garnet – 1x Blood Garnet
  • Design: Bright Blood Garnet – 1x Blood Garnet
  • Design: Jagged Deep Peridot – 1x Deep Peridot
  • Design: Glinting Flame Spessarite – 1x Flame Spessarite

These recipes are also sold by the Thrallmar/Honor Hold, but they are more expensive and require more expensive materials.

315-320: Fel Iron Blood Ring and Golden Draenite Ring

  • Fel Iron Blood Ring – 1x Fel Iron Bar, 2x Blood Garnet
  • Golden Draenite Ring – 1x Fel Iron Bar, 2x Golden Draenite

As a rule, the player already knows the recipe for these rings, so only the materials need to be found.

By the way, if you have a lot of Deep Peridot (suddenly) you can craft Design: Enduring Deep Peridot ( buy a recipe from Thrallmar/Honor Hold).

320-325 Jewelcrafting: Azure Moonstone Ring

  • Azure Moonstone Ring – 1x Fel Iron Bar, 2x Azure Moonstone, 1x Deep Peridot

You can craft it up to 335, but most often people stop at 325 and start to craft the next one recipe.

325-335 Jewelcrafting: Mercurial Adamantite or Sovereign Shadow Draenite

  • Mercurial Adamantite – 4x Adamantite Powder, 1x Primal Earth

You need to make 15 of these items. As an alternative you can craft Design: Sovereign Shadow Draenite (requires 1x Shadow Draenite).  It can carry you a bit farther than the  Mercurial Adamantite due to a slight difference as to when the two recipes go green.

335-350 Jewelcrafting – Heavy Adamantite Ring

  • Heavy Adamantite Ring – 1x Adamantite Bar, 1x Mercurial Adamantite

Any other recipe will be more expensive, so we use this one. No alternatives

350-360 Jewelcrafting: Mystic Dawnstone or Farmed Ring Recipes

We have reached the most difficult, stumbling block of all jewelers. At this stage, the hunt for recipes begins. We hunt for a recipe Design: Mystic Dawnstone. This recipe is found on the Halaa vendor, after capturing Halaa.

Also you can craft Improved Faerie Fire but it goes yellow at 350 and green at 365

There are also three ring designs you can farm that, while rare drops, are a bit more predictable since they do drop from specific mobs. One is 350 and two are 355. These designs are Bind on Pickup.

  • Design: Khorium Band of Shadows (350) – 2x Khorium Bar, 3x Mercurial Adamantite, 3x  Primal Shadow — design drops from Dark Conclave Shadowmancer in Sketh’lon Wreckage, Shadowmoon Valley
  • Design: Khorium Band of Frost (355) – 2x Khorium Bar, 3x Mercurial Adamantite, 3x Primal Water — design drops from Coilfang Sorceress in The Steamvault
  • Design: Khorium Inferno Band (355) – 2x Khorium Bar, 3x Mercurial Adamantite, 3x Primal Shadow — design drops from Darkweaver Syth in Sethekk Halls

360+ Jewelcrafting: Reputation Recipes

All other recipes require a high level of reputation. This is a list of all the 360-370 Reputation designs and what faction levels they require to get:


  • The Sha’tar — Honored
  • Keepers of Time — Revered
  • Lower City — Revered
  • The Aldor — Revered
  • The Consortium — Revered
  • The Scryers — Revered


  • The Sha’tar — Friendly
  • Keepers of Time — Honored
  • The Consortium — Honored, Revered


  • Honor Hold/Thrallmar — Revered
  • Cenarion Expedition — Revered
  • Keepers of Time — Revered
  • Lower City — Revered
  • The Sha’tar — Revered

For a jewelcrafter, reputation with Sha’tar and the Consortium is the most valuable. The first can give you the most valuable recipes, and the second — bag of gems.

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